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TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
The Secrets Of Winter : A... (07 Aug 2020) THE SECRETS OF WINTER : A Josephine Tey Mystery Upson, Nicola Mystery
The Shapeshifter's Lair (07 Aug 2020) Tremayne, Peter Mystery
Lineage Most Lethal (07 Aug 2020) Perkins, S. C. (Stephanie C.... Mystery
A Royal Affair (07 Aug 2020) Montclair, Allison, author. Mystery
Still Life (07 Aug 2020) McDermid, Val, author. Mystery
Sherlock Holmes And The... (07 Aug 2020) SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CHRISTMAS DEMON Lovegrove, James Mystery
False Conclusion (07 Aug 2020) Heley, Veronica Mystery
A Garland Of Bones (07 Aug 2020) Haines, Carolyn, author. Mystery
Point Of Danger (07 Aug 2020) Hannon, Irene, author. Mystery
A Lady's Guide To Mischief... (07 Aug 2020) A LADY'S GUIDE TO MISCHIEF AND MURDER Freeman, Dianne, 1958- autho... Mystery
Cut To The Bone (07 Aug 2020) Cooper, Ellison, author. Mystery
The Mockingbird's Song (07 Aug 2020) Brunstetter, Wanda E., autho... Mystery
Murder Is In The Air (07 Aug 2020) Brody, Frances Mystery
Snow (07 Aug 2020) SNOW Banville, John Mystery
A Private Cathedral (07 Aug 2020) Burke, James Lee, 1936- auth... Mystery
Borrowed Time (06 Aug 2020) Craig, Elizabeth Spann, 1971... Mystery
The Falcon Always Wings... (06 Aug 2020) The falcon always wings twice Andrews, Donna, author. Mystery
Witches And Wedding Cake (06 Aug 2020) Cates, Bailey, author. Mystery
The Evil Men Do (06 Aug 2020) McMahon, John, 1970- author. Large Type
I Hunt Killers (05 Aug 2020) Lyga, Barry, author. Mystery
Chasing Starlight (05 Aug 2020) Black, Teri Bailey Mystery
Ghost Wood Song (05 Aug 2020) Waters, Erica, author. Mystery
Irish Parade Murder (04 Aug 2020) Meier, Leslie Mystery
Deadly Curious (04 Aug 2020) Anstey, Cindy, author. Mystery
A Murderous Misconception (04 Aug 2020) Bartlett, L. L. (Lorraine L.... Mystery
Anchored Inn (04 Aug 2020) MacInerney, Karen, 1970- aut... Mystery
Overdue (04 Aug 2020) Overdue Craig, Elizabeth Spann, 1971... Mystery
Killer Ending (04 Aug 2020) MacInerney, Karen, 1970- aut... Mystery
Death By Chocolate Frosted... (04 Aug 2020) Death by chocolate frosted doughnut Graves, Sarah, 1951- author. Large Type
Choppy Water (04 Aug 2020) Woods, Stuart, author. Mystery
The Girl In The White Van (04 Aug 2020) Henry, April, author. Mystery
The Shooting At Cha?teau... (03 Aug 2020) The shooting at Cha?teau Rock Walker, Martin, 1947 January... Mystery
Westside Saints : A Novel (03 Aug 2020) Akers, W. M., author. Mystery
The Indigo Ghosts (03 Aug 2020) Clare, Alys, author. Mystery
The Mountains Wild (03 Aug 2020) Taylor, Sarah Stewart, autho... Mystery
The Art Of Deception : A... (03 Aug 2020) The art of deception : a daughter of Sherlock Holmes mystery Goldberg, Leonard S., author... Mystery
A Fatal Fiction (03 Aug 2020) Dunnett, Kaitlyn, author. Mystery
The Red Right Hand (31 Jul 2020) Rogers, Joel Townsley/ Lansd... Mystery
Of Mutts And Men (31 Jul 2020) Quinn, Spencer, author. Mystery
The Eighth Detective : A... (31 Jul 2020) THE EIGHTH DETECTIVE : a novel Pavesi, Alex, author. Mystery
The Readers' Room (31 Jul 2020) Laurain, Antoine/ Boyce, Emi... Mystery
Booked For Death (31 Jul 2020) Gilbert, Victoria, author. Mystery
