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TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
Fatal Identity (04 Aug 2020) Bailey, Jodie Large Type
Hunted For Christmas (04 Aug 2020) Nelson, Jill Elizabeth Large Type
Covert Amish Christmas (04 Aug 2020) Alford, Mary Large Type
Delayed Justice (04 Aug 2020) McCoy, Shirlee Large Type
Their Royal Baby Gift... (04 Aug 2020) THEIR ROYAL BABY GIFT (ORIGINAL) Shepherd, Kandy Large Type
Snowbound At The Manor... (04 Aug 2020) SNOWBOUND AT THE MANOR (ORIGINAL) Darkins, Ellie Large Type
His Princess By Christmas... (04 Aug 2020) HIS PRINCESS BY CHRISTMAS (ORIGINAL) Beharrie, Therese Large Type
Her Inconvenient Christmas... (04 Aug 2020) HER INCONVENIENT CHRISTMAS REUNION (ORIGINAL) Singh, Nina Large Type
Mistletoe Cowboy: A Clean... (04 Aug 2020) MISTLETOE COWBOY: A CLEAN ROMANCE Riker, Leigh Large Type
Montana Match: A Clean... (04 Aug 2020) MONTANA MATCH: A CLEAN ROMANCE Ross, Carol Large Type
An Alaskan Family Christmas:... (04 Aug 2020) AN ALASKAN FAMILY CHRISTMAS: A CLEAN ROMANCE Carpenter, Beth Large Type
The Cowboy's Holiday Bride:... (04 Aug 2020) THE COWBOY'S HOLIDAY BRIDE: A CLEAN ROMANCE McDavid, Cathy Large Type
The Maid's Best Kept Secret (04 Aug 2020) Green, Abby, author. Large Type
The Sheikh's Royal... (04 Aug 2020) The sheikh's royal announcement Kendrick, Sharon, author. Large Type
The Terms Of The Sicilian's... (04 Aug 2020) The terms of the Sicilian's marriage Fuller, Louise (Romance auth... Large Type
Claiming His Out-of-bounds... (04 Aug 2020) Claiming his out-of-bounds bride West, Annie (Romantic fictio... Large Type
Italy's Most Scandalous... (04 Aug 2020) Italy's most scandalous virgin Marinelli, Carol, author. Large Type
Rumors Behind The Greek's... (04 Aug 2020) Rumors behind the Greek's wedding Roscoe, Pippa, author. Large Type
The Price Of A Dangerous... (04 Aug 2020) The price of a dangerous passion Porter, Jane, 1964- author. Large Type
Promoted To His Princess (04 Aug 2020) Ashenden, Jackie, author. Large Type
Death By Chocolate Frosted... (04 Aug 2020) Death by chocolate frosted doughnut Graves, Sarah, 1951- author. Large Type
Hush (03 Aug 2020) Hush Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Large Type
The End Of Her (31 Jul 2020) Lapen?a, Shari, 1960- author... Large Type
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne... (31 Jul 2020) ROBERT LUDLUM'S THE BOURNE EVOLUTION Freeman, Brian Large Type
The 20th Victim (31 Jul 2020) Patterson, James Large Type
Friends And Strangers (30 Jul 2020) Sullivan, J. Courtney, autho... Large Type
The Protective One (30 Jul 2020) Gray, Shelley Shepard, autho... Large Type
Fling With Her Hot-shot... (30 Jul 2020) Fling with her hot-shot consultant Hardy, Kate, 1966- author. Large Type
Surviving Autocracy (29 Jul 2020) Gessen, Masha, author. Large Type
The Splendid And The Vile :... (28 Jul 2020) The splendid and the vile : a saga of Churchill, family, and defiance during the Blitz Larson, Erik, 1954- author. Large Type
To Tell You The Truth (24 Jul 2020) Macmillan, Gilly Large Type
The Killings At Kingfisher... (24 Jul 2020) THE KILLINGS AT KINGFISHER HILL Hannah, Sophie Large Type
Troubled Blood (24 Jul 2020) Galbraith, Robert Large Type
