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Most Requested Titles

TITLE (# Requests) AUTHOR Format
News Of The World (244) DVD
Wonder Woman 1984 (221) DVD
The Little Things (188) DVD
The Marksman (158) DVD
Promising Young Woman (118) DVD
The Nest (102) DVD
Minari (98) MINARI DVD
Land (93) LAND DVD
Judas And The Black Messiah (91) DVD
Monster Hunter (88) DVD
Greenland (85) Greenland DVD
Chaos Walking (84) DVD
Shadow In The Cloud (78) DVD
The Mauritanian (76) DVD
Don't Tell A Soul (74) DVD
Son (73) SON DVD
The World To Come (73) DVD
Pinocchio (70) Pinocchio DVD
Crisis (69) Crisis DVD
Let Him Go (65) DVD
Wrong Turn (52) DVD
55 Steps (48) DVD
The Lovebirds (44) DVD
Cosmic Sin (43) DVD
Our Friend (43) DVD
Honest Thief (41) DVD
Love And Monsters (39) DVD
Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar (37) Barb & Star go to Vista del Mar DVD
Son Of The South (33) DVD
The Crown. The Complete Third... (32) The crown. The complete third season DVD
The Toll (31) DVD
Kŏmgaek = The Swordsman (31) DVD
Freaky (30) Freaky DVD
Raya And The Last Dragon (30) DVD
Scare Me (28) DVD
Half Brothers (28) DVD
Vanguard (28) Vanguard DVD
Your Honor (28) DVD
Adverse (26) Adverse DVD
American Skin (26) DVD
Caged (26) Caged DVD
Yellowstone. Season 2 (26) DVD
Atlantic Crossing (25) DVD
Synchronic (24) Synchronic DVD
All Creatures Great And Small.... (23) All creatures great and small. Season 1 DVD
Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1 (23) STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS SEASON 1 DVD
Sometime Other Than Now (23) DVD
The Good Lord Bird (22) DVD
Shithouse (22) SHITHOUSE DVD
Fatman (21) Fatman DVD
Fear Of Rain (21) DVD
Willy's Wonderland (21) DVD
Supernova (21) SUPERNOVA DVD
True Blood. The Complete First... (20) True blood. The complete first season DVD
My Dog Stupid (20) DVD
Sputnik (20) Sputnik DVD
Redemption Day (20) DVD
Alienist Season 2, The: Angel Of... (20) ALIENIST SEASON 2, THE: ANGEL OF DARKNESS DVD
The Undoing : An Hbo Limited... (20) The undoing : an HBO limited series. DVD
Force Of Nature (19) DVD
Songbird (19) Songbird DVD
The Last Vermeer (19) DVD
Some Kind Of Heaven (18) DVD
Breach (18) Breach DVD
All My Life (17) DVD
The Croods : A New Age (17) DVD
Star Trek. Season One, Picard (17) Star trek. Season one, Picard DVD
True Blood. The Complete Fourth... (16) True blood. The complete fourth season DVD
True Blood. The Complete Second... (16) True blood. The complete second season DVD
True Blood. The Complete Fifth... (16) True blood. The complete fifth season DVD
True Blood. The Complete Third... (16) True blood. The complete third season DVD
Soul (16) Soul DVD
Hunter Hunter (16) DVD
Buddy Games (16) DVD
True Blood. The Complete Seventh... (15) True blood. The complete seventh season DVD
True Blood. The Complete Sixth... (15) True blood. The complete sixth season. DVD
Understanding Memory : How It... (15) Understanding memory : how it works and how to improve it. DVD
The Reagans (15) DVD
Hero Dog, The Journey Home (15) DVD
A Perfect Planet (15) DVD
Grant (14) Grant DVD
Pray: The Story Of Patrick... (14) PRAY: THE STORY OF PATRICK PEYTON DVD
Love On Harbor Island ; Love... (14) Love on Harbor Island ; Love under the olive tree DVD
100 Days To Live (14) DVD
Casablanca (14) CASABLANCA DVD
Dazed And Confused (14) DVD
The Reason (14) DVD
The Keeper (14) DVD
Love Sarah (14) DVD
Body Brokers (13) DVD
Wedding Every Weekend (13) DVD
Blood And Treasure Season 1 (12) DVD
Totally Under Control (12) DVD
Tai Chi Fit: For Women (12) DVD
Rams (12) RAMS DVD
Tai Chi Fit: For A Healthy Heart (12) TAI CHI FIT: FOR A HEALTHY HEART DVD
Ammonite (12) Ammonite DVD
Death In Paradise. Season Nine (12) Death in paradise. Season nine DVD
The Crown. The Complete Second... (11) The crown. The complete second season DVD