The Grove Of The Caesars (31 Jul 2020) Davis, Lindsey, author. Mystery
Cruel Acts (31 Jul 2020) Casey, Jane Mystery
One Last Lie (31 Jul 2020) Doiron, Paul, author. Mystery
All The Broken People : A... (31 Jul 2020) All the broken people : a novel Konen, Leah, author. Mystery
Pawsitively Secretive (31 Jul 2020) Jackson, Melissa Erin Mystery
Pawsitively Poisonous (31 Jul 2020) Jackson, Melissa Erin Mystery
Pawsitively Cursed (31 Jul 2020) Jackson, Melissa Erin Mystery
The Manifestations Of... (31 Jul 2020) THE MANIFESTATIONS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES Lovegrove, James Mystery
All We Buried : A Sheriff... (30 Jul 2020) All we buried : a Sheriff Bet Rivers mystery Taylor, Elena, author. Mystery
The Body In The Garden (30 Jul 2020) Schellman, Katharine, author... Mystery
Dangerous Pursuits (30 Jul 2020) Bannister, Jo, author. Mystery
Death Comes To Durham (30 Jul 2020) Dams, Jeanne M., author. Mystery
Once You Go This Far (30 Jul 2020) Lepionka, Kristen, author. Mystery
The Clutter Corpse (30 Jul 2020) Brett, Simon, author. Mystery
Read Or Alive (30 Jul 2020) Page, Nora, author. Mystery
Love & Other Crimes :... (29 Jul 2020) Love & other crimes : stories Paretsky, Sara, author. Mystery
Murder In Chianti (29 Jul 2020) Trinchieri, Camilla, author. Mystery
Sugar And Vice (29 Jul 2020) Calder, Eve, author. Mystery
Death By Auction (29 Jul 2020) Morgan, Alexis, author. Mystery
A Call For Kelp (29 Jul 2020) Baker, Bree, author. Mystery
Pulp Friction (29 Jul 2020) Lindsey, Julie Anne, author. Mystery
Murder With Clotted Cream (29 Jul 2020) Smith, Karen Rose, author. Mystery
Mrs. Morris And The Witch (29 Jul 2020) Wilton, Traci, author. Mystery
Murder In Galway (29 Jul 2020) O'Connor, Carlene, author. Mystery
Murder Can Confuse Your... (29 Jul 2020) Murder can confuse your chihuahua Pressey, Rose, author. Mystery
The Scent Of Danger (29 Jul 2020) Buckley, Fiona, author. Mystery
The Haunted Lady (29 Jul 2020) Rinehart, Mary Roberts, 1876... Mystery
The Divinities : A Crane And... (29 Jul 2020) The divinities : a Crane and Drake novel Bilal, Parker, 1960- author. Mystery
Hostage To Fortune: A Tea... (28 Jul 2020) HOSTAGE TO FORTUNE: A Tea and Tarot Cozy Mystery Weiss, Kirsten Mystery
Strawberry Creams And Death:... (28 Jul 2020) STRAWBERRY CREAMS AND DEATH: A Pumpkin Hollow Mystery Suzette, Kathleen Mystery
The Haunted Hotel (28 Jul 2020) Whiting, J A Mystery
A Fatal New Year (28 Jul 2020) Whiting, J A Mystery
Silver Linings (28 Jul 2020) Whiting, J A Mystery
Blood Moon (28 Jul 2020) Whiting, J A Mystery
The Jade Dagger (28 Jul 2020) Whiting, J A Mystery
Sunsets, Sabbatical, And... (28 Jul 2020) SUNSETS, SABBATICAL, AND SCANDAL Kappes, Tonya, author. Mystery
A Ghostly Suspect (28 Jul 2020) Kappes, Tonya, author. Mystery
Tents, Trails, And Turmoil (28 Jul 2020) Kappes, Tonya, author. Mystery
Fair Game (28 Jul 2020) Geisel, Scott. Mystery
All She Wrote (28 Jul 2020) Kappes, Tonya, author. Mystery
Return To Sender (28 Jul 2020) Kappes, Tonya, author. Mystery
The Last Mrs. Summers (28 Jul 2020) Bowen, Rhys, author. Mystery
Frozen Beauty (28 Jul 2020) Hillyer, Lexa, author. Mystery
The Thursday Murder Club (24 Jul 2020) Osman, Richard, 1970- author... Mystery