The Butterfly Lampshade (24 Jul 2020) Bender, Aimee Large Type
Her Surprise Engagement (24 Jul 2020) Webb, Cari Lynn, author. Large Type
A Father's Promise (23 Jul 2020) Obenhaus, Mindy, author. Large Type
Healed By His Secret Baby (23 Jul 2020) Heaton, Louisa, author. Large Type
The Black Sheep's Salvation (23 Jul 2020) Kastner, Debra, author. Large Type
The Summer House (23 Jul 2020) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Large Type
The Spaniard's Wedding... (22 Jul 2020) The Spaniard's wedding revenge Ashenden, Jackie, author. Large Type
Lost (22 Jul 2020) Lost Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Large Type
Everything Is F*cked : A... (22 Jul 2020) Everything is f*cked : a book about hope Manson, Mark, author. Large Type
Twins For The Rodeo Star (22 Jul 2020) Morris, Julianna, author. Large Type
Montana Homecoming (21 Jul 2020) Watt, Jeannie, author. Large Type
How We Fight For Our Lives :... (20 Jul 2020) How we fight for our lives : a memoir Jones, Saeed, author. Large Type
The Coast-to-coast Murders (17 Jul 2020) Patterson, James/ Barker, J.... Large Type
Unlocking The Tycoon's Heart (16 Jul 2020) Hayes, Ella, author. Large Type
The Single Dad's Holiday... (16 Jul 2020) THE SINGLE DAD'S HOLIDAY WISH Carlisle, Susan Large Type
A Reunion, A Wedding, A... (16 Jul 2020) A REUNION, A WEDDING, A FAMILY Ruttan, Amy Large Type
Neurosurgeon's Christmas To... (16 Jul 2020) NEUROSURGEON'S CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER Douglass, Traci Large Type
It Started With A Winter... (16 Jul 2020) IT STARTED WITH A WINTER KISS Beckett, Tina Large Type
Falling For The Secret... (16 Jul 2020) FALLING FOR THE SECRET PRINCE Roberts, Alison Large Type
The Best Man And The... (16 Jul 2020) THE BEST MAN AND THE BRIDESMAID Claydon, Annie Large Type
Cinderella's New York Fling (15 Jul 2020) Colter, Cara, author. Large Type
Brooding Rebel To Baby Daddy (15 Jul 2020) Blake, Ally, author. Large Type
Safe : A Novel (15 Jul 2020) Barnett, S. K., 1954- author... Large Type
The Cowboy's Secret Baby (15 Jul 2020) Riker, Leigh, author. Large Type
Bound By The Prince's Baby (14 Jul 2020) Gilmore, Jessica, author. Large Type
Camino Winds (14 Jul 2020) Grisham, John, author. Large Type
The Lies That Bind (14 Jul 2020) Giffin, Emily, author. Large Type
Love & Other Crimes :... (10 Jul 2020) LOVE & OTHER CRIMES : Stories Paretsky, Sara Large Type
The Stone Wall (10 Jul 2020) Lewis, Beverly Large Type
The Trustworthy One (10 Jul 2020) Gray, Shelley Shepard, autho... Large Type
A Week At The Shore (10 Jul 2020) Delinsky, Barbara, author. Large Type
You Are Not Alone (08 Jul 2020) Hendricks, Greer, author. Large Type
One Little Lie (08 Jul 2020) Coble, Colleen, author. Large Type
Sisters By Choice (08 Jul 2020) Mallery, Susan, author. Large Type
Devolution : A Firsthand... (08 Jul 2020) Devolution : a firsthand account of the Rainier Sasquatch massacre Brooks, Max, author. Large Type
The Guest List : A Novel (08 Jul 2020) Foley, Lucy (Novelist), auth... Large Type
To Wake The Giant : A Novel... (08 Jul 2020) To wake the giant : a novel of Pearl Harbor Shaara, Jeff, 1952- author. Large Type