Corporate. Season 1 (11) DVD
Skylines (11) Skylines DVD
The Climb (11) DVD
Snowpiercer. The Complete First... (11) Snowpiercer. The complete first season DVD
The Mallorca Files. Series One (11) The Mallorca files. Series one DVD
Phobias (11) PHOBIAS DVD
Stardust (11) STARDUST DVD
Right Before Your Eyes (11) DVD
E.t. : The Extra-terrestrial (11) DVD
Batman Complete Animated Series (11) BATMAN COMPLETE ANIMATED SERIES DVD
All Creatures Great & Small... (11) ALL CREATURES GREAT & SMALL COMPLETE COLL. DVD
Yellowstone. Season 3 (11) DVD
A Call To Spy (11) DVD
The Best Of Soul Train (10) DVD
Tribes On The Edge (10) DVD
Young Hearts (10) DVD
Taking A Shot At Love (10) DVD
Timeless Love (10) DVD
Love Fraud. (10) DVD
Flowers Of Shanghai (10) DVD
Horizon Line (10) DVD
Hemingway (10) Hemingway DVD
The Illegal (10) DVD
All Creatures Great & Small. The... (9) All creatures great & small. The complete series 1 collection DVD
Corporate. Season 2 (9) DVD
The Kid Detective (9) DVD
Host (9) Host DVD
Fatale (9) Fatale DVD
Nancy Drew. Season One (9) DVD
Voice Of Freedom (9) DVD
Secrets In Our Dna (9) DVD
Eve (9) Eve DVD
The Informer (9) DVD
The Last Shift (9) DVD
Lucky Day (9) DVD
Yellowstone. Season One. (8) DVD
The Crown. The Complete First... (8) The crown. The complete first season DVD
Ruth : Justice Ginsburg In Her... (8) Ruth : Justice Ginsburg in her own words DVD
The Codebreaker (8) DVD
The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee (8) The very excellent Mr. Dundee DVD
Vera. Set 10 (8) DVD
Kingdom Men (8) DVD
Exposed (8) Exposed DVD
Better Call Saul. Season Five (8) Better call Saul. Season five DVD
Murdoch Mysteries. Season One (8) Murdoch mysteries. Season one DVD
Catherine The Great (8) DVD
The Wolf Of Snow Hollow (8) DVD
Money Plane (8) DVD
Jekyll And Hyde (8) DVD
Lovecraft Country. The Complete... (8) Lovecraft country. The complete first season DVD
The Sword And The Scoob :... (8) The sword and the Scoob : original movie DVD
Secondhand Lions (7) DVD
My Prince Edward (7) DVD
Soulmates. Season 1. (7) DVD
The South Westerlies (7) DVD
The Expanse. Season Four (7) DVD
Alone With Her Dreams (7) DVD
6000 Years Of Religion. (7) DVD
The Nest (7) DVD
Kajillionaire (7) Kajillionaire DVD
2067 (7) 2067 DVD
American Heist (6) DVD
Odd Thomas (6) DVD
Reclaim (6) Reclaim DVD
The Blacklist. Season 1. (6) DVD
Helter Skelter : An American... (6) Helter skelter : an American myth DVD
Science Vs. Faith : Addressing... (6) Science vs. faith : addressing history's oldest debate. DVD
Billie (6) Billie DVD
The 100. The Seventh And Final... (6) The 100. The seventh and final season. DVD
Belushi (6) Belushi DVD
Mystery Road (6) DVD
The Shade Shepherd (6) DVD
Crazy Samurai : 400 Vs 1 (6) DVD
The Last Ice (6) DVD
Corporate. Season 3 (6) DVD
Mystery Road. Series 2 (6) DVD
Miss Juneteenth (6) DVD
City On A Hill. Season One. (6) DVD
The West Wing. The Complete... (6) The West Wing. The complete second season DVD
Citizen Kane (6) DVD
Casablanca (6) Casablanca DVD
Lifeforce (5) Lifeforce DVD
Titanic (5) Titanic DVD
A Woman Called Moses (5) DVD
Backtrack (5) Backtrack DVD
Dazed And Confused (5) DVD
Super 8 (5) DVD
Imitation Of Life : Two-movie... (5) Imitation of life : two-movie collection. DVD
Follow Me To Daisy Hills (5) DVD
Sin Señas Particulares =... (5) Sin señas particulares = Identifying features DVD
Elyse (5) Elyse DVD
Silk Road (5) DVD
Days Of The Bagnold Summer (5) DVD
Spell (5) Spell DVD
Secrets Of The Zoo. Season 4 (5) DVD
In Search Of. Season 1 (5) DVD
Tenet (5) Tenet DVD
The Beach House (5) DVD
Some Like It Hot (5) DVD
Country At Heart (5) DVD
Des (5) Des DVD
Batman Returns (5) DVD
The Forger (5) DVD
The Stand (5) DVD
All Creatures Great & Small. The... (5) All creatures great & small. The complete series 2 collection DVD
