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"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Last year, we hosted a workshop called "Managing Self and Others." Our talented trainer, Dr. Thomas Monaco, asked us to grab a pen. "Jot down all the tasks that occupied your time during the past week," he said.

progress"Next, divide your tasks into two categories: Urgent or Important."
How are we nonprofits spending most of our time? We're putting out fires and dealing with daily routines.

It's easy to get lost in the weeds. Sometimes, it's hard to tell if we're even making progress.

When you're tired of feeling overwhelmed

Many people swear by David Allen's Getting Things Done, for better time management and staying organized.

Which ideas are worth your time?

Peter Drucker has three requirements before investing resources in a new idea:

  • Operational Validity: What are the specific action steps?
  • Economic Validity: What is the external need? Keep in mind, nonprofits meet the needs of at least two "customers": The person who directly benefits from the service and the funding source that subsidizes it.
  • Personal Commitment: Creating the future takes planning and hard work. But it also takes faith and courage because the future itself is uncertain.

"Most overnight success stories are 20 years in the making."

It's tempting to hope for a quick fix: Is there an app for that? Progress is usually more like a heavy industrial flywheel. It takes a big push to start it spinning. But with each spin, the momentum grows. According to Jim Collins, organizations that achieve greatness know how their small acts make a big difference.

  • What is your flywheel? Is it great stewardship of your donors? Is it rigorously measuring your impact? Is it your No Wrong Door service philosophy? Is it your ability to mobilize volunteers?
  • What is your "uber flywheel" - The cause that's bigger than any single organization?
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