Shakespeare For Squirrels :... (08 Jul 2020) Shakespeare for squirrels : a novel Moore, Christopher, 1957- au... Large Type
A Good Neighborhood (08 Jul 2020) Fowler, Therese, author. Large Type
Have You Seen Me? : A Novel... (08 Jul 2020) Have you seen me? : a novel of suspense White, Kate, 1950- author. Large Type
The 20th Victim (07 Jul 2020) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Large Type
The Talented Mr. Varg (07 Jul 2020) McCall Smith, Alexander, 194... Large Type
The Vanishing Half (07 Jul 2020) Bennett, Brit, author. Large Type
The Stolen Gold Affair (07 Jul 2020) Pronzini, Bill, author. Large Type
A Bad Day For Sunshine (07 Jul 2020) Jones, Darynda, author. Large Type
An Amish Picnic : Four... (07 Jul 2020) An Amish picnic : four stories Large Type
A Beautiful Arrangement (07 Jul 2020) Wiseman, Beth, 1962- author. Large Type
The Vows He Must Keep... (06 Jul 2020) THE VOWS HE MUST KEEP (ORIGINAL) Cinelli, Amanda Large Type
Amish Christmas Search (06 Jul 2020) Giusti, Debby Large Type
Cold Case Pursuit (06 Jul 2020) Mentink, Dana Large Type
His Scandalous Christmas... (06 Jul 2020) HIS SCANDALOUS CHRISTMAS PRINCESS (ORIGINAL) Crews, Caitlin Large Type
Mountain Mistletoe... (06 Jul 2020) MOUNTAIN MISTLETOE CHRISTMAS: A CLEAN ROMANCE Johns, Patricia Large Type
Christmas Babies For The... (06 Jul 2020) CHRISTMAS BABIES FOR THE ITALIAN (ORIGINAL) Graham, Lynne Large Type
The Rules Of His Baby... (06 Jul 2020) THE RULES OF HIS BABY BARGAIN (ORIGINAL) Fuller, Louise Large Type
Playing The Billionaire's... (06 Jul 2020) PLAYING THE BILLIONAIRE'S GAME (ORIGINAL) Roscoe, Pippa Large Type
Innocent In The Sheikh's... (06 Jul 2020) INNOCENT IN THE SHEIKH'S PALACE (ORIGINAL) Collins, Dani Large Type
The Royal Pregnancy Test... (06 Jul 2020) THE ROYAL PREGNANCY TEST (ORIGINAL) Rice, Heidi Large Type
Claiming His Bollywood... (06 Jul 2020) CLAIMING HIS BOLLYWOOD CINDERELLA (ORIGINAL) Pammi, Tara Large Type
Scandal And The Runaway... (06 Jul 2020) SCANDAL AND THE RUNAWAY BRIDE (ORIGINAL) Alward, Donna Large Type
Singapore Fling With The... (06 Jul 2020) SINGAPORE FLING WITH THE MILLIONAIRE (ORIGINAL) Douglas, Michelle Large Type
Christmas Encounter With A... (06 Jul 2020) CHRISTMAS ENCOUNTER WITH A PRINCE (ORIGINAL) Cudmore, Katrina Large Type
Christmas Reunion In Paris... (06 Jul 2020) CHRISTMAS REUNION IN PARIS (ORIGINAL) Fielding, Liz Large Type
Christmas Witness Conspiracy (06 Jul 2020) Black, Maggie K. Large Type
Wilderness Sabotage (06 Jul 2020) Woodhaven, Heather Large Type
Montana Dreams: A Clean... (06 Jul 2020) MONTANA DREAMS: A CLEAN ROMANCE Stewart, Anna J. Large Type
A Ranger For The Twins: A... (06 Jul 2020) A RANGER FOR THE TWINS: A CLEAN ROMANCE Agler, Tanya Large Type
A Hero For The Holidays: A... (06 Jul 2020) A HERO FOR THE HOLIDAYS: A CLEAN ROMANCE Powell, Syndi Large Type
Hit List (06 Jul 2020) Woods, Stuart, author. Large Type
The Glass Hotel (06 Jul 2020) Mandel, Emily St. John, 1979... Large Type
Unyielding Hope (06 Jul 2020) Oke, Janette, 1935- author. Large Type
Royal (02 Jul 2020) ROYAL Steel, Danielle Large Type
1st Case (02 Jul 2020) Patterson, James Large Type
The Midwife Murders (02 Jul 2020) Patterson, James/ Dilallo, R... Large Type
Cajun Justice (02 Jul 2020) Patterson, James/ Axum, Tuck... Large Type
