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TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
A World Of Curiosities (30 Sep 2022) Penny, Louise Large Type
Two Parts Sugar, One Part... (30 Sep 2022) TWO PARTS SUGAR, ONE PART MURDER Burns, Valerie Large Type
Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six (30 Sep 2022) Unger, Lisa Large Type
The Last Party (30 Sep 2022) Mackintosh, Clare Large Type
It Ends With Us (30 Sep 2022) Hoover, Colleen Large Type
If I Survive You (30 Sep 2022) Escoffery, Jonathan Large Type
Going Rogue: Rise And Shine... (30 Sep 2022) GOING ROGUE: RISE AND SHINE TWENTY-NINE Evanovich, Janet Large Type
Distant Thunder (30 Sep 2022) Woods, Stuart Large Type
A Caribbean Heiress In Paris (30 Sep 2022) Herrera, Adriana Large Type
Righteous Prey (23 Sep 2022) Sandford, John, 1944 Februar... Large Type
Endless Summer : Stories (23 Sep 2022) Hilderbrand, Elin, author. Large Type
Haven : A Novel (23 Sep 2022) Donoghue, Emma, 1969- author... Large Type
Don't Cry For Me (22 Sep 2022) Black, Daniel Large Type
Single Mom's New Year Wish (20 Sep 2022) MacKay, Sue Large Type
The Vet, The Pup And The... (20 Sep 2022) THE VET, THE PUP AND THE PARAMEDIC Beckett, Tina Large Type
Pregnant With The Secret... (20 Sep 2022) PREGNANT WITH THE SECRET PRINCE'S BABIES Anders, Deanne Large Type
Rules Of Their Fake Florida... (20 Sep 2022) RULES OF THEIR FAKE FLORIDA FLING Hyland, Juliette Large Type
Miracle Twins For The... (20 Sep 2022) MIRACLE TWINS FOR THE MIDWIFE Heaton, Louisa Large Type
The Gp's Royal Secret (20 Sep 2022) Douglass, Traci Large Type
What Comes After (16 Sep 2022) Tompkins, JoAnne, 1956 July ... Large Type
Ali's Well That Ends Well :... (16 Sep 2022) ALI'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL : tales of desperation and a little inspiration Wentworth, Alexandra, author... Large Type
The Farmer's Lawyer : The... (16 Sep 2022) THE FARMER'S LAWYER : the North Dakota nine and the fight to save the family farm Vogel, Sarah, author. Large Type
Electable : Why America... (16 Sep 2022) ELECTABLE : why America hasn't put a woman in the White House...yet Vitali, Ali, author. Large Type
In The Weeds : Around The... (16 Sep 2022) IN THE WEEDS : around the world and behind the scenes with Anthony Bourdain Vitale, Tom, author. Large Type
Three Girls From Bronzeville... (16 Sep 2022) THREE GIRLS FROM BRONZEVILLE : a uniquely American memoir of race, fate, and sisterhood Turner, Dawn, author. Large Type
The Churchill Sisters : The... (16 Sep 2022) THE CHURCHILL SISTERS : the extraordinary lives of Winston and Clementine's daughters Trethewey, Rachel, author. Large Type
The First Kennedys : The... (16 Sep 2022) THE FIRST KENNEDYS : the humble roots of an American dynasty Thompson, Neal, author. Large Type
Heiresses : The Lives Of The... (16 Sep 2022) HEIRESSES : the lives of the million dollar babies Thompson, Laura, 1964- autho... Large Type
Happy-go-lucky (16 Sep 2022) HAPPY-GO-LUCKY Sedaris, David, author. Large Type
Arrival Stories : Women... (16 Sep 2022) ARRIVAL STORIES : women share their experiences of becoming mothers Schumer, Amy (COM)/ Burns, C... Large Type
