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TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
Sherlock Holmes & The Beast... (22 Jan 2021) Sherlock Holmes & the beast of the Stapletons Lovegrove, James, author. Mystery
Robert B. Parker's Someone... (21 Jan 2021) Robert B. Parker's Someone to watch over me Atkins, Ace, author. Mystery
Spin (21 Jan 2021) Spin Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, ... Mystery
The Wicked Hour : A Natalie... (21 Jan 2021) The wicked hour : a Natalie Lockhart novel Blanchard, Alice, author. Mystery
Germania : A Novel Of Nazi... (21 Jan 2021) Germania : a novel of Nazi Berlin Gilbers, Harald, 1969- autho... Mystery
Grounds For Murder : A... (21 Jan 2021) Grounds for murder : a coffee lover's mystery Lush, Tara, author. Mystery
A Deadly Edition (21 Jan 2021) Gilbert, Victoria, author. Mystery
The Demon Of Dakar (20 Jan 2021) Eriksson, Kjell, 1953- autho... Mystery
The Princess Of Burundi (20 Jan 2021) Eriksson, Kjell, 1953- autho... Mystery
The Pecan Springs Enterprise... (20 Jan 2021) The Pecan Springs enterprise trilogy : Deadlines, Fault lines, Fire lines Albert, Susan Wittig, author... Mystery
Mrs. Morris And The... (15 Jan 2021) MRS. MORRIS AND THE SORCERESS Wilton, Traci Mystery
Shucked Apart (15 Jan 2021) Ross, Barbara Mystery
A Side Of Murder (15 Jan 2021) Pershing, Amy Mystery
Murder With A View (15 Jan 2021) Kelly, Diane Mystery
Death At The Salon (15 Jan 2021) Innes, Louise R. Mystery
Murder At The Beacon... (15 Jan 2021) MURDER AT THE BEACON BAKESHOP Hannah, Darci Mystery
Hop 'til You Drop (15 Jan 2021) Griffin, J. M. Mystery
Farm To Trouble (15 Jan 2021) Flower, Amanda, author. Mystery
Under The Cover Of Murder (15 Jan 2021) Elliott, Lauren Mystery
Long Island Iced Tina (15 Jan 2021) Dirico, Maria Mystery
Knitty Gritty Murder (15 Jan 2021) Ehrhart, Peggy Mystery
Death Bee Comes Her (15 Jan 2021) Coco, Nancy, author. Mystery
A Tourist's Guide To Murder (15 Jan 2021) Burns, V. M. Mystery
The Cipher (15 Jan 2021) Maldonado, Isabella, 1965- a... Mystery
Deadly Cry (14 Jan 2021) Marsons, Angela, author. Mystery
A Murder Between The Pages (14 Jan 2021) Lillard, Amy, author. Mystery
Death On West End Road (14 Jan 2021) Doyle, Carrie, 1972- author. Mystery
Sit, Stay, Slay (14 Jan 2021) Burns, V. M. Mystery
Killer Comfort Food (14 Jan 2021) Cahoon, Lynn Mystery
Deep Fried Revenge (14 Jan 2021) Cahoon, Lynn Mystery
Bookmarked For Murder (14 Jan 2021) Burns, V. M. Mystery
Ropes, Riddles, & Robberies (12 Jan 2021) Kappes, Tonya Mystery
Sweet Violet's Ghost (12 Jan 2021) Whiting, J A Mystery
How To Raise An Elephant (12 Jan 2021) McCall Smith, Alexander, 194... Mystery
The Darling Dahlias And The... (12 Jan 2021) THE DARLING DAHLIAS AND THE VOODOO LILY Albert, Susan Wittig, author... Mystery
Dead Broke (12 Jan 2021) Chapman, Vannetta, author. Mystery
Battered Bluff (12 Jan 2021) Beck, Jessica, author. Mystery
Transient Desires (08 Jan 2021) Leon, Donna, author. Mystery
The House On Widows Hill (08 Jan 2021) Green, Simon R. Mystery
Tell No Lies (08 Jan 2021) Brennan, Allison Mystery
Hush-hush (08 Jan 2021) Hush-hush Woods, Stuart, author. Mystery
Lazarus (08 Jan 2021) Lazarus Kepler, Lars, author. Mystery
Midwinter Murder : Fireside... (08 Jan 2021) Midwinter murder : fireside tales from the queen of mystery Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976,... Mystery
Berried Motives (06 Jan 2021) Cochran, Peg, author. Mystery
Robert B. Parker's Payback (04 Jan 2021) Lupica, Mike Mystery
Phantoms And Felonies (04 Jan 2021) Ness, Lucy Mystery
Checking Out Crime (04 Jan 2021) Cass, Laurie Mystery
Big Little Spies (04 Jan 2021) Davis, Krista Mystery
The Holiday Slay (17 Dec 2020) Whiting, J. A., author. Mystery
A Silver Christmas (17 Dec 2020) Whiting, J. A., author. Mystery
A Dream Within A Dream (17 Dec 2020) Nappa, Mike, 1963- author. Mystery
Sherlock Holmes & The... (17 Dec 2020) Sherlock Holmes & the Christmas Demon Lovegrove, James, author. Mystery
Eggnog, Extortion &... (17 Dec 2020) Eggnog, extortion & evergreens Kappes, Tonya, author. Mystery
Double Jeopardy (16 Dec 2020) Woods, Stuart Large Type
The Consequences Of Fear : A... (16 Dec 2020) THE CONSEQUENCES OF FEAR : A Maisie Dobbs Novel Winspear, Jacqueline Large Type
Silent Bite (16 Dec 2020) Rosenfelt, David Large Type
Muzzled (16 Dec 2020) MUZZLED Rosenfelt, David Large Type
Dachshund Through The Snow (16 Dec 2020) Rosenfelt, David, author. Large Type
The Jigsaw Man (16 Dec 2020) Matheson, Nadine Mystery
The Gift Of The Magpie (16 Dec 2020) Andrews, Donna Large Type
Hidden In Plain Sight (16 Dec 2020) Archer, Jeffrey Large Type
The Falcon Always Wings... (16 Dec 2020) THE FALCON ALWAYS WINGS TWICE : a Meg Langslow mystery Andrews, Donna, author. Large Type
The Crystal Cave Trilogy (16 Dec 2020) Albert, Susan Wittig Large Type
Cookies In The Cottage (15 Dec 2020) Daley, Kathi Mystery
Her Mother's Grave (15 Dec 2020) Regan, Lisa (Lisa L.), autho... Mystery
Without A Brew (15 Dec 2020) Alexander, Ellie, author. Mystery
Little Bookshop Of Murder (15 Dec 2020) Blackburn, Maggie, author. Mystery
Mimi Lee Reads Between The... (15 Dec 2020) Mimi Lee reads between the lines Chow, Jennifer J., author. Mystery
Fishing For Trouble (15 Dec 2020) Logan, Elizabeth, 1937- auth... Mystery
Broadcast 4 Murder (15 Dec 2020) Eaton, J. C. (Joint pseudony... Mystery
Death By French Roast (15 Dec 2020) Erickson, Alex, author. Mystery
A Brushstroke With Death (15 Dec 2020) Blake, Bethany, author. Mystery
Christmas Shorts 2020 (15 Dec 2020) Daley, Kathi Mystery
Red Roses (15 Dec 2020) Whiting, J A Mystery
England's Finest (15 Dec 2020) Fowler, Christopher. Mystery
Danger In The Rain (14 Dec 2020) Boatman, Douglas, author. Mystery
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