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TITLE (# Requests) AUTHOR Format
Fear : Trump In The White House (312) Woodward, Bob, 1943- author. NonFiction
Girl, Wash Your Face : Stop... (156) Hollis, Rachel (Event planner), ... NonFiction
The Russia Hoax : The Illicit... (50) Jarrett, Gregg, author. NonFiction
Whiskey In A Teacup : What... (44) Witherspoon, Reese, 1976- author... NonFiction
Unhinged : An Insider's Account... (43) Omarosa, author. NonFiction
The Plant Paradox : The Hidden... (42) Gundry, Steven R., author. NonFiction
Lost Dayton Ohio (35) Walsh, Andrew J. (Andrew Joseph)... NonFiction
The Plant Paradox Cookbook : 100... (25) Gundry, Steven R., author. NonFiction
Liars, Leakers, And Liberals :... (25) Pirro, Jeanine, author. NonFiction
You Are A Bad Ass : How To Stop... (24) Sincero, Jen, 1965- NonFiction
12 Rules For Life : An Antidote... (23) Peterson, Jordan B., author. NonFiction
The Soul Of America : The Battle... (21) Meacham, Jon, author. NonFiction
The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A... (21) Manson, Mark, author. NonFiction
The Easy 5-ingredient Ketogenic... (20) Fisch, Jen, author. NonFiction
The Coddling Of The American... (19) Lukianoff, Greg, author. NonFiction
Everybody Always : Becoming Love... (18) Goff, Bob, author. NonFiction
Cravings. Hungry For More (18) Teigen, Chrissy, author. NonFiction
The Deep State : How An Army Of... (17) Chaffetz, Jason, 1967- author. NonFiction
Full Disclosure (16) Daniels, Stormy NonFiction
Killing The Ss : The Hunt For... (15) O'Reilly, Bill, author. NonFiction
The Trip : Andy Warhol's Plastic... (14) Davis, Deborah, 1952- NonFiction
Aware : The Science And Practice... (13) Siegel, Daniel J., 1957- author. NonFiction
In The Garden Of Beasts : Love,... (12) Larson, Erik, 1954- NonFiction
Leadership In Turbulent Times (12) Goodwin, Doris Kearns, author. NonFiction
These Truths : A History Of The... (12) Lepore, Jill, 1966- author. NonFiction
Winners Take All : The Elite... (12) Giridharadas, Anand, author. NonFiction
The 48 Laws Of Power (12) Greene, Robert NonFiction
Killers Of The Flower Moon : The... (11) Grann, David, author. NonFiction
Real Life Dinners (11) Hollis, Rachel (Event planner), ... NonFiction
Keto. The Complete Guide To... (11) Emmerich, Maria, author. NonFiction
Dare To Lead : Brave Work. Tough... (11) Brown, Brené. NonFiction
Tigerland : 1968-1969, A City... (11) Haygood, Wil, author. NonFiction
Cook Like A Pro : Recipes And... (11) Garten, Ina NonFiction
Dopesick : Dealers, Doctors, And... (10) Macy, Beth, author. NonFiction
Respect : The Life Of Aretha... (10) Ritz, David. NonFiction
Knock 'em Dead Résumés. (10) NonFiction
Love Does : Discover A Secretly... (10) Goff, Bob. NonFiction
Keto Made Easy : 100+ Easy Keto... (10) Barot, Megha, author. NonFiction
Football For A Buck : The Crazy... (10) Pearlman, Jeff, author. NonFiction
The Revenge Of Ishtar (9) Zeman, Ludmila, author. NonFiction
The Four Agreements : A... (9) Ruiz, Miguel, 1952- NonFiction
Ghost Hunter's Guide To Haunted... (9) Woodyard, Chris NonFiction
Your Money Or Your Life : 9... (9) Robin, Vicki, author. NonFiction
Killing Reagan : The Violent... (8) O'Reilly, Bill, author. NonFiction
From Apple Trees To Cider,... (8) Chernesky, Felicia Sanzari, auth... NonFiction
The Complete Ketogenic Diet For... (8) Ramos, Amy, author. NonFiction
Guilt-free Comfort Favorites :... (8) NonFiction
Heartland : A Memoir Of Working... (8) Smarsh, Sarah, author. NonFiction
The Personality Brokers : The... (8) Emre, Merve, author. NonFiction
21 Lessons For The 21st Century (8) Harari, Yuval N., author. NonFiction
Haunted Ohio Ii : More Ghostly... (8) Woodyard, Chris. NonFiction
Every Little Step : My Story (7) Brown, Bobby (Vocalist), author. NonFiction
The Obesity Code : Unlocking The... (7) Fung, Jason, author. NonFiction
