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The Brookville Branch Library is temporarily CLOSED and will reopen on Tuesday, November 10, 2020.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The food distribution program will happen, as planned.

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Newly Ordered Items

TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
An Appalachian Summer (30 Oct 2020) Gabhart, Ann H. Large Type
Goodnight Beautiful : A... (30 Oct 2020) Goodnight beautiful : a novel Molloy, Aimee, author. Large Type
Mrs. Lincoln's Sisters : A... (30 Oct 2020) Mrs. Lincoln's sisters : a novel Chiaverini, Jennifer, author... Large Type
Half Moon Bay : A Novel (30 Oct 2020) Kellerman, Jonathan, author. Large Type
Then She Vanished (30 Oct 2020) Parker, T. Jefferson, author... Large Type
Shadows In Death (30 Oct 2020) Robb, J. D., 1950- author. Large Type
Whirlwind (30 Oct 2020) Whirlwind Dailey, Janet, author. Large Type
Jingle All The Way : A Novel (29 Oct 2020) Macomber, Debbie, author. Large Type
Thick As Thieves (28 Oct 2020) Brown, Sandra, 1948- author. Large Type
A Ranger For The Twins (27 Oct 2020) Agler, Tanya, author. Large Type
Cold Case Pursuit (27 Oct 2020) Mentink, Dana, author. Large Type
Amish Christmas Search (27 Oct 2020) Giusti, Debby, author. Large Type
Christmas Encounter With A... (27 Oct 2020) Christmas encounter with a prince Cudmore, Katrina, author. Large Type
Wilderness Sabotage (27 Oct 2020) Woodhaven, Heather, author. Large Type
Christmas Witness Conspiracy (27 Oct 2020) Black, Maggie K., author. Large Type
Choppy Water (26 Oct 2020) Woods, Stuart, author. Large Type
Hush-hush (23 Oct 2020) HUSH-HUSH Woods, Stuart Large Type
Neighbors (23 Oct 2020) NEIGHBORS Steel, Danielle Large Type
Twenty (23 Oct 2020) TWENTY Grippando, James Large Type
The Scorpion's Tail (23 Oct 2020) Child, Lincoln/ Preston, Dou... Large Type
Scandal And The Runaway... (23 Oct 2020) Scandal and the runaway bride Alward, Donna, author. Large Type
Christmas Reunion In Paris (23 Oct 2020) Fielding, Liz, author. Large Type
Singapore Fling With The... (23 Oct 2020) Singapore fling with the millionaire Douglas, Michelle, author. Large Type
A Walk Along The Beach : A... (23 Oct 2020) A walk along the beach : a novel Macomber, Debbie, author. Large Type
Agency (23 Oct 2020) Agency Gibson, William, 1948- autho... Large Type
Squeeze Me (23 Oct 2020) Hiaasen, Carl, author. Large Type
A Time For Mercy (23 Oct 2020) Grisham, John, author. Large Type
A Hero For The Holidays (22 Oct 2020) Powell, Syndi, author. Large Type
Montana Dreams (22 Oct 2020) Stewart, Anna J., author. Large Type
Fearless (21 Oct 2020) Fearless Michaels, Fern, author. Large Type
On The Run (20 Oct 2020) Hansen, Valerie Large Type
Seeking Amish Shelter (20 Oct 2020) Stone, Alison Large Type
Alaska Secrets (20 Oct 2020) Varland, Sarah Large Type
Desert Rescue (20 Oct 2020) Phillips, Lisa Large Type
Wedding Date With The... (20 Oct 2020) WEDDING DATE WITH THE BILLIONAIRE (ORIGINAL) Bolter, Andrea Large Type
A Midnight Kiss To Seal The... (20 Oct 2020) A MIDNIGHT KISS TO SEAL THE DEAL (ORIGINAL) Pembroke, Sophie Large Type