The Sassoons : The Great... (16 Sep 2022) THE SASSOONS : The Great Global Merchants and the Making of an Empire Sassoon, Joseph Large Type
Lost In The Valley Of Death... (16 Sep 2022) LOST IN THE VALLEY OF DEATH : a story of obsession and danger in the Himalayas Rustad, Harley, author. Large Type
The American Experiment :... (16 Sep 2022) THE AMERICAN EXPERIMENT : dialogues on a dream Rubenstein, David M., author... Large Type
Brighter By The Day : Waking... (16 Sep 2022) BRIGHTER BY THE DAY : waking up to new hopes and dreams Roberts, Robin, 1960- author... Large Type
Inspired : Understanding... (16 Sep 2022) INSPIRED : understanding creativity : a journey through art, science, and the soul Richtel, Matt, author. Large Type
True Raiders : The Untold... (16 Sep 2022) TRUE RAIDERS : the untold story of the 1909 expedition to find the legendary Ark of the Convenant Ricca, Brad, author. Large Type
After The Romanovs : Russian... (16 Sep 2022) AFTER THE ROMANOVS : Russian exiles in Paris from the Belle aEpoque through revolution and war Rappaport, Helen, author. Large Type
The Dark Queens : The Bloody... (16 Sep 2022) THE DARK QUEENS : the bloody rivalry that forged the medieval world Puhak, Shelley, author. Large Type
Black Ops : The Life Of A... (16 Sep 2022) BLACK OPS : The Life of a CIA Shadow Warrior Prado, Ric Large Type
Diana, William And Harry (16 Sep 2022) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Large Type
The Duchess Countess : The... (16 Sep 2022) THE DUCHESS COUNTESS : The Woman Who Scandalized Eighteenth-Century London Ostler, Catherine Large Type
The Light We Carry :... (16 Sep 2022) THE LIGHT WE CARRY : Overcoming in Uncertain Times Obama, Michelle Large Type
Killing The Legends : The... (16 Sep 2022) KILLING THE LEGENDS : The Final Days of Presley, Lennon, and Ali O'Reilly, Bill/ Dugard, Mart... Large Type
Paradise Falls : The True... (16 Sep 2022) PARADISE FALLS : the true story of an environmental catastrophe O'Brien, Keith, 1973- author... Large Type
Killing The Killers : The... (16 Sep 2022) KILLING THE KILLERS : The Secret War Against Terrorists O'Reilly, Bill/ Dugard, Mart... Large Type
Ain't That A Mother :... (16 Sep 2022) AIN'T THAT A MOTHER : Postpartum, Palsy, and Everything in Between Nelson, Adiba Large Type
Tasha : A Son's Memoir (16 Sep 2022) Morton, Brian, 1955- author. Large Type
The Grace And Truth Study... (16 Sep 2022) THE GRACE AND TRUTH STUDY BIBLE : New American Standard Bible, Green, Comfort Print, Red Letter Mohler, R. Albert, Jr. (EDT) Large Type
River Of The Gods : Genius,... (16 Sep 2022) RIVER OF THE GODS : genius, courage, and betrayal in the search for the source of the Nile Millard, Candice, author. Large Type
All That She Carried : The... (16 Sep 2022) ALL THAT SHE CARRIED : the journey of Ashley's sack, a black family keepsake Miles, Tiya, 1970- author. Large Type
And There Was Light :... (16 Sep 2022) AND THERE WAS LIGHT : Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle Meacham, Jon Large Type
Black Ghost Of Empire : The... (16 Sep 2022) BLACK GHOST OF EMPIRE : the long death of slavery and the failure of emancipation Manjapra, Kris, 1978- author... Large Type
