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The first of the year is a great time to examine and list all of your professional responsibilities and to update your resume. January is the time to take stock of everything that you do. We tend to concentrate on the things we want to improve upon and/or the things in which we want to become accomplished when making resolutions. How about objectively examining all of the tasks that you are responsible for and how accomplished you already are!  This is a great mindset to have when the sometimes negative self-talk occurs when you make resolutions.

This is also the time to think about all of the additional responsibilities you have taken on in the previous year. Maybe you were responsible for purchasing new fundraising software or you increased the profits from an annual fundraiser by (X) %. Take note of it! It is easy to forget these things when push comes to shove and you find yourself in a situation where you feel a job change is absolutely necessary. Writing up all of your accomplishments when you are not facing a pressured timeline is the best time to handle this task.

Updating your resume is an act of self-care.  Curl up in a cozy place with a hot mug of your favorite beverage. Thinking about everything you have accomplished in a relaxed setting can be very gratifying! You start to see just how much you have accomplished and how much you have grown and undertaken during the past year. Sometimes you get the wonderful “Aha!” moment when you see that the one time project that was undertaken in the past year is where your heart lies. That project may become the spin-off career that you didn’t see coming, but is fabulously rewarding. Sometimes an opportunity arises through the recommendation of a colleague or an internal opening. Having your resume up to date relieves the stress of responding in a timely fashion which is so important. You set the bar high and this sets you apart.

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