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TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
Murder In Season : A Novel (23 Oct 2020) Fletcher, Jessica, author. Mystery
The Gift Of The Magpie (23 Oct 2020) Andrews, Donna, author. Mystery
Silent Bite (23 Oct 2020) Rosenfelt, David, author. Mystery
The Darkest Evening (23 Oct 2020) Cleeves, Ann, author. Mystery
A Deception At Thornecrest (22 Oct 2020) Weaver, Ashley, author. Mystery
Hanging Falls (22 Oct 2020) Mizushima, Margaret, author. Mystery
Murder Most Sweet (22 Oct 2020) Walker, Laura Jensen, author... Mystery
Thanksgiving Past (21 Oct 2020) Daley, Kathi Mystery
Gobble, Gobble Murder (21 Oct 2020) Meier, Leslie, author. Mystery
White Fox (21 Oct 2020) Faring, Sara, author. Mystery
Holly Hernandez And The... (21 Oct 2020) Holly Hernandez and the death of disco Narvaez, Richie, author. Mystery
Snowdrift (20 Oct 2020) SNOWDRIFT Tursten, Helene, 1954- autho... Mystery
Cold Wind : A Mystery (20 Oct 2020) Shelton, Paige, author. Mystery
Grounds For Murder (20 Oct 2020) Lush, Tara Mystery
In League With Sherlock... (20 Oct 2020) IN LEAGUE WITH SHERLOCK HOLMES : Stories Inspired by the Sherlock Holmes Canon Klinger, Leslie S. (EDT)/ Ki... Mystery
A Deadly Edition (20 Oct 2020) Gilbert, Victoria Mystery
Germania / A Novel Of Nazi... (20 Oct 2020) GERMANIA / A Novel of Nazi Berlin Gilbers, Harald, 1969- autho... Mystery
A Death Long Overdue (20 Oct 2020) Gates, Eva, 1951- author. Mystery
Hidden Treasure : A Josie... (20 Oct 2020) HIDDEN TREASURE : a Josie Prescott antiques mystery Cleland, Jane K., author. Mystery
The Outcast Girls (20 Oct 2020) Clare, Alys Mystery
The Wicked Hour : A Natalie... (20 Oct 2020) THE WICKED HOUR : a Natalie Lockhart novel Blanchard, Alice, author. Mystery
Infinite (20 Oct 2020) INFINITE Freeman, Brian Mystery
Hot To Trot: An Agatha... (20 Oct 2020) HOT TO TROT: AN AGATHA RAISIN MYSTERY Beaton, M. C. Mystery
The Consequences Of Fear: A... (20 Oct 2020) THE CONSEQUENCES OF FEAR: A MAISIE DOBBS NOVEL Winspear, Jacqueline Mystery
The Deep, Deep Snow (20 Oct 2020) Freeman, Brian Mystery
Undercover Kitty (20 Oct 2020) Ryan, Sofie Mystery
A Pairing To Die For (20 Oct 2020) Lansing, Kate Mystery
Premeditated Mortar (20 Oct 2020) Carlisle, Kate Mystery
Crime Of The Ancient... (20 Oct 2020) CRIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINARA Cole, Stephanie Mystery
Dead In The Water (20 Oct 2020) Woods, Stuart, author. Mystery
Fruit Baskets And Holiday... (20 Oct 2020) Fruit baskets and holiday caskets Leeson, Gayle, 1967- author. Mystery
Pumpkin Spice Lies (20 Oct 2020) Suzette, Kathleen, author. Mystery
The Fortune Teller (20 Oct 2020) Whiting, J. A., author. Mystery
The Secrets Of Winter (19 Oct 2020) Upson, Nicola, author. Mystery
Murder Is In The Air (19 Oct 2020) Brody, Frances. Mystery
Still Life (19 Oct 2020) McDermid, Val, author. Mystery
Snow (19 Oct 2020) Snow Banville, John, author. Mystery
First Class Killer (15 Oct 2020) Kappes, Tonya, author. Mystery
Coconut Layer Cake Murder (15 Oct 2020) Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author. Large Type
Haunted Homicide (15 Oct 2020) Ness, Lucy, author. Mystery
Dying In A Winter Wonderland (15 Oct 2020) Delany, Vicki, 1951- author. Mystery
A Waffle Lot Of Murder (15 Oct 2020) Gregory, Lena, author. Mystery
