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DML Maker Kits

videobox The Maker Movement has arrived at the Dayton Metro Library

Nine Makers Kits, containing all the tools and materials needed to experiment and create in many different subject areas, offer opportunities for hands-on creativity and experimentation for teens, tweens, children and adults.

Explore Circuits, Textiles, Photography & Stop Motion Animation, Kitchen Science, Computers, 3-D, Music, Lasers and Electronic Textiles & Papercraft with the Library's Maker Kits. All programs are FREE!

This animated video was made using Dayton Metro Library Stop Motion and Music Maker Kits. A shout out to DML staffers Christine Gaffney, animation, and Noelle Landis, music, for collaborating on this video. You can make your own video too when you attend one of our Maker Kit programs.

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Explore Our Maker Kits

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Sewing machines, knitting needles, crochet hooks, fabric, thread and yarn - even a bookbinding machine - let you be an experimental textile artist.

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Learn how to build interactive objects and explore computer programming with Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.

Meet Finch!

Computer Coding: A FINCH ROBOT is Waiting for YOU!

Finch!Discover or sharpen your coding skills by programming an awesome little Finch Robot. About the size of a running shoe, the Finch features light, temperature, and obstacle sensors, accelerators, motors and buzzers. Learn to use programming language to write code on a laptop that will tell the robot to perform different tasks. It's as simple or as complex as you make it!

Finches generously provided by Birdbrain Technologies

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Featuring Snap Circuits, Squishy Circuits, conductive ink pens and more - YOU complete the circuit with your skill and imagination!

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Electronic Textiles + Paper Crafts

Discover the many ways that circuits can be used with textiles and paper using LEDs, conductive thread, or conductive tape.

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Photography + Stop Motion Animation

GoPro cameras, light kits, a photo box, green screen and the supplies you need to build sets and miniatures let you capture your world on film.

Check out some of our stop motion videos: Origami - Bookworm

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From bongos to Boomwhackers, keyboards to castanets, this kit brings out the musician in everyone.

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Laser pointers, a fog machine, beam splitters, photovoltaic cells and mirrors light up your imagination.

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Design and build with Strawbees and 3-Doodle Pens. A Watercolor Bot can paint your digital artwork onto paper for you.

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Kitchen Science

A kitchen is an awesome science lab! What's cooking? You decide! There's a convection oven, utensils and ingredients.

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