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Armstrong Air & Space Museum Leads Summer Challenge Space Programs

Dayton Metro Library is partnering with the Armstrong Air & Space Museum to offer three fascinating, space-themed programs for children during the Library’s “Universe of Stories” Summer Challenge.

The programs, “Black Holes,” “Moon Magic,” and “Living on Another World,” will be offered at many Branch Library locations in June through early August. A complete schedule can be found online at Attending at the free programs can be counted toward reaching Summer Challenge goals.

tabletkidThe Armstrong Air & Space Museum’s hands-on education programs are delivered by experienced educators and designed for children to explore and learn together. Children of all ages can visit their Library to learn about black holes, lunar experimentation, and what it takes to live on another planet.

“The Armstrong Air & Space Museum is a great partner for our space-themed Summer Challenge this year,” said Julie Buchanan, Library Programming Manager. “Their presenters make space-related scientific concepts understandable and fun for kids.”

The museum is located in Wapakoneta, Ohio – hometown of astronaut Neil Armstrong. It opened in 1972, three years to the day after Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon; 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.

The Library’s programs are free and open to children of all ages.

Upcoming Programs

BLACK HOLES | Find a Program at YOUR Location
How can balloons and aluminum foil explain how black holes are formed? Find out at this program!

MOON MAGIC | Find a Program at YOUR Location
The Apollo astronauts discovered floating dust on the moon. Now you can experiment with different materials to create static and charge.

LIVING ON ANOTHER WORLD | Find a Program at YOUR Location
Get a glimpse of what life on other planets might be like. Experiment with tools needed to live in alien worlds, make a water filtration system, and design your own base on another planet.


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