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Request for Proposal (RFP)

Active requests for proposal for the Dayton Metro Library are presented here. Please see each individual RFP for deadlines and instructions.

Janitorial Services RFP – December 2017

Dear Proposers:
The Dayton Metro Library (hereinafter referred to as the "DML" or the "Library”) is requesting proposals from a qualified public entity or private firm, to establish a contract to provide complete professional Custodial and/or Janitorial Services at its Main Library and seventeen (17) Branch locations. The service provider must be reputable and capable of furnishing required materials, equipment, transportation, machinery, supplies, tools, apparatus, incidentals, labor and supervision necessary to provide superior interior cleaning services as defined in this RFP document. The intent in soliciting proposals is to obtain a quality and qualified contractor and to allow for a competitive process of quoting for janitorial services.

To be considered as responsive, proposers must respond to this solicitation in accordance with the requirements, specifications, commercial terms, and provisions as described and set forth herein. Proposals must embrace a concept that the successful proposer will satisfy all of the objectives and service specifications in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible as outlined in this document.

The term is expected to be for three (3) years.


This request for proposal will be governed by the following schedule:

 Release of RFP  December 1, 2017
Pre-Proposal Meeting starting at Main Library.
A walk thru of all brancheswill take place following the 8:00am meeting.
 8am December 7, 2017
 Deadline for Written Questions  4pm December 11, 2017
 Responses to Questions  4pm December 15, 2017
 Proposals are Due 4pm December 29, 2017

All dates are subject to change at the discretion of the Library

pdf file 48x48View a PDF of the full Janitorial Services RFP here.



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