Joe (5) Joe DVD
Sounder (5) Sounder DVD
Citizen Kane (5) DVD
Mission: Impossible. The First... (5) Mission: impossible. The first TV season DVD
When Calls The Heart. Finding... (5) When calls the heart. Finding home ; A moving picture. DVD
The New Mutants (5) DVD
A Winter Princess (5) DVD
For Whom The Bell Tolls (5) DVD
Last Man Standing. The Complete... (4) Last man standing. The complete first season. DVD
Free Willy (4) DVD
Downton Abbey. Seasons 3 & 4 (4) DVD
100 Years That Shook The World :... (4) 100 years that shook the world : great events of the 20th century DVD
The Big Bang Theory. The... (4) The big bang theory. The complete third season DVD
Powder (4) Powder DVD
Funny Face (4) DVD
Batman & Mr. Freeze, Subzero ;... (4) Batman & Mr. Freeze, Subzero ; Batman, mask of the Phantasm. DVD
The Old Man And The Sea (4) DVD
T'ai-chi Exercises For Seniors. (4) T'ai-chi exercises for seniors. DVD
You Only Live Twice (4) DVD
Icarly. The Complete 3rd Season. (4) Icarly. The complete 3rd season. DVD
Air Buddies (4) DVD
Big Driver (4) DVD
North & South (4) DVD
All Creatures Great & Small. The... (4) All creatures great & small. The complete series 4 collection DVD
The Mechanic (4) DVD
The Shining (4) DVD
Mulan ; Mulan Ii (4) DVD
Midsomer Murders. Series 2 (4) DVD
John Carpenter's The Thing (4) DVD
City Slickers Ii : The Legend Of... (4) City slickers II : the legend of Curly's gold DVD
American Horror Story. The... (4) American horror story. The complete second season : asylum DVD
The Black Church : This Is Our... (4) The Black Church : this is our story, this is our song DVD
The Spanish Princess (4) DVD
The Devil's Rain (4) DVD
John Adams (4) DVD
Breaking Bad. The Complete First... (4) Breaking bad. The complete first season DVD
Trading Places (4) DVD
The West Wing : The Complete... (4) The West wing : the complete first season. DVD
The Prince Of Egypt (4) DVD
Zappa (4) Zappa DVD
Foyle's War. Set 6 (3) DVD
Sense And Sensibility (3) DVD
King Kong Vs Godzilla (3) DVD
Maverick. The Complete First... (3) Maverick. The complete first season DVD
Midsomer Murders. Series 3 (3) DVD
All Creatures Great & Small. The... (3) All creatures great & small. The complete series 3 collection DVD
Kung Fu. The Complete First... (3) Kung fu. The complete first season DVD
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (3) DVD
Cheers. Season 5 (3) DVD
Looney Tunes Platinum... (3) Looney tunes platinum collection. Volume 2 DVD
Downton Abbey. Seasons 1 & 2 (3) DVD
4 Film Favorites. Nicholas... (3) 4 film favorites. Nicholas Sparks collection. DVD
The Cider House Rules (3) DVD
It Happened One Night (3) DVD
Westworld (3) Westworld DVD
Northern Exposure. Season One. (3) Northern exposure. Season one. DVD
I Love Lucy. The Complete First... (3) I love Lucy. The complete first season DVD
Jackie Brown (3) DVD
The Bletchley Circle (3) DVD
Tombstone (3) Tombstone DVD
Sing & Sign (3) DVD
Mysteries Of The Dead Sea... (3) Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls : secrets of God revealed. DVD
Castle. The Complete First... (3) Castle. The complete first season. DVD
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of... (3) Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets DVD
The Civil War (3) DVD
The Muppet Show. 2 (3) DVD
Once Upon A Time In America (3) DVD
Beverly Hills Cop Iii (3) DVD
The Mask (3) DVD
The Muppet Show. Season One (3) DVD
Csi: Miami. The Complete Second... (3) CSI: Miami. The complete second season DVD
Defending Your Life (3) DVD
Ken Burns. Here & There (3) DVD
Flannery (3) Flannery DVD
The Irishman (3) DVD
Braveheart (3) Braveheart DVD
Speedy Death (3) DVD
Stephen King's Rose Red (3) DVD
Charmed. The Complete Third... (3) Charmed. The complete third season DVD