Next To Last Stand (24 Jul 2020) Johnson, Craig, 1961- author... Mystery
From The Grave (24 Jul 2020) Housewright, David, 1955- au... Mystery
The Killings At Kingfisher... (24 Jul 2020) THE KILLINGS AT KINGFISHER HILL Hannah, Sophie Mystery
The Killings At Kingfisher... (24 Jul 2020) THE KILLINGS AT KINGFISHER HILL Hannah, Sophie Large Type
Troubled Blood (24 Jul 2020) Galbraith, Robert Mystery
Troubled Blood (24 Jul 2020) Galbraith, Robert Large Type
Mrs. Morris And The Ghost Of... (24 Jul 2020) MRS. MORRIS AND THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST Wilton, Traci Mystery
Gourd To Death (24 Jul 2020) Weiss, Kirsten Mystery
The Corpse Who Knew Too Much (24 Jul 2020) Sennefelder, Debra Mystery
Varnished Without A Trace (24 Jul 2020) Simon, Misty Mystery
Murder, Take Two (24 Jul 2020) Perry, Carol J. Mystery
Death On The Green (24 Jul 2020) Murphy, Catie Mystery
Mistletoe, Moussaka, And... (24 Jul 2020) MISTLETOE, MOUSSAKA, AND MURDER Kashian, Tina Mystery
Murder At The Pta (24 Jul 2020) Hollis, Lee Mystery
Digging Up The Remains (24 Jul 2020) Henry, Julia Mystery
Three Treats Too Many (24 Jul 2020) Goldstein, Debra H. Mystery
Knit Of The Living Dead (24 Jul 2020) Ehrhart, Peggy Mystery
Eat, Drink And Be Wary (24 Jul 2020) Delaney, Devon Mystery
Death Of A Telenovela Star (24 Jul 2020) Dovalpage, Teresa, 1966- aut... Mystery
Candy Slain Murder (24 Jul 2020) Day, Maddie Mystery
Goodnight Moo (24 Jul 2020) Bryan, Mollie Cox Mystery
Veiled In Death (24 Jul 2020) Blackmoore, Stephanie Mystery
15 Minutes Of Flame (24 Jul 2020) Brecher, Christin Mystery
Dough Or Die (24 Jul 2020) Archer, Winnie Mystery
Perils And Lace: A Ghostly... (24 Jul 2020) PERILS AND LACE: A GHOSTLY FASHIONISTA MYSTERY Leeson, Gayle Mystery
The Bramble And The Rose (23 Jul 2020) Bouman, Tom, author. Mystery
Within Plain Sight (23 Jul 2020) Coffin, Bruce Robert, author... Mystery
Southern Sass And A Crispy... (23 Jul 2020) Southern sass and a crispy corpse Young, Kate (Mystery writer)... Mystery
Nacho Average Murder (23 Jul 2020) Day, Maddie, author. Mystery
Jane Darrowfield,... (23 Jul 2020) Jane Darrowfield, professional busybody Ross, Barbara, 1953- author. Mystery
Murder In The Storybook... (23 Jul 2020) Murder in the storybook cottage Adams, Ellery, author. Mystery
Marshmallow Malice (23 Jul 2020) Flower, Amanda, author. Mystery
Death On Windmill Way (23 Jul 2020) Doyle, Carrie, 1972- author. Mystery
Witch Hunt (23 Jul 2020) Conte, Cate, author. Mystery
Nothing Bundt Trouble (23 Jul 2020) Alexander, Ellie, author. Mystery
Still Knife Painting (22 Jul 2020) Hollon, Cheryl, author. Mystery
Girl, Unframed (22 Jul 2020) Caletti, Deb, author. Mystery
Topsail Sundays (22 Jul 2020) Daley, Kathi, author. Mystery
Campfire Secrets (22 Jul 2020) Daley, Kathi, author. Mystery
Gossip In The Garden (22 Jul 2020) Daley, Kathi, author. Mystery
Summerhouse Reunion (22 Jul 2020) Daley, Kathi, author. Mystery
11 Bodies Moving On : A Body... (22 Jul 2020) 11 bodies moving on : a Body movers novel Bond, Stephanie, author. Mystery
Sinfully Delicious : A Two... (21 Jul 2020) Sinfully delicious : a two broomsticks Gas & Grill witch cozy mystery Lee, Amanda M., author. Mystery
Gone Girl : A Novel (20 Jul 2020) Flynn, Gillian, 1971- author... Mystery
