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West Carrollton Art Commissions Awarded

Artists responded to one of two works from the permanent collection of The Dayton Art Institute for their proposals. The works included Indian Hunter with his Dog, a bronze sculpture created by Paul Manship in 1926 and Willard Leroy Metcalf’s painting Valley in Spring from 1920.

Jennifer Rosengarten

Yellow Springs’ artist Jennifer Rosengarten will create a series of four large oil paintings depicting the Ohio prairie in each of the seasons. Referencing the DAI work, Valley in Spring by Willard Metcalf, Rosengarten will bring her signature love of color and highly expressive style to these works. While her paintings are inspired by the natural world they hover in that space between abstraction and realism.

Gary Hinsche

Dayton artist Gary Hinsche brings his conceptual, hard edge style to a contemporary interpretation of landscape. Inspired by Willard Metcalf’s Valley in Spring, the painting will define the landscape in terms of color that blends together to define the horizon created in clearly defined squares. Hinsche is fascinated by geometric shapes that he organizes in ways that create tension through their scale and color.

Ron Geibert

Dayton photographer Ron Geibert will present a panoramic triptych created from his photographs of the Paul Manship sculpture, Indian Hunter with his Dog, from the collection of the DAI. After photographing the sculpture from numerous viewpoints in the context of its installation in the gallery, Geibert digitally separates the photographs into slivers, creating multiple narrow bands that together form an abstracted image that remains rooted in the direct observation of the work.

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