The Breaking Point (3) DVD
The Ten Commandments (3) DVD
Blue Bloods. The First Season. (3) Blue bloods. The first season. DVD
Beowulf (3) Beowulf DVD
Murdoch Mysteries. Season 2 (3) DVD
Halloween (3) Halloween DVD
Cadfael. Set 3 (3) DVD
Bridget Jones's Diary (3) DVD
The West Wing. The Complete... (3) The West Wing. The complete seventh season DVD
The Joy Luck Club (3) DVD
Tesla (3) Tesla DVD
All Creatures Great & Small. The... (3) All creatures great & small. The complete series 7 collection DVD
Supernatural. The Complete Third... (3) Supernatural. The complete third season DVD
Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus (3) DVD
Grave Of The Fireflies (3) DVD
The Lion The Witch And The... (2) The lion the witch and the wardrobe DVD
Escape From Fairytale Village (2) Escape from fairytale village DVD
All Dogs Go To Heaven (2) DVD
Helping Out Around The House (2) DVD
My Things (2) DVD
The Wizard Of Oz (2) DVD
Support Your Local Sheriff! (2) DVD
Wall-e (2) WALL-E DVD
Doc Martin. Series 4 (2) DVD
Dragons. Gift Of The Night Fury (2) Dragons. Gift of the Night Fury DVD
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (2) Seven brides for seven brothers DVD
Sabrina (2) Sabrina DVD
Sweet Dreams : The Story Of... (2) Sweet dreams : the story of legendary country singer Patsy Cline DVD
Ben-hur (2) Ben-Hur DVD
The Painted Veil (2) DVD
A Fish Called Wanda (2) DVD
The Autobiography Of Miss Jane... (2) The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman DVD
Midsomer Murders. Series 10 (2) DVD
Flywheel. (2) Flywheel. DVD
Doc Martin. Series 5 (2) DVD
Beverly Hills Cop (2) DVD
An American Tail (2) DVD
Bridget Jones : The Edge Of... (2) Bridget Jones : the edge of reason DVD
Agatha Christie's Poirot.... (2) Agatha Christie's Poirot. Appointment with death DVD
Columbo. The Complete Second... (2) Columbo. The complete second season. DVD
The Waterboy (2) DVD
An Easter Carol (2) DVD
Midsomer Murders. Series 8 (2) DVD
Lady And The Tramp (2) DVD
Life's Little Lessons (2) DVD
Spirited Away (2) DVD
The Count Of Monte Cristo (2) DVD
The Matrix (2) DVD
John Le Carré's Tinker,... (2) John le Carré's Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy DVD
Steven Seagal Collection : 4... (2) Steven Seagal collection : 4 film favorites. DVD
When Calls The Heart (2) DVD
Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal... (2) Stanley Kubrick's Full metal jacket DVD
Midsomer Murders. Series 13 (2) DVD
Doctor Who. The Complete... (2) Doctor Who. The complete specials DVD
The Dukes Of Hazzard. Season One (2) The Dukes of Hazzard. Season one DVD
The Replacements (2) DVD
Joan Of Arc (2) DVD
Perry Mason. Season 1, Volume 2 (2) Perry Mason. Season 1, volume 2 DVD
Luther (2) Luther DVD
The Magnificent Ambersons (2) DVD
How To Train Your Dragon (2) DVD
All Creatures Great And Small.... (2) All creatures great and small. The specials DVD
Murder By Numbers (2) DVD
Midsomer Murders. Series 1 (2) DVD
In Cold Blood (2) DVD
Cadfael. Set 4 (2) DVD
The Apple Dumpling Gang (2) DVD
Arrow. The Complete First Season (2) Arrow. The complete first season DVD
The Thomas Crown Affair (2) DVD
The Thrill Of It All! (2) DVD
Watchmen (2) Watchmen DVD
Little House On The Prairie.... (2) Little house on the prairie. Season 1 DVD
The Mentalist. The Complete... (2) The mentalist. The complete fifth season DVD
Icarly. The Complete 4th Season (2) iCarly. The complete 4th season DVD
Big Fish (2) DVD
Three Days Of The Condor (2) DVD
Star Trek : Original Motion... (2) Star trek : original motion picture collection DVD
A Murder Is Announced (2) DVD
Liar Liar (2) DVD
Foyle's War. Set 7 (2) DVD
The Tuskegee Airmen (2) DVD
Murdoch Mysteries. Season 5 (2) DVD
2001 : A Space Odyssey (2) DVD
Frank (2) Frank DVD
The Man Who Knew Too Much. (2) DVD
Doubt (2) Doubt DVD