Prisoners Of The Castle : An... (16 Sep 2022) PRISONERS OF THE CASTLE : An Epic Story of Survival and Escape from Colditz, the Nazis' Fortress Prison MacIntyre, Ben Large Type
London's Number One... (16 Sep 2022) LONDON'S NUMBER ONE DOG-WALKING AGENCY : a memoir MacDougall, Kate (Journalist... Large Type
Traitor King : The... (16 Sep 2022) TRAITOR KING : The Scandalous Exile of the Duke & Duchess of Windsor Lownie, Andrew Large Type
Metaphysical Animals : How... (16 Sep 2022) METAPHYSICAL ANIMALS : how four women brought philosophy back to life Mac Cumhaill, Clare, author. Large Type
Walking In My Joy : In These... (16 Sep 2022) WALKING IN MY JOY : in these streets Lewis, Jenifer, 1957- author... Large Type
Capote's Women : A True... (16 Sep 2022) CAPOTE'S WOMEN : A True Story of Love, Betrayal, and a Swan Song for an Era Leamer, Laurence Large Type
Breaking History : A White... (16 Sep 2022) BREAKING HISTORY : a White House memoir Kushner, Jared, 1981- author... Large Type
Under A White Sky : The... (16 Sep 2022) UNDER A WHITE SKY : the nature of the future Kolbert, Elizabeth, author. Large Type
Uncertain Ground :... (16 Sep 2022) UNCERTAIN GROUND : citizenship in an age of endless, invisible war Klay, Phil, author. Large Type
Caroline Kennedy Nonfiction (16 Sep 2022) Kennedy, Caroline Large Type
To The Uttermost Ends Of The... (16 Sep 2022) TO THE UTTERMOST ENDS OF THE EARTH : The Epic Hunt for the South's Most Feared Ship, and Greatest Sea Battle of the Civil War Keith, Phil/ Clavine, Tom (C... Large Type
Rogues : True Stories Of... (16 Sep 2022) ROGUES : true stories of grifters, killers, rebels and crooks Keefe, Patrick Radden, 1976-... Large Type
Easy Beauty : A Memoir (16 Sep 2022) Cooper Jones, Chloae, 1983- ... Large Type
The Case Of The Murderous... (16 Sep 2022) THE CASE OF THE MURDEROUS DR. CREAM : The Hunt for a Victorian Era Serial Killer Jobb, Dean Large Type
Stay True : A Memoir (16 Sep 2022) Hsu, Hua Large Type
The Other Side Of Yet :... (16 Sep 2022) THE OTHER SIDE OF YET : finding light in the midst of darkness Hord, Michelle D., author. Large Type
All The White Friends I... (16 Sep 2022) ALL THE WHITE FRIENDS I COULDN'T KEEP : hope--and hard pills to swallow--about fighting for black lives Henry, Andre (Musician), aut... Large Type
Poet Warrior (16 Sep 2022) Harjo, Joy Large Type
Queen Of Our Times : The... (16 Sep 2022) QUEEN OF OUR TIMES : the life of Queen Elizabeth II Hardman, Robert, author. Large Type
World War C : Lessons From... (16 Sep 2022) WORLD WAR C : lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and how to prepare for the next one Gupta, Sanjay, 1969- author. Large Type
Off The Deep End : Jerry And... (16 Sep 2022) OFF THE DEEP END : Jerry and Becki Falwell and the Collapse of an Evangelical Dynasty Granda, Giancarlo/ Ebner, Ma... Large Type
The Other Dr. Gilmer : Two... (16 Sep 2022) THE OTHER DR. GILMER : Two Men, A Murder, And An Unlikely Fight for Justice Gilmer, Benjamin Large Type
The Trials Of Harry S.... (16 Sep 2022) THE TRIALS OF HARRY S. TRUMAN : the extraordinary presidency of an ordinary man, 1945-1953 Frank, Jeffrey, 1942- author... Large Type