The Screwtape Letters And... (7) Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 18... NonFiction
The Man I Never Met : A Memoir (7) Schefter, Adam, author. NonFiction
Bibliophile : An Illustrated... (7) Mount, Jane, author, illustrator... DVD
We Fed An Island : The True... (7) Andrés, José, author. NonFiction
Jewish Community Of Dayton (6) Weiss, Marshall, author. NonFiction
Resistance Is Futile! : How The... (6) Coulter, Ann H., author. NonFiction
Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution :... (6) Gundry, Steven R. NonFiction
The Total Money Makeover : A... (6) Ramsey, Dave, author. NonFiction
Between The World And Me (6) Coates, Ta-Nehisi, author. NonFiction
Fortnite : The Essential Guide... (6) Skinner, Samantha M., author. NonFiction
Unfu*k Yourself : Get Out Of... (6) Bishop, Gary John, author. NonFiction
Ninja In Action! (6) Davies, Beth, author. NonFiction
The Keto Diet : The Complete... (6) Vogel, Leanne, author. NonFiction
The Real Lolita : The Kidnapping... (6) Weinman, Sarah, author. NonFiction
Simply Keto (6) Ryan, Suzanne (Blogger), author. NonFiction
Hammerhead Vs. Bull Shark (5) Pallotta, Jerry, author. NonFiction
The Sun And Her Flowers (5) Kaur, Rupi, author, illustrator. NonFiction
The Gospel Comes With A House... (5) Butterfield, Rosaria Champagne, ... NonFiction
Awesome Autumn (5) Goldstone, Bruce. NonFiction
The Gifts Of Imperfection : Let... (5) Brown, Brené. NonFiction
Gift From The Sea (5) Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, 1906-200... NonFiction
Tattoos On The Heart : The Power... (5) Boyle, Greg. NonFiction
Mortuary Confidential :... (5) McKenzie, Kenneth. NonFiction
The Best Of America's Test... (5) NonFiction
Smart Meal Prep For Beginners :... (5) Amidor, Toby, author. NonFiction
Maeve In America : Essays By A... (5) Higgins, Maeve, author. NonFiction
Don't Make Me Pull Over! : An... (5) Ratay, Richard, author. NonFiction
Big Game : The Nfl In Dangerous... (5) Leibovich, Mark, author. NonFiction
Gay Girl, Good God : The Story... (5) Perry, Jackie Hill, author. NonFiction
Perfectly Clear : Escaping... (5) LeClair, Michelle, author. NonFiction
Contempt : A Memoir Of The... (5) Starr, Kenneth, 1946- author. NonFiction
Knock 'em Dead Cover Letters. (5) NonFiction
Joyful : The Surprising Power Of... (4) Lee, Ingrid Fetell, author. NonFiction
Count Down To Fall (4) Hawk, Fran. NonFiction
Small Business For Dummies (4) Tyson, Eric (Eric Kevin) NonFiction
A Child Called "it" ; And, The... (4) Pelzer, David J. NonFiction
Man's Search For Meaning (4) Frankl, Viktor E. (Viktor Emil),... NonFiction
Cold, Crunchy, Colorful : Using... (4) Brocket, Jane, author. NonFiction
Codependent No More : How To... (4) Beattie, Melody. NonFiction
The 5 Love Languages : The... (4) Chapman, Gary D., 1938-, author. NonFiction
Quench : Beat Fatigue, Drop... (4) Cohen, Dana, author. NonFiction
Ohio Day Trips By Theme (4) Seckman, Cathy Hester, author. NonFiction
Adulting : How To Become A... (4) Brown, Kelly Williams, author. NonFiction
Hello Autumn! (4) Rotner, Shelley, author, photogr... NonFiction
Killing The Deep State : The... (4) Corsi, Jerome R., author. NonFiction
The Death Of Democracy :... (4) Hett, Benjamin Carter, author. NonFiction
Earning The Rockies : How... (4) Kaplan, Robert D., 1952- author. NonFiction
Tyrannosaurus Rex Vs.... (4) Pallotta, Jerry. NonFiction
How To Be A Blogger And Vlogger... (4) Birley, Shane, author. NonFiction
A People's History Of The United... (4) Zinn, Howard, 1922-2010, author. NonFiction
Modern Macramé : 33 Stylish... (4) Katz, Emily, author. NonFiction
American Cookie : The Snaps,... (4) Byrn, Anne, author. NonFiction
Billion Dollar Whale : The Man... (4) Wright, Tom (Wall Street Journal... NonFiction
Apple Harvest (4) Gleisner, Jenna Lee, author. NonFiction
The Immortal Life Of Henrietta... (4) Skloot, Rebecca, 1972- NonFiction
Every Man A King : A Short,... (4) Stirewalt, Chris, author. NonFiction
