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Guest Blogger: Allison Knight, DML Children’s Services Librarian on the Kidsmobile

Kids love funny books. But why? Aside from a good giggle, there are several developmental reasons that children respond well to humor.

According to Linda Gibson Geller’s Wordplay and Language Learning for Children, children are still learning the correct way of the world. Once they are “absolutely certain…he or she delights in confirming this knowledge through the construction of its opposite” (13). That’s why kids think it is so funny to point to a dog and say “meow.” Additionally, Ellin Klor points out in "Tickle Your Storybone": Humorous Storytelling! that preschool age children are still learning to distinguish between fantasy and reality and “enjoy stories that blur the boundary between the two, especially when they are set in familiar situations.” Young children also love a visual joke, especially when the story contradicts the illustrations.

See below for some funny books that will allow you to ham it up with your children. Children’s services librarians certainly have a favorite funny book so be sure to ask for their recommendation when you visit the library!

2 4 2016

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