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How the Time Flies!

timeI feel like I am in the movie Groundhog Day when Bill Murray’s character keeps waking up to the same day over and over again. My Groundhog Day moment is when I look at the date and wonder where yet another year has gone! This year however, I have achieved so much more than I ever thought possible in January.

I began my role as the Nonprofit Resource Librarian on January 25. Initially and even on occasion today I feel like I am drinking from the fire hose! I had to get up to speed quickly with regard to institutional education. I visited every branch and talked to all branch managers and other key individuals in the library. Once I got feedback from the branches I started scheduling classes for nonprofits. To date I have presented 20 classes to nonprofits, met with countless individuals in one on one meetings and have conceived and implemented curriculum for four new classes.

I had lots of help along the way. Ginny Palmer, a retired Dayton Metro librarian who held my post 9 years ago met with me for several hours and discussed the historical role of the nonprofit resource librarian. Her help was invaluable! I know she is a resource that I can count on should I have the need. Even though she is retired she is an active member of the Grants Professional Organization of the Miami Valley. The entire Dayton Metro Library staff are supportive of all of my endeavors. I have made friends this year that I will have for life among this great group of dedicated information specialists! Finally, the people of Dayton have welcomed me with open arms. The nonprofits in Montgomery County are doing wonderful work and the dedication to their mission is unsurpassed!

As I anticipate celebration of the upcoming truly American holiday of Thanksgiving I have so much for which to give thanks!

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