Tempted By The Tycoon's... (20 Oct 2020) TEMPTED BY THE TYCOON'S PROPOSAL (ORIGINAL) Stewart, Rachael Large Type
The Greek's Secret Heir... (20 Oct 2020) THE GREEK'S SECRET HEIR (ORIGINAL) Winters, Rebecca Large Type
Waking Up In His Royal Bed... (20 Oct 2020) WAKING UP IN HIS ROYAL BED (ORIGINAL) Lawrence, Kim Large Type
Returning To Claim His Heir... (20 Oct 2020) RETURNING TO CLAIM HIS HEIR (ORIGINAL) Cinelli, Amanda Large Type
The Man She Should Have... (20 Oct 2020) THE MAN SHE SHOULD HAVE MARRIED (ORIGINAL) Fuller, Louise Large Type
The Playboy Prince Of... (20 Oct 2020) THE PLAYBOY PRINCE OF SCANDAL (ORIGINAL) Stephens, Susan Large Type
Innocent's Desert Wedding... (20 Oct 2020) INNOCENT'S DESERT WEDDING CONTRACT (ORIGINAL) Rice, Heidi Large Type
The Greek's Convenient... (20 Oct 2020) THE GREEK'S CONVENIENT CINDERELLA (ORIGINAL) Graham, Lynne Large Type
After The Billionaire's... (20 Oct 2020) AFTER THE BILLIONAIRE'S WEDDING VOWS... (ORIGINAL) Monroe, Lucy Large Type
Forbidden Hawaiian Nights... (20 Oct 2020) FORBIDDEN HAWAIIAN NIGHTS (ORIGINAL) Williams, Cathy Large Type
Her Hometown Detective: A... (20 Oct 2020) HER HOMETOWN DETECTIVE: A CLEAN ROMANCE Mowers, Elizabeth Large Type
Second Chance Christmas: A... (20 Oct 2020) SECOND CHANCE CHRISTMAS: A CLEAN ROMANCE Sinara, Rula Large Type
The Christmas Promise: A... (20 Oct 2020) THE CHRISTMAS PROMISE: A CLEAN ROMANCE Carter, Janice Large Type
Bride On The Run: A Clean... (20 Oct 2020) BRIDE ON THE RUN: A CLEAN ROMANCE Stewart, Anna J. Large Type
A Surgeon With A Secret (20 Oct 2020) Roberts, Alison Large Type
A Stolen Kiss With The... (20 Oct 2020) A STOLEN KISS WITH THE MIDWIFE Hyland, Juliette Large Type
Reunited With Her Secret... (20 Oct 2020) REUNITED WITH HER SECRET PRINCE Hampton, Susanne Large Type
A Pup To Rescue Their Hearts (20 Oct 2020) Roberts, Alison Large Type
The Doctor's One Night To... (20 Oct 2020) THE DOCTOR'S ONE NIGHT TO REMEMBER Hawkes, Charlotte Large Type
Awakening His Shy Vet (20 Oct 2020) Rivers, Shelley Large Type
A Reasonable Doubt (20 Oct 2020) Margolin, Phillip, author. Large Type
If It Bleeds (20 Oct 2020) King, Stephen, 1947- author. Large Type
The Return (20 Oct 2020) Sparks, Nicholas, author. Large Type
Unrestricted Access : New... (19 Oct 2020) Unrestricted access : new and classic short fiction Rollins, James, 1961- author... Large Type
A Wild Winter Swan : A Novel (19 Oct 2020) Maguire, Gregory, author. Large Type
Coconut Layer Cake Murder (15 Oct 2020) Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author. Large Type
The Trustworthy One (15 Oct 2020) Gray, Shelley Shepard, autho... Large Type
Sunrise On Half Moon Bay (15 Oct 2020) Carr, Robyn Large Type
The Revelators (14 Oct 2020) Atkins, Ace, author. Large Type
The Stone Wall (12 Oct 2020) Lewis, Beverly, 1949- author... Large Type
Final Cut (09 Oct 2020) Watson, S. J. Large Type
Moonflower Murders (09 Oct 2020) Horowitz, Anthony Large Type
To Tell You The Truth : A... (09 Oct 2020) To tell you the truth : a novel Macmillan, Gilly, author. Large Type