Handbook For Homicide (20 Jul 2020) Barrett, Lorna, author. Mystery
Dark August : A Novel (17 Jul 2020) Tallo, Katie, author. Mystery
Comanche (17 Jul 2020) COMANCHE Riley, Brett Mystery
Murder In Waiting (17 Jul 2020) Cahoon, Lynn Mystery
The Secret Of Logan Pond (17 Jul 2020) Daley, Kathi, author. Mystery
Overdue To Die (17 Jul 2020) Whiting, J. A., author. Mystery
Dust (16 Jul 2020) Dust McMan, Ann, author. Mystery
Whisked Warnings (16 Jul 2020) Beck, Jessica, author. Mystery
Donut Despair (16 Jul 2020) Beck, Jessica, author. Mystery
Rigged Rising (16 Jul 2020) Beck, Jessica, author. Mystery
Galileo : An Evan Reed... (16 Jul 2020) Galileo : an Evan Reed mystery McMan, Ann, author. Mystery
Strange Currents (16 Jul 2020) Bruce, J.C., author. Mystery
The Strange Files (16 Jul 2020) Bruce, J.C., author. Mystery
Florida Man (16 Jul 2020) Bruce, J.C., author. Mystery
Get Strange (16 Jul 2020) Bruce, J.C., author. Mystery
Serpentine: An Alex Delaware... (16 Jul 2020) SERPENTINE: AN ALEX DELAWARE NOVEL Kellerman, Jonathan Mystery
Murder In The Margins (16 Jul 2020) Loudon, Margaret Mystery
Death Of A Wandering Wolf (15 Jul 2020) Buckley, Julia, 1964- author... Mystery
The Last Curtain Call (15 Jul 2020) Blackwell, Juliet, author. Mystery
Half Moon Bay : A Novel (14 Jul 2020) Kellerman, Jonathan, author. Mystery
The Mist (14 Jul 2020) Ragnar Jo?nasson, 1976- auth... Mystery
Game Of Dog Bones (14 Jul 2020) Berenson, Laurien, author. Mystery
The Distant Dead : A Novel (10 Jul 2020) Young, Heather, author. Mystery
The Inugami Curse (10 Jul 2020) Yokomizo, Seishi/ Yamakazi, ... Mystery
The Honjin Murders (10 Jul 2020) Yokomizo, Seishi/ Kawai, Lou... Mystery
Love & Other Crimes :... (10 Jul 2020) LOVE & OTHER CRIMES : Stories Paretsky, Sara Large Type
Dead-end Detective : A Piper... (10 Jul 2020) DEAD-END DETECTIVE : A Piper and Porter Mystery from Hallmark Publishing Flower, Amanda Mystery
Tea & Treachery (10 Jul 2020) Delany, Vicki, 1951- author. Mystery
The Sullivan Sisters (10 Jul 2020) Ormsbee, Kathryn, author. Mystery
The Pomeranian Always Barks... (10 Jul 2020) The Pomeranian always barks twice Erickson, Alex, author. Mystery
A Fatal Yarn (10 Jul 2020) Ehrhart, Peggy, author. Mystery
Death Of A Blueberry Tart (10 Jul 2020) Hollis, Lee, author. Mystery
The King's Evil (09 Jul 2020) Taylor, Andrew, 1951 October... Mystery
Muzzled (09 Jul 2020) Muzzled Rosenfelt, David, author. Mystery
Death In Avignon (09 Jul 2020) Kent, Serena, author. Mystery
Castle Skull : A Rhineland... (08 Jul 2020) Castle Skull : a Rhineland mystery Carr, John Dickson, 1906-197... Mystery
Death On Tuckernuck (08 Jul 2020) Mathews, Francine, author. Mystery
The Girl With No Name (08 Jul 2020) Regan, Lisa (Lisa L.), autho... Mystery
Dead In The Doorway (08 Jul 2020) Kelly, Diane, author. Mystery
A Child Lost (08 Jul 2020) Cox, Michelle (Historical fi... Mystery
Murder On Pleasant Avenue (07 Jul 2020) Thompson, Victoria (Victoria... Mystery
The Talented Mr. Varg (07 Jul 2020) McCall Smith, Alexander, 194... Large Type
The Talented Mr. Varg (07 Jul 2020) McCall Smith, Alexander, 194... Mystery
The Stolen Gold Affair (07 Jul 2020) Pronzini, Bill, author. Mystery
The Stolen Gold Affair (07 Jul 2020) Pronzini, Bill, author. Large Type