The Emergency : A Year Of... (16 Sep 2022) THE EMERGENCY : a year of healing and heartbreak in a Chicago ER Fisher, Thomas, (Board-certi... Large Type
Cuba : An American History (16 Sep 2022) Ferrer, Ada, author. Large Type
Junk Science And The... (16 Sep 2022) JUNK SCIENCE AND THE AMERICAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM Fabricant, M. Chris, author. Large Type
Covered With Night : A Story... (16 Sep 2022) COVERED WITH NIGHT : A Story of Murder and Indigenous Justice in Early America Eustace, Nicole Large Type
A Sacred Oath : Memoirs Of A... (16 Sep 2022) A SACRED OATH : memoirs of a Secretary of Defense during extraordinary times Esper, Mark T., author. Large Type
Servants Of The Damned :... (16 Sep 2022) SERVANTS OF THE DAMNED : Giant Law Firms, Donald Trump, and the Corruption of Justice Enrich, David Large Type
Managing Expectations : A... (16 Sep 2022) MANAGING EXPECTATIONS : A Memoir in Essays Driver, Minnie Large Type
When A Killer Calls : A... (16 Sep 2022) WHEN A KILLER CALLS : a haunting story of murder, criminal profiling, and justice in a small town Douglas, John E., author. Large Type
Those We Throw Away Are... (16 Sep 2022) THOSE WE THROW AWAY ARE DIAMONDS : a refugee's search for home Dogon, Mondiant, author. Large Type
Finding Me (16 Sep 2022) Davis, Viola, 1965- author. Large Type
Bittersweet : How Sorrow And... (16 Sep 2022) BITTERSWEET : how sorrow and longing make us whole Cain, Susan, author. Large Type
The Beauty Of Dusk : On... (16 Sep 2022) THE BEAUTY OF DUSK : on vision lost and found Bruni, Frank, author. Large Type
The Palace Papers : Inside... (16 Sep 2022) THE PALACE PAPERS : inside the House of Windsor--the truth and the turmoil Brown, Tina, author. Large Type
Freezing Order : A True... (16 Sep 2022) FREEZING ORDER : A True Story of Money Laundering, Murder, and Surviving Vladimir Putin's Wrath Browder, Bill Large Type
The First Survivors Of... (16 Sep 2022) THE FIRST SURVIVORS OF ALZHEIMER'S : how patients recovered life and hope in their own words Bredesen, Dale E., author. Large Type
Gathering Blossoms Under... (16 Sep 2022) GATHERING BLOSSOMS UNDER FIRE : The Journals of Alice Walker, 1965-2000 Boyd, Valerie (EDT) Large Type
When Mckinsey Comes To Town... (16 Sep 2022) WHEN MCKINSEY COMES TO TOWN : The Hidden Influence of the World's Most Powerful Consulting Firm Bogdanich, Walt/ Forsythe, M... Large Type
Mean Baby : A Memoir Of... (16 Sep 2022) MEAN BABY : a memoir of growing up Blair, Selma, 1972- author. Large Type
Chasing History : A Kid In... (16 Sep 2022) CHASING HISTORY : a kid in the newsroom Bernstein, Carl, 1944- autho... Large Type
One Damn Thing After Another... (16 Sep 2022) ONE DAMN THING AFTER ANOTHER : memoirs of an attorney general Barr, William Pelham, 1950- ... Large Type
Where The Children Take Us :... (16 Sep 2022) WHERE THE CHILDREN TAKE US : how one family achieved the unimaginable Asher, Zain E. (Zain Ejiofor... Large Type
Madam : The Biography Of... (16 Sep 2022) MADAM : the biography of Polly Adler, icon of the Jazz Age Applegate, Debby, author. Large Type