The Exiles (02 Jul 2020) Kline, Christina Baker Large Type
Squeeze Me (02 Jul 2020) Hiaasen, Carl Large Type
Transcendent Kingdom (02 Jul 2020) Gyasi, Yaa Large Type
He Started It (02 Jul 2020) Downing, Samantha, author. Large Type
Playing Nice (02 Jul 2020) Delaney, J. P. Large Type
Sarah And The Single Dad (02 Jul 2020) Anders, Deanne, author. Large Type
Tempted By The Brooding Vet (02 Jul 2020) Rivers, Shelley, author. Large Type
The Last Trial (02 Jul 2020) Turow, Scott, author. Large Type
All Adults Here (02 Jul 2020) Straub, Emma, author. Large Type
I'd Give Anything : A Novel (02 Jul 2020) De los Santos, Marisa, 1966-... Large Type
A Baby To Bind His Innocent (02 Jul 2020) Smart, Michelle, author. Large Type
The Italian In Need Of An... (02 Jul 2020) The Italian in need of an heir Graham, Lynne, 1956- author. Large Type
A Forbidden Night With The... (02 Jul 2020) A forbidden night with the housekeeper Rice, Heidi, author. Large Type
The Book Of Longings (02 Jul 2020) Kidd, Sue Monk, author. Large Type
The Final Deception (01 Jul 2020) Graham, Heather, author. Large Type
Texas Outlaw (01 Jul 2020) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Large Type
Claiming His Unknown Son (01 Jul 2020) Lawrence, Kim, 1938- author. Large Type
Revelations Of His Runaway... (01 Jul 2020) Revelations of his runaway bride Anthony, Kali, author. Large Type
Vows To Save His Crown (01 Jul 2020) Hewitt, Kate, author. Large Type
Her Wedding Night... (01 Jul 2020) Her wedding night negotiation Shaw, Chantelle, author. Large Type
Hired By The Impossible... (01 Jul 2020) Hired by the impossible Greek Connelly, Clare (Romance nov... Large Type
A Conspiracy Of Bones (01 Jul 2020) Reichs, Kathy, author. Large Type
Eagle Station : A Novel (01 Jul 2020) Brown, Dale, 1956- author. Large Type
Rodham : A Novel (30 Jun 2020) Sittenfeld, Curtis, author. Large Type
Dance Away With Me : A Novel (30 Jun 2020) Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, a... Large Type
Forever Hidden (30 Jun 2020) Peterson, Tracie, author. Large Type
Dead Land (30 Jun 2020) Paretsky, Sara, author. Large Type
Redhead By The Side Of The... (30 Jun 2020) Redhead by the side of the road Tyler, Anne, author. Large Type
The Wife Stalker : A Novel (30 Jun 2020) Constantine, Liv, author. Large Type
500 Miles From You : A Novel (30 Jun 2020) Colgan, Jenny, author. Large Type
Charmed By The Cook's Kids (29 Jun 2020) Curtis, Melinda (Romance fic... Large Type
After Sundown : A Novel (24 Jun 2020) Howard, Linda, 1950- author. Large Type
Reunion With His Surgeon... (24 Jun 2020) Reunion with his surgeon princess Baine, Karin, author. Large Type
The Paramedic's Unexpected... (24 Jun 2020) The paramedic's unexpected hero Roberts, Alison, 1956- autho... Large Type
One Hot Night With Dr.... (24 Jun 2020) One hot night with Dr. Cardoza Beckett, Tina, author. Large Type
Reclaiming Her Army Doc... (24 Jun 2020) Reclaiming her army doc husband MacKay, Sue (Susan), author. Large Type
From Hawaii To Forever (24 Jun 2020) Danvers, Julie, author. Large Type
A Rival To Steal Her Heart (24 Jun 2020) Claydon, Annie, author. Large Type
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