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Cincinnati artist Susan Byrnes will create a large scale sculptural work, Great Miami School, comprised of 60 multicolor cast resin fish referencing the Huck Finn sculpture and the importance of the river to Miamisburg. Three types of fish common to the Great Miami River will be cast in a representational yet elegantly abstracted manner. Mounted at a slight distance from the wall the translucent fish will respond to light and cast subtly colored shadows.

Dayton artist Darren Haper will create a large acrylic and enamel painting on canvas in his characteristic style mixing whimsical imagery and bright, bold colors.  Haper refers to the story of Huck Finn in his abstracted depiction of Huck and Tom’s rafting adventure on the river. Haper states that the “bright colors and busy movement represent the energy and creativity of youth, while capturing an adventurous spirit”.

Dayton artist Mychaelyn Michalec creates a work that is historic in content and quite contemporary in style.  In a type of painted timeline Michalec will illustrate the influence of various energy sources on the City of Miamisburg and related to the Rockwell Kent work. The chosen images will be layered on an abstract background and painted in her loose, expressive style. Using blues, blacks and whites she also refers to the importance of water in the history of the creation of Miamisburg.

Dayton artist Amy Kollar Anderson combines acrylic paint and the sparkle of mica in a series of three paintings on panel called Miamisburg Mandala. Mica was important to the pre-Columbian Adena culture (creators of the Miamisburg Mound) who used it to carve sculptures. Her palette will reflect the Rockwell Kent work with its blues and golds.


ReImagining Works Project Status:
Commissions have been awarded for the new Main Library, Electra C. Doren, Miami Township, Northwest, Brookville, New Lebanon, Kettering Moraine, Vandalia and Miamisburg Branches. Seven additional opportunities will be announced over the next two years. If you plan to submit a proposal for any of the projects, we encourage you to fill out an Intent to Apply form now. This will allow you to receive information about each of the RFP's as they become available.

Send completed proposals to Susan Anable at:

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