Wastelands : The True Story... (16 Sep 2022) WASTELANDS : the true story of farm country on trial Addison, Corban, 1979- autho... Large Type
A Little Devil In America :... (16 Sep 2022) A LITTLE DEVIL IN AMERICA : notes in praise of Black performances Abdurraqib, Hanif, 1983- aut... Large Type
Thief Of Fate (15 Sep 2022) Deveraux, Jude Large Type
The Kingdoms Of Savannah (15 Sep 2022) Green, George Dawes Large Type
It Starts With Us (15 Sep 2022) Hoover, Colleen Large Type
Glory (15 Sep 2022) GLORY Bulawayo, Noviolet Large Type
30 Things I Love About... (15 Sep 2022) 30 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MYSELF Sanghani, Radhika Large Type
The Whittiers (09 Sep 2022) Steel, Danielle Large Type
The Perfect Assassin (09 Sep 2022) Patterson, James Large Type
By Her Own Design : A Novel... (09 Sep 2022) BY HER OWN DESIGN : a novel of Ann Lowe, fashion designer to the social register Huguley, Piper, author. Large Type
Restoring Their Family: An... (02 Sep 2022) RESTORING THEIR FAMILY: AN UPLIFTING INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE Pleiter, Allie Large Type
The Mysterious Amish Nanny:... (02 Sep 2022) THE MYSTERIOUS AMISH NANNY: AN UPLIFTING INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE Lewis, Patrice Large Type
The Baby Proposal: An... (02 Sep 2022) THE BABY PROPOSAL: AN UPLIFTING INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE Meyer, Gabrielle Large Type
Wilderness Hunt (02 Sep 2022) Phillips, Lisa Large Type
Texas Smoke Screen: An... (02 Sep 2022) TEXAS SMOKE SCREEN: AN UPLIFTING ROMANTIC SUSPENSE Patch, Jessica R. Large Type
Retribution At The Ranch (02 Sep 2022) Worth, Lenora Large Type
Her Forgotten Life (02 Sep 2022) Black, Maggie K. Large Type
Their Wildest Safari Dream... (02 Sep 2022) THEIR WILDEST SAFARI DREAM (ORIGINAL) Merchant, Suzanne Large Type
Their Icelandic Marriage... (02 Sep 2022) THEIR ICELANDIC MARRIAGE REUNION (ORIGINAL) Pembroke, Sophie Large Type
Snowed In With The... (02 Sep 2022) SNOWED IN WITH THE BILLIONAIRE (ORIGINAL) Colter, Cara Large Type
Second Chance With The... (02 Sep 2022) SECOND CHANCE WITH THE BRIDESMAID (ORIGINAL) Faye, Jennifer Large Type
One-night Baby To Christmas... (02 Sep 2022) ONE-NIGHT BABY TO CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL (ORIGINAL) Meier, Susan Large Type
Forbidden Kisses With Her... (02 Sep 2022) FORBIDDEN KISSES WITH HER MILLIONAIRE BOSS (ORIGINAL) Sheik, Hana Large Type
Cinderella's Second Chance... (02 Sep 2022) CINDERELLA'S SECOND CHANCE IN PARIS (ORIGINAL) Renae, Michele Large Type
Christmas With His Ballerina... (02 Sep 2022) CHRISTMAS WITH HIS BALLERINA (ORIGINAL) Gilmore, Jessica Large Type
The Wife The Spaniard Never... (02 Sep 2022) THE WIFE THE SPANIARD NEVER FORGOT (ORIGINAL) Roscoe, Pippa Large Type
Wedding Night With The Wrong... (02 Sep 2022) WEDDING NIGHT WITH THE WRONG BILLIONAIRE (ORIGINAL) Collins, Dani Large Type
The Twin Secret She Must... (02 Sep 2022) THE TWIN SECRET SHE MUST REVEAL (ORIGINAL) Wood, Joss Large Type
Stranded With My Forbidden... (02 Sep 2022) STRANDED WITH MY FORBIDDEN BILLIONAIRE (ORIGINAL) King, Lucy Large Type
