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mthooperThe Stories Behind the Miami Township Art Inspirations

From the What is a Masterpiece? Collection at the Dayton Art Institute

High Noon, Edward Hopper (1882-1967), American, 1949, Oil on Canvas

Edward Hopper was precise yet mysterious. In order to exactly capture the effects of the noon sun and shadows, he built a replica of this house and placed it outside at 11:50 a.m. Although the light may be realistic, the rest of the painting is not as literal. Though painted in Massachusetts, it is set in a nonexistent place the artist called "Hopper Land." The blend of fact and fiction can create compelling narratives, evidenced by this painting and stories of all sorts held in the library's collections.

See the piece and learn more by clicking here or visit Gallery 204 at the DAI.


mtvesselRitual Wine Vessel (jue), Chinese Bronze

Stronger than iron, bronze meant power. The Shang dynasty used bronze weaponry, and bronze ritual vessels like this one were perceived as weapons in their own right; weapons against evil spirits and natural disaster. The three legs of this jue, or ritual wine vessel, elevated it above hot coals so that heated wine could be offered in tribute to the ancestors' spirits. This spectacular sculptural form represents another exploration area: an object that contains an associated meaning ... an analogy for the way in which library materials hold ideas.

See the piece and learn more by clicking here or visit Gallery 113 at the DAI.


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