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Library’s Quick Text Tips Support Parents with Early Learning Skills

Dayton Metro Library’s Quick Text Tips provide parents and caregivers with suggestions for simple ways they can incorporate learning into daily routines with their children. Intended for caregivers of infants, toddlers and preschoolers, Quick Text Tips focus on skills that are the building blocks for reading and school success. To start receiving the Library’s Quick Text Tips, text DML-Tips to 38671.

text“Busy parents don’t need another thing added to their to-to lists, so these tips enhance what parents are already doing,” said Mandie Burns, Director of the Library’s Youth Services. “They easily fit into daily routines during meals, bathtime, or running errands, and they really do make a difference for your child.“

The tips are often surprisingly simple things that build skills and brain development from infancy to preschool. From the importance of making eye contact with babies, to fun rhyming games to play with a preschooler while waiting in a grocery store line, Quick Text Tips offer practical ideas for turning everyday situations into learning experiences.

Sample tips include:

It may seem random, but it's not - when your baby bangs, shakes, throws or drops things, she's developing motor skills that will help her later in school.

Turn a trip to the grocery store into a lesson on color identification. Point out different colors to your child. Let him choose a red apple or a green one.

Ask your preschooler: “What sound do you hear at the beginning of the word BALL?" See if she can name other words that start with the B sound.

“With a busy and sometimes chaotic life, I really appreciate these little reminders,” said one parent. “Most of the suggestions are things I can easily do or think about. I’m interacting more intentionally with my daughter, and I love knowing I’m helping her learn.”

In a study conducted by Stanford researchers, parents who received regular text tips did more early literacy-related activities with their preschoolers, and the children acquired two to three months' worth of learning compared to their peers.

To start receiving Quick Text Tips from the Dayton Metro Library, text DML-Tips to 38671. Standard text rates apply, and participants can opt out at any time.

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