Rules Of Their Royal Wedding... (02 Sep 2022) RULES OF THEIR ROYAL WEDDING NIGHT (ORIGINAL) Smart, Michelle Large Type
A Ring For The Spaniard's... (02 Sep 2022) A RING FOR THE SPANIARD'S REVENGE (ORIGINAL) Green, Abby Large Type
Pregnant Princess In... (02 Sep 2022) PREGNANT PRINCESS IN MANHATTAN (ORIGINAL) Connelly, Clare Large Type
The Maid The Greek Married... (02 Sep 2022) THE MAID THE GREEK MARRIED (ORIGINAL) Ashenden, Jackie Large Type
His Pregnant Desert Queen... (02 Sep 2022) HIS PREGNANT DESERT QUEEN (ORIGINAL) Blake, Maya Large Type
Forbidden To The Desert... (02 Sep 2022) FORBIDDEN TO THE DESERT PRINCE (ORIGINAL) Yates, Maisey Large Type
The Cost Of Cinderella's... (02 Sep 2022) THE COST OF CINDERELLA'S CONFESSION (ORIGINAL) James, Julia Large Type
The Christmas He Claimed The... (02 Sep 2022) THE CHRISTMAS HE CLAIMED THE SECRETARY (ORIGINAL) Crews, Caitlin Large Type
Carrying Her Boss's... (02 Sep 2022) CARRYING HER BOSS'S CHRISTMAS BABY (ORIGINAL) Anderson, Natalie Large Type
A Baby Scandal In Italy... (02 Sep 2022) A BABY SCANDAL IN ITALY (ORIGINAL) Shaw, Chantelle Large Type
Snowed In With The Surgeon (02 Sep 2022) Wilson, Scarlet Large Type
The Accidental Accardi Heir... (02 Sep 2022) THE ACCIDENTAL ACCARDI HEIR (ORIGINAL) Crews, Caitlin Large Type
Single Mom's Mistletoe Kiss (02 Sep 2022) Dove, Rachel Large Type
Saving Christmas For The Er... (02 Sep 2022) SAVING CHRISTMAS FOR THE ER DOC Hardy, Kate Large Type
Paramedic's One-night Baby... (02 Sep 2022) PARAMEDIC'S ONE-NIGHT BABY BOMBSHELL Ruttan, Amy Large Type
Resisting The Single Dad... (02 Sep 2022) RESISTING THE SINGLE DAD NEXT DOOR George, Louisa Large Type
Christmas Miracle On Their... (02 Sep 2022) CHRISTMAS MIRACLE ON THEIR DOORSTEP McIntosh, Ann Large Type
Wyoming Christmas Reunion: A... (02 Sep 2022) WYOMING CHRISTMAS REUNION: A CLEAN ROMANCE Curtis, Melinda Large Type
A Rancher Worth Remembering:... (02 Sep 2022) A RANCHER WORTH REMEMBERING: A CLEAN AND UPLIFTING ROMANCE Grace, Anna Large Type
The Officer's Dilemma: A... (02 Sep 2022) THE OFFICER'S DILEMMA: A CLEAN AND UPLIFTING ROMANCE Carter, Janice Large Type
His Partnership Proposal: A... (02 Sep 2022) HIS PARTNERSHIP PROPOSAL: A CLEAN AND UPLIFTING ROMANCE Thomas, Jacquelin Large Type
The Doc's Holiday... (02 Sep 2022) THE DOC'S HOLIDAY HOMECOMING: A CLEAN ROMANCE McCullough, Virginia Large Type
The Cowboy's Ranch Rescue: A... (02 Sep 2022) THE COWBOY'S RANCH RESCUE: A CLEAN AND UPLIFTING ROMANCE Childs, Lisa Large Type
The Christmas Wedding... (02 Sep 2022) THE CHRISTMAS WEDDING CRASHERS: A CLEAN ROMANCE Vastine, Amy Large Type
A Cowboy's Christmas Joy: A... (02 Sep 2022) A COWBOY'S CHRISTMAS JOY: A CLEAN AND UPLIFTING ROMANCE Wilson, Mary Anne Large Type
Wrong Place Wrong Time (01 Sep 2022) McAllister, Gillian Large Type
A Song Of Comfortable Chairs (01 Sep 2022) McCall Smith, Alexander Large Type
Other Birds (01 Sep 2022) Allen, Sarah Addison Large Type
The Atlas Paradox (01 Sep 2022) Blake, Olivie Large Type
Willed To Wed Him (01 Sep 2022) Crews, Caitlin, author. Large Type
Black Dog (24 Aug 2022) Woods, Stuart, author. Large Type
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