Murder In Devil's Cove (15 Oct 2020) Bourbon, Melissa Mystery
A Stocking Full Of Murder (13 Oct 2020) Cahoon, Lynn Mystery
The Devil And The Dark Water (09 Oct 2020) Turton, Stuart, author. Mystery
Moonflower Murders (09 Oct 2020) Horowitz, Anthony, 1955- aut... Mystery
Moonflower Murders (09 Oct 2020) Horowitz, Anthony Large Type
House Of Correction : A... (09 Oct 2020) HOUSE OF CORRECTION : a novel French, Nicci, author. Mystery
Death At High Tide (09 Oct 2020) Dennison, Hannah, author. Mystery
On Deadly Tides (09 Oct 2020) Duncan, Elizabeth J. Mystery
A Galway Epiphany (09 Oct 2020) Bruen, Ken, author. Mystery
Comanche (09 Oct 2020) Comanche Riley, Brett, 1970- author. Mystery
Winner Cake All (08 Oct 2020) Swanson, Denise, author. Mystery
Murder Between The Pages (08 Oct 2020) Lillard, Amy, author. Mystery
Bending The Paw (08 Oct 2020) Kelly, Diane, author. Mystery
Death By French Roast (08 Oct 2020) Erickson, Alex, author. Mystery
A Page Marked For Murder (08 Oct 2020) Elliott, Lauren, author. Mystery
Broadcast 4 Murder (08 Oct 2020) Eaton, J. C. (Joint pseudony... Mystery
Death On West End Road (08 Oct 2020) Doyle, Carrie Mystery
For Letter Or Worse : A... (08 Oct 2020) FOR LETTER OR WORSE : a stationery shop mystery Conroy, Vivian, author. Mystery
Have Yourself A Fudgy Little... (08 Oct 2020) HAVE YOURSELF A FUDGY LITTLE CHRISTMAS Coco, Nancy, author. Mystery
A Brushstroke With Death (08 Oct 2020) Blake, Bethany, author. Mystery
Icing On The Casket (08 Oct 2020) Bruns, Catherine Mystery
In The Study With The Wrench... (07 Oct 2020) IN THE STUDY WITH THE WRENCH : a Clue mystery Peterfreund, Diana, author. Mystery
You Were Never Here (07 Oct 2020) Peacock, Kathleen, author. Mystery
Nancy Drew : The Curse (07 Oct 2020) Ostow, Micol, author. Mystery
The Secret Tomb (07 Oct 2020) Whiting, J. A., author. Mystery
Thread And Dead (06 Oct 2020) Penney, Elizabeth, author. Paperback
The Magic Of Halloween Night (06 Oct 2020) Daley, Kathi, author. Mystery
Killing Mind (06 Oct 2020) Marsons, Angela, author. Mystery
Troubled Blood (06 Oct 2020) Galbraith, Robert, author. Large Type
Murder At The Pta (05 Oct 2020) Hollis, Lee, author. Mystery
Veiled In Death (05 Oct 2020) Blackmoore, Stephanie, autho... Mystery
Mrs. Morris And The Ghost Of... (05 Oct 2020) Mrs. Morris and the ghost of Christmas past Wilton, Traci, author. Mystery
Varnished Without A Trace (05 Oct 2020) Simon, Misty, author. Mystery
Mistletoe, Moussaka, And... (05 Oct 2020) Mistletoe, moussaka, and murder Kashian, Tina, author. Mystery
The Corpse Who Knew Too Much (05 Oct 2020) Sennefelder, Debra, author. Mystery
Death On The Green (05 Oct 2020) Murphy, C. E. (Catie E.), au... Mystery
Candy Slain Murder (05 Oct 2020) Day, Maddie, author. Mystery
Lazarus (02 Oct 2020) LAZARUS Kepler, Lars, author. Mystery
Half Moon Bay : A Novel (02 Oct 2020) Kellerman, Jonathan, author. Large Type
Grave Secrets (02 Oct 2020) James, Alice Mystery
Beyond Beyond (02 Oct 2020) Heywood, Joseph Mystery
Don't Ever Forget (02 Oct 2020) Farrell, Matthew, author. Mystery
Murder Goes To Market (02 Oct 2020) Bateman, Daisy, author. Mystery
A Christmas Carol Murder (01 Oct 2020) Redmond, Heather, 1969- auth... Mystery
Bark If It's Murder (01 Oct 2020) Burns, V. M., 1964- author. Mystery