Looney Tunes : Golden... (2) Looney tunes : golden collection. Volume 2 DVD
Luther. 2 (2) DVD
Columbo. The Complete First... (2) Columbo. The complete first season DVD
An Education (2) DVD
Papillon (2) Papillon DVD
Charmed. The Complete First... (2) Charmed. The complete first season DVD
12 Monkeys (2) DVD
Misery (2) Misery DVD
Space Jam (2) DVD
North And South. The Complete... (2) North and South. The complete collection, books one, two & three DVD
Air Bud (2) DVD
Jumanji. Welcome To The Jungle (2) Jumanji. Welcome to the jungle DVD
Carnal Knowledge (2) DVD
"play Misty For Me" (2) DVD
Jane Austen's Pride And... (2) Jane Austen's Pride and prejudice DVD
Adam-12. Season Four (2) DVD
Home Improvement. Season 2 (2) DVD
Juneteenth For Mazie (2) DVD
The West Wing. The Complete... (2) The West Wing. The complete fifth season DVD
The Island (2) DVD
Thor (2) Thor DVD
Stalker (2) Stalker DVD
Chips. The Complete First Season (2) CHiPs. The complete first season DVD
E.t., The Extra-terrestrial (2) DVD
Weird Science (2) DVD
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (2) DVD
Seinfeld. Season 4 (2) DVD
The Santa Clause (2) DVD
Hot In Cleveland. Season 1 (2) DVD
Spider-man 3 (2) DVD
Lean On Me (2) DVD
The Wizard Of Oz (2) DVD
Mulan (2) Mulan DVD
Muriel's Wedding (2) DVD
The War (2) DVD
Pride & Prejudice (2) DVD
Midsomer Murders. Series 5 (2) DVD
Angels & Demons (2) DVD
Sisters (2) Sisters DVD
Locke (2) Locke DVD
Tom Horn (2) DVD
It's A Wonderful Life (2) DVD
Midsomer Murders. Series 4 (2) DVD
Cranford (2) Cranford DVD
Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window (2) Alfred Hitchcock's rear window DVD
The Mist (2) DVD
Jane Austen's Mansfield Park (2) DVD
A Walk To Remember (2) DVD
Planting A Rainbow (2) DVD
Shakespeare : The Animated Tales (2) Shakespeare : the animated tales DVD
The Vampire Diaries. The... (2) The vampire diaries. The complete third season. DVD
The Miracle Worker (2) DVD
No Country For Old Men (2) DVD
The Muppet Show. 3 (2) DVD
Spanish For Kids. Beginner Level... (2) Spanish for kids. Beginner level 1, volume 2. DVD
Sarah, Plain & Tall (2) DVD
The Bletchley Circle. Season 2. (2) The Bletchley circle. Season 2. DVD
Hannibal Rising (2) DVD
Survival Guide For Pain-free... (2) Survival guide for pain-free living : with Peggy Cappy and special guest Lee Albert. DVD
The Score (2) DVD
Bridal Wave (2) DVD
Twins (2) Twins DVD
Alex Rider : Operation... (2) Alex Rider : Operation Stormbreaker DVD
Hawaii Five-0. The Fourth Season (2) Hawaii Five-0. The fourth season DVD
Home Improvement. Season 3 (2) DVD
The Nanny. The Complete Second... (2) The nanny. The complete second season DVD
The Golden Girls. The Complete... (2) The golden girls. The complete third season DVD
Suspicion (2) Suspicion DVD
The Craft. Legacy (2) DVD
The Man Who Knew Too Much (1) DVD
Csi, Crime Scene Investigation.... (1) CSI, crime scene investigation. Complete eleventh season. DVD
Meet Me In St. Louis (1) DVD
Sopranos. The Complete First... (1) Sopranos. The complete first season DVD
Terms Of Endearment (1) DVD
Karen Blixen's Babettes... (1) Karen Blixen's Babettes gæstebud = Babette's feast DVD
The Warriors (1) DVD
The Ten Commandments : Moses And... (1) The Ten Commandments : Moses and the Law DVD
Awakenings (1) Awakenings DVD
Smallville. The Complete Second... (1) Smallville. The complete second season DVD
Elsa & Fred (1) DVD
Er. The Complete Third Season (1) ER. The complete third season DVD
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ii... (1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II : the secret of the ooze DVD
Alfred Hitchcock's North By... (1) Alfred Hitchcock's North by northwest DVD
The Killers. (1) DVD
A Thief Of Time (1) DVD
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