The Diversity Delusion : How... (4) Mac Donald, Heather, author. NonFiction
Accessory To War : The Unspoken... (4) Tyson, Neil deGrasse, author. NonFiction
Turning Pages : My Life Story (4) Sotomayor, Sonia, 1954- author. Biography
Ebay Business All-in-one For... (4) Collier, Marsha, author. NonFiction
America : The Farewell Tour (4) Hedges, Chris, author. NonFiction
Lies My Teacher Told Me :... (4) Loewen, James W., author. NonFiction
Apples, Apples Everywhere! :... (4) Koontz, Robin Michal. NonFiction
100 Days Of Real Food On A... (4) Leake, Lisa, author. NonFiction
Cravings : Recipes For All The... (4) Teigen, Chrissy, author. NonFiction
My Journey With Maya (4) Smiley, Tavis, 1964-, author. NonFiction
Truman (3) McCullough, David G. Biography
Milk And Honey (3) Kaur, Rupi, author. NonFiction
Lion Vs. Tiger (3) Pallotta, Jerry. NonFiction
The Reading Lesson : The... (3) Levin, Michael, 1956- NonFiction
The Fibro Fix : Get To The Root... (3) Brady, David M., author. NonFiction
Present Over Perfect : Leaving... (3) Niequist, Shauna, author. NonFiction
The Armor Of God (3) Shirer, Priscilla Evans, author. NonFiction
How To Talk So Little Kids Will... (3) Faber, Joanna, author. NonFiction
Organized Enough : The... (3) Sullivan, Amanda (Professional o... NonFiction
The Read-aloud Family : Making... (3) Mackenzie, Sarah, 1981- author. NonFiction
Magnolia Table : A Collection Of... (3) Gaines, Joanna, 1978- author. NonFiction
The Rock, The Road, And The... (3) Gifford, Kathie Lee, 1953- autho... NonFiction
White Like Her : My Family's... (3) Lukasik, Gail, author. NonFiction
Freddy Files : : Based On The... (3) Cawthon, Scott, 1971- author, cr... NonFiction
The Keto Reset Instant Pot... (3) Sisson, Mark, 1953- author. NonFiction
How To Change Your Mind : What... (3) Pollan, Michael, author. NonFiction
The Restless Wave : Good Times,... (3) McCain, John, 1936- author. NonFiction
Barron's 6 Act Practice Tests (3) Prince, Patsy J., author. NonFiction
Fortnite Battle Royale Hacks :... (3) Rich, Jason, author. NonFiction
White Fragility : Why It's So... (3) DiAngelo, Robin J., author. NonFiction
Black Klansman : Race, Hate, And... (3) Stallworth, Ron, author. NonFiction
The Power Of Positive Thinking (3) Peale, Norman Vincent, 1898-1993... NonFiction
Uncovered : How I Left Hasidic... (3) Lax, Leah, author. NonFiction
Food Network Magazine's 1,000... (3) NonFiction
Tony Evans Raising Kingdom Kids... (3) Evans, Tony, 1949- NonFiction
Fall Walk (3) Snow, Virginia Brimhall. NonFiction
The 5 Love Languages For Men :... (3) Chapman, Gary D., 1938-, author. NonFiction
13 Things Mentally Strong People... (3) Morin, Amy, author. NonFiction
#girlboss (3) Amoruso, Sophia. NonFiction
"behold A Pale Horse" (3) Cooper, Milton William. NonFiction
Erasing Death : The Science That... (3) Parnia, Sam. NonFiction
The 5 Love Languages Of Children (3) Chapman, Gary D., 1938- NonFiction
The One Thing : The Surprisingly... (3) Keller, Gary, 1957- NonFiction
When Helping Hurts : How To... (3) Corbett, Steve. NonFiction
Wangari's Trees Of Peace : A... (3) Winter, Jeanette. Biography
The Birth Partner : A Complete... (3) Simkin, Penny, 1938- NonFiction
Daring Greatly : How The Courage... (3) Brown, Brené. NonFiction
Mummies Made In Egypt (3) Aliki. NonFiction
The Intelligent Investor (3) Graham, Benjamin, 1894-1976 NonFiction
White Like Me : Reflections On... (3) Wise, Tim J. NonFiction
Spiky, Slimy, Smooth : What Is... (3) Brocket, Jane. NonFiction
Fall Apples : Crisp And Juicy (3) Rustad, Martha E. H. (Martha Eli... NonFiction
Apples Grow On A Tree (3) Schuh, Mari C., 1975- NonFiction
Apples For Everyone (3) Esbaum, Jill. NonFiction
Leaves Fall Down : Learning... (3) Bullard, Lisa. NonFiction
The Complete Cook's Country Tv... (3) NonFiction
Hope In The Dark : Believing God... (3) Groeschel, Craig, author. NonFiction
Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy : The Story... (3) Rioux, Anne Boyd, author. NonFiction
Flower Fairies Of The Autumn (3) Barker, Cicely Mary, author, ill... NonFiction
Fly Girls : How Five Daring... (3) O'Brien, Keith, 1973- author. NonFiction
Ed Slott's Retirement Decisions... (3) Slott, Ed. NonFiction
Gracelaced (3) Chou Simons, Ruth, author, illus... NonFiction
Healing Houseplants : How To... (3) Polk, Michelle, author. NonFiction
The Ketogenic Cookbook :... (3) Moore, Jimmy, 1971- author. NonFiction
Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook : Eat... (3) Barrett, Pearl, author. NonFiction
It Gets Worse : A Collection Of... (3) Dawson, Shane, 1988- author. NonFiction
Quick Keto Meals In 30 Minutes... (3) Slajerova, Martina, author. NonFiction
Keto Restaurant Favorites : More... (3) Emmerich, Maria, author. NonFiction
The Book Whisperer : Awakening... (3) Miller, Donalyn. NonFiction
Things That Float And Things... (3) Adler, David A. NonFiction
Death Of A Nation : Plantation... (3) D'Souza, Dinesh, 1961- author. NonFiction
The Cut Out Girl : A Story Of... (3) Van Es, Bart, author. NonFiction
7 Habits Of Highly Effective... (3) Covey, Stephen R. NonFiction
The Shallows : What The Internet... (3) Carr, Nicholas G., 1959- NonFiction
The Untethered Soul : The... (3) Singer, Michael A. NonFiction
Fall Leaves : Colorful And... (3) Rustad, Martha E. H. (Martha Eli... NonFiction
The Class : A Life-changing... (3) Tesoriero, Heather Won, author. NonFiction
Healing The Soul Of A Woman :... (3) Meyer, Joyce, 1943- author. NonFiction
Women & Money (3) Orman, Suze, author. NonFiction
Meet Your Bacteria : The Hidden... (3) Temple, Nicola, author. NonFiction
Inspector Oldfield And The Black... (3) Oldfield, William (Archivist), a... NonFiction
On Reading Well : Finding The... (3) Prior, Karen Swallow, author. NonFiction
Identity : The Demand For... (3) Fukuyama, Francis, author. NonFiction
Buddhism 101 (3) Kozak, Arnold, author. NonFiction
Full Of Fall (3) Sayre, April Pulley, author. NonFiction
Good Housekeeping Doctors'... (3) Harrar, Sarí, author. NonFiction
It Didn't Start With You : How... (3) Wolynn, Mark, author. NonFiction
Boy Erased : A Memoir (3) Conley, Garrard, author. NonFiction
Because Of An Acorn (3) Schaefer, Lola M., 1950- author. NonFiction
America's Original Sin : Racism,... (3) Wallis, Jim, author. NonFiction
Age Happens : Garfield Hits The... (3) Davis, Jim, 1945 July 28- author... NonFiction
The 5 Love Languages : The... (3) Chapman, Gary D., 1938- author. NonFiction
The Courage To Be Disliked : The... (3) Kishimi, Ichirō, 1956- author. NonFiction
Teaching With Love And Logic :... (3) Fay, Jim, author. NonFiction
The New Rules Of Marketing & Pr... (3) Scott, David Meerman, author. NonFiction
Act Prep 2019. (3) NonFiction
The Annotated Uncle Tom's Cabin (2) Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-189... NonFiction
Halloween (2) Pettiford, Rebecca. NonFiction
Busy Bags Kids Will Love :... (2) McClure, Sara, author. NonFiction
The Camping Trip That Changed... (2) Rosenstock, Barb. NonFiction
Tom Petty. (2) Petty, Tom. NonFiction
Captivity Of The Oatman Girls :... (2) Stratton, R. B. (Royal Byron), 1... NonFiction
Harry, A History : The True... (2) Anelli, Melissa. NonFiction
The Book Of Enoch (2) NonFiction
Garfield Tons Of Fun (2) Davis, Jim, 1945 July 28- NonFiction
Dark World : Into The Shadows... (2) Bagans, Zak, 1977- NonFiction
The Organized Teacher's Guide To... (2) Springer, Steve. NonFiction
The Daniel Plan Cookbook :... (2) Warren, Richard, 1954- NonFiction
Making Content Comprehensible... (2) Echevarría, Jana, 1956- NonFiction
Humility : The Quiet Virtue (2) Worthington, Everett L., Jr., 19... NonFiction
Jamestown, The Buried Truth (2) Kelso, William M. NonFiction
Hurricanes (2) Meister, Cari, author. NonFiction


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