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Most Requested Titles

TITLE (# Requests) AUTHOR Format
Turbo Twenty-three: A Stephanie... (96) Evanovich, Janet Mystery
Curious Minds: A Knight And Moon... (46) EVANOVICH, JANET Mystery
Sex, Lies, And Serious Money (40) Woods, Stuart Mystery
Escape Clause (33) Sandford, John Mystery
Chaos: A Scarpetta Novel (31) Cornwell, Patricia Mystery
Christmas Caramel Murder (28) Fluke, Joanne Mystery
Crepe Factor (26) CHILDS, LAURA Mystery
Twelve Dogs Of Christmas: An... (23) ROSENFELT, DAVID Mystery
Downfall: A Brady Novel Of... (21) JANCE, J A Mystery
Ghost Times Two (21) HART, CAROLYN Mystery
Smooth Operator (20) WOODS, STUART Mystery
The Nightingale Before Christmas (19) Andrews, Donna. Paperback
Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's... (19) Grabenstein, Chris. Mystery
The Pursuit (19) Evanovich, Janet, author. Mystery
The Sixth Idea (18) Tracy, P. J, author. Mystery
Extreme Prey (15) Sandford, John, 1944 February 23... Large Type
Mr. Lemoncello's Library... (14) Grabenstein, Chris, author. Mystery
Manitou Canyon : A Novel (14) Krueger, William Kent, author. Mystery
Great Reckoning (13) PENNY, LOUISE Mystery
Killer Look (13) Fairstein, Linda A., author. Mystery
Dishonorable Intentions (12) Woods, Stuart, author. Large Type
British Manor Murder (12) Meier, Leslie Mystery
Robert B. Parker's Debt To Pay (12) COLEMAN, REED FARREL Mystery
Knit Your Own Murder (12) Ferris, Monica, author. Mystery
Pushing Up Daisies: An Agatha... (11) BEATON, M C Mystery
High Heat (11) CASTLE, RICHARD Mystery
What Strange Creatures (11) Arsenault, Emily. Mystery
Outfoxed (11) Rosenfelt, David, author. Mystery
Someone Always Knows (10) Muller, Marcia, author. Large Type
A Clash Of Kings (8) Martin, George R. R. Paperback
Someone Always Knows (8) Muller, Marcia, author. Mystery
Skinny Dipping With Murder (8) Wallace, Auralee, author. Mystery
The Zig Zag Girl (8) Griffiths, Elly, author. Mystery
Missing, Presumed : A Novel (7) Steiner, Susie, 1971 or 1972- au... Mystery
A Most Curious Murder (6) Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane, 1946- ... Mystery
Caught Bread Handed (6) Alexander, Ellie, author. Mystery
As Death Draws Near (5) Huber, Anna Lee, author. Mystery
A Dark And Stormy Murder (5) Buckley, Julia, 1964- author. Mystery
Flawless : A Pretty Little Liars... (4) Shepard, Sara, 1977- Mystery
Strawberry Shortcake Murder : A... (4) Fluke, Joanne, 1943- Mystery
Murder At The 42nd Street... (4) Lehane, Cornelius, author. Mystery
Dressed To Kilt (4) Reed, Hannah, 1953- Mystery
Grace Sees Red (4) Hyzy, Julie A., author. Paperback
Still Life (4) Penny, Louise. Mystery
The Curse Of Tenth Grave (4) Jones, Darynda, author. Mystery
Murder At The Mansion (4) Finsilver, Janet, author. Mystery
3rd Degree : A Novel (4) Patterson, James, 1947- Paperback
Dishonorable Intentions (3) Woods, Stuart, author. Mystery
Family Jewels (3) Woods, Stuart, author. Large Type
A Fool And His Honey (3) Harris, Charlaine. Mystery
Cocaine Blues : A Phryne Fisher... (3) Greenwood, Kerry. Mystery
A Game Of Thrones (3) Martin, George R. R. Paperback
Gone With The Wool (3) Hechtman, Betty, 1947- author. Paperback
Murder Has Nine Lives (3) Levine, Laura, 1943- author. Mystery
Three Bedrooms, One Corpse : An... (3) Harris, Charlaine. Mystery
Tall Tail (3) Brown, Rita Mae, author. Large Type
Aunt Dimity And The Buried... (3) Atherton, Nancy, author. Large Type
Toasting Up Trouble (3) Wiken, Linda. Paperback
A Toxic Trousseau (3) Blackwell, Juliet, author. Paperback
Pierced By The Sun (3) Esquivel, Laura, 1950- author. Mystery
The Graveyard Of The Hesperides (3) Davis, Lindsey, author. Mystery
Tall Tail (3) Brown, Rita Mae, author. Mystery
The Cold Dish (2) Johnson, Craig, 1961- Mystery
Two For The Dough (2) Evanovich, Janet. Mystery
A Duty To The Dead (2) Todd, Charles. Mystery
The Journey To Atlantis (2) Mystery
Sherlock Holmes : Gods Of War (2) Lovegrove, James, author. Mystery
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2) Larsson, Stieg, 1954-2004. Mystery
Wink Of An Eye (2) Chandler-Willis, Lynn, 1960- Mystery
Kindness Goes Unpunished (2) Johnson, Craig, 1961- Mystery
Sidney Chambers And The Shadow... (2) Runcie, James, 1959- Mystery
Lethal Treasure (2) Cleland, Jane K. Mystery
Staged To Death (2) Smith, Karen Rose, author. Mystery
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