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About the Miami Township Art Installation

Stefan Chinov | Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Stefan Chinov holds anMA from the National Academy of the Arts in Sofia and an MFA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. His work has been shown across the United States and internationally. Currently he teaches sculpture and drawing at Wright State University. Visit his website at

Stefan Chinov (b.1968) American (b. Bulgaria), FOUR LOZENGES, 2015, Cast and dyed reinforced concrete.
Collection of the Dayton Metro Library, 2015.7

Chinov’s work was inspired by the Shang Dynasty Ritual Wine Vessel from The Dayton Art Institute’s permanent collection. Through drawing, modeling and casting Chinov engages in a reductive process that condenses his subjects to sensory entities rather than true representations.

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The Stories Behind the Miami Township Art Inspirations

From the Collection of The Dayton Art Institute

mtvesselChinese, Shang dynasty (1600-1050 BCE) Ritual Wine Vessel (Jue), 12th century BCE. Bronze, Height: 8 3/8 inches; The Dayton Art Institute, Gift of Mrs. Virginia W. Kettering, 1950.24

Stronger than iron, bronze meant power. The Shang dynasty used bronze weaponry, and bronze ritual vessels like this one were perceived as weapons in their own right; weapons against evil spirits and natural disaster. The three legs of this jue, or ritual wine vessel, elevated it above hot coals so that heated wine could be offered in tribute to the ancestors' spirits. This spectacular sculptural form represents another exploration area: an object that contains an associated meaning ... an analogy for the way in which library materials hold ideas.

See the piece and learn more by clicking here or see it at The Dayton Art Institute.

How did these pieces inspire our artist?

"The Four Lozenges correspond to the overall aesthetic of the Ritual Wine Vessel. The pieces are based on two main modules whose form is loosely related to the shape of the wine vessel, specifically the curvilinear circumference of its mouth and the elevated, balanced body, which appears to float over the surface beneath it." Stefan Chinov, Sculptor
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