A Bad Day For Sunshine (07 Jul 2020) Jones, Darynda, author. Large Type
Hit List (06 Jul 2020) Woods, Stuart, author. Large Type
Running Out Of Road (06 Jul 2020) Friedman, Daniel, 1981- auth... Mystery
The Geometry Of Holding... (02 Jul 2020) THE GEOMETRY OF HOLDING HANDS McCall Smith, Alexander, 194... Mystery
In A Midnight Wood / A Jane... (02 Jul 2020) IN A MIDNIGHT WOOD / A Jane Lawless Mystery Hart, Ellen, author. Mystery
Mums And Mayhem (02 Jul 2020) Flower, Amanda Mystery
Murder In The East End (02 Jul 2020) Ashley, Jennifer, author. Mystery
A Spell For Trouble (02 Jul 2020) Addison, Esme Mystery
Girl Can't Help It (02 Jul 2020) Collins, Max Allan, author. Mystery
The Evil Men Do (02 Jul 2020) McMahon, John, 1970- author. Mystery
A Good Marriage : A Novel (02 Jul 2020) McCreight, Kimberly, author. Mystery
A Deadly Inside Scoop (02 Jul 2020) Collette, Abby, author. Mystery
Secrets On Nipmuc Hill (02 Jul 2020) Whiting, J. A., author. Mystery
Death Of An American Beauty (02 Jul 2020) Fredericks, Mariah, author. Mystery
The Secrets They Left Behind... (02 Jul 2020) The secrets they left behind : a mystery Redmond, Lissa Marie, author... Mystery
Deadly Anniversaries :... (02 Jul 2020) Deadly anniversaries : celebrating 75 years of Mystery Writers of America Mystery
Dead On The Vine (02 Jul 2020) White, Elle Brooke, author. Mystery
The Diva Spices It Up (01 Jul 2020) Davis, Krista, author. Mystery
Diver's Paradise (01 Jul 2020) Goodwin, Davin, author. Mystery
The Murder Of Twelve (01 Jul 2020) Fletcher, Jessica, author. Mystery
Proof Of Murder (01 Jul 2020) Elliott, Lauren, author. Mystery
The Misadventures Of Nero... (01 Jul 2020) The misadventures of Nero Wolfe : parodies and pastiches featuring the great detective of West 35th Street Mystery
A Conspiracy Of Bones (01 Jul 2020) Reichs, Kathy, author. Large Type
The Silence Of Bones (30 Jun 2020) Hur, June, author. Mystery
All The Pretty Things (30 Jun 2020) Arsenault, Emily, author. Mystery
It Walks By Night (30 Jun 2020) Carr, John Dickson, 1906-197... Mystery
Remain Silent (30 Jun 2020) Steiner, Susie, 1971- author... Mystery
The Starr Sting Scale (30 Jun 2020) O'Cinneide, C. S., 1965- aut... Mystery
Rigged : A Jake Longly... (30 Jun 2020) Rigged : a Jake Longly thriller Lyle, D. P., author. Mystery
The Secrets Of Bones (30 Jun 2020) Logan, Kylie, author. Mystery
Dead Land (30 Jun 2020) Paretsky, Sara, author. Large Type
The Stolen Letter (30 Jun 2020) Shelton, Paige, author. Mystery
Dead Land (30 Jun 2020) Paretsky, Sara, author. Mystery
And The Killer Is ... (30 Jun 2020) McKevett, G. A., author. Mystery
Antiques Fire Sale (30 Jun 2020) Allan, Barbara, author. Mystery
A Stroke Of Malice (30 Jun 2020) Huber, Anna Lee, author. Mystery
Death In Fancy Dress (30 Jun 2020) Gilbert, Anthony, 1899-1973,... Mystery
Kill The King : A Novel (30 Jun 2020) Dazieri, Sandrone, 1964- aut... Mystery
The Delightful Life Of A... (30 Jun 2020) The delightful life of a suicide pilot Cotterill, Colin, author. Mystery
The Grim Reader (30 Jun 2020) Carlisle, Kate, 1951- author... Mystery
The Boy In The Red Dress (30 Jun 2020) Lambert, Kristin, author. Mystery
Hunting November (30 Jun 2020) Mather, Adriana, author. Mystery
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