The Inugami Curse (01 Oct 2020) Yokomizo, Seishi, 1902-1981,... Mystery
The Wedding Plan: A Cozy... (01 Oct 2020) THE WEDDING PLAN: A COZY MYSTERY Daley, Kathi Mystery
Funeral For A Friend (30 Sep 2020) Freeman, Brian, 1963- author... Mystery
Christmas Cupcake Murder (30 Sep 2020) Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author. Mystery
Death In Focus : An Elena... (25 Sep 2020) DEATH IN FOCUS : an Elena Standish novel Perry, Anne, author. Large Type
A Question Of Betrayal (25 Sep 2020) Perry, Anne Large Type
All The Devils Are Here (25 Sep 2020) Penny, Louise Large Type
Robert B. Parker's Fool's... (25 Sep 2020) ROBERT B. PARKER'S FOOL'S PARADISE Lupica, Mike Large Type
Death On Lily Pond Lane (25 Sep 2020) Doyle, Carrie, 1972- author. Mystery
Halloween Moon (25 Sep 2020) Daley, Kathi, author. Mystery
Murder Is The Pits (24 Sep 2020) Whiting, J. A., author. Mystery
Paw And Order (24 Sep 2020) Burns, V. M., 1964- author. Mystery
Killer Kung Pao (24 Sep 2020) Chien, Vivien, author. Mystery
Death Of A Telenovela Star (24 Sep 2020) Dovalpage, Teresa, 1966- aut... Mystery
Three Treats Too Many (24 Sep 2020) Goldstein, Debra H., author. Mystery
15 Minutes Of Flame (24 Sep 2020) Brecher, Christin, author. Mystery
Knit Of The Living Dead (24 Sep 2020) Ehrhart, Peggy, author. Mystery
Digging Up The Remains (24 Sep 2020) Henry, Julia, 1962- author. Mystery
Eat, Drink, And Be Wary (24 Sep 2020) Delaney, Devon, author. Mystery
Murder, Take Two (24 Sep 2020) Perry, Carol J., author. Mystery
Goodnight Moo (24 Sep 2020) Bryan, Mollie Cox, 1963- aut... Mystery
Dough Or Die (24 Sep 2020) Archer, Winnie, author. Mystery
Gourd To Death (24 Sep 2020) Weiss, Kirsten, 1968- author... Paperback
Murder By Milk Bottle (21 Sep 2020) Truss, Lynne Mystery
Mimi Lee Reads Between The... (21 Sep 2020) MIMI LEE READS BETWEEN THE LINES Chow, Jennifer J., author. Mystery
The Best American Mystery... (21 Sep 2020) THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES 2020 Box, C. J. (EDT)/ Penzler, O... Mystery
Little Bookshop Of Murder (21 Sep 2020) Blackburn, Maggie Mystery
Without A Brew (21 Sep 2020) Alexander, Ellie, author. Mystery
Love & Other Crimes :... (21 Sep 2020) Love & other crimes : stories Paretsky, Sara, author. Large Type
The Key Lime Crime (18 Sep 2020) Burdette, Lucy, author. Mystery
Boston Scream Murder (18 Sep 2020) Bolton, Ginger, author. Mystery
The Killings At Kingfisher... (17 Sep 2020) The killings at Kingfisher Hill : the new Hercule Poirot mystery Hannah, Sophie, 1971- author... Large Type
Tea & Treachery (17 Sep 2020) Delany, Vicki, 1951- author. Mystery
The Thursday Murder Club (16 Sep 2020) Osman, Richard, 1970- author... Mystery
The Killings At Kingfisher... (16 Sep 2020) The killings at Kingfisher Hill : the new Hercule Poirot mystery Hannah, Sophie, 1971- author... Mystery
Next To Last Stand (16 Sep 2020) Johnson, Craig, 1961- author... Mystery
To Fetch A Felon (15 Sep 2020) Hawkins, Jennifer Mystery
A Wicked Yarn (15 Sep 2020) Caldwell, Emmie Mystery
Haunted Hibiscus (15 Sep 2020) Childs, Laura Mystery
The Diamond Deception (15 Sep 2020) Whiting, J. A., author. Mystery
Ghost In The Gallery (15 Sep 2020) Daley, Kathi, author. Mystery
Silent Voices (14 Sep 2020) Cleeves, Ann Mystery
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