One Scandalous Christmas Eve (07 Oct 2020) Stephens, Susan, 1949- autho... Large Type
The Billionaire's Cinderella... (07 Oct 2020) The billionaire's Cinderella contract Smart, Michelle, author. Large Type
A Baby On The Greek's... (07 Oct 2020) A baby on the Greek's doorstep Graham, Lynne, 1956- author. Large Type
Troubled Blood (06 Oct 2020) Galbraith, Robert, author. Large Type
The Daughters Of Erietown :... (06 Oct 2020) The daughters of Erietown : a novel Schultz, Connie, author. Large Type
The Friendship List (02 Oct 2020) Mallery, Susan, author. Large Type
Troubles In Paradise : A... (02 Oct 2020) TROUBLES IN PARADISE : a novel Hilderbrand, Elin, author. Large Type
Total Power (02 Oct 2020) Flynn, Vince Large Type
The Sentinel (02 Oct 2020) Child, Lee/ Child, Andrew Large Type
Penniless And Secretly... (02 Oct 2020) Penniless and secretly pregnant Lucas, Jennie, author. Large Type
Housekeeper In The Headlines (02 Oct 2020) Shaw, Chantelle, author. Large Type
Their Impossible Desert... (02 Oct 2020) Their impossible desert match Connelly, Clare (Romance nov... Large Type
Stealing The Promised... (02 Oct 2020) Stealing the promised princess Adams, Milly, author. Large Type
Christmas In The King's Bed (02 Oct 2020) Crews, Caitlin, author. Large Type
One Night To Forever Family (02 Oct 2020) Webber, Meredith, author. Large Type
Christmas With Her... (02 Oct 2020) Christmas with her lost-and-found lover McIntosh, Ann (Romance ficti... Large Type
Second Chance With His Army... (02 Oct 2020) Second chance with his army doc Hawkes, Charlotte, author. Large Type
Family For The Children's... (02 Oct 2020) Family for the children's doc Wilson, Scarlet, author. Large Type
Tempted By The Heart Surgeon (02 Oct 2020) Ryder, Lucy (Romantic fictio... Large Type
Reawakened By Her Army Major (02 Oct 2020) Hawkes, Charlotte, author. Large Type
The Icelandic Doc's Baby... (02 Oct 2020) The Icelandic doc's baby surprise Heaton, Louisa, author. Large Type
The Coast-to-coast Murders (02 Oct 2020) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Large Type
Walk The Wire (01 Oct 2020) Baldacci, David, author. Large Type
Home To Heal (01 Oct 2020) Richer, Lois, author. Large Type
A Blessing To Cherish (01 Oct 2020) Snelling, Lauraine, author. Large Type
The Way Of Love (01 Oct 2020) Peterson, Tracie, author. Large Type
Return To Virgin River (01 Oct 2020) Carr, Robyn Large Type
Death In Focus : An Elena... (25 Sep 2020) DEATH IN FOCUS : an Elena Standish novel Perry, Anne, author. Large Type
A Question Of Betrayal (25 Sep 2020) Perry, Anne Large Type
All The Devils Are Here (25 Sep 2020) Penny, Louise Large Type
Deadly Cross (25 Sep 2020) Patterson, James Large Type
Hazards Of Time Travel (25 Sep 2020) Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- au... Large Type
Truth And Justice (25 Sep 2020) Michaels, Fern Large Type
Robert B. Parker's Fool's... (25 Sep 2020) ROBERT B. PARKER'S FOOL'S PARADISE Lupica, Mike Large Type
The Brightest Star (25 Sep 2020) Michaels, Fern Large Type
Cold Storage : A Novel (25 Sep 2020) Koepp, David, author. Large Type
Ready Player Two (25 Sep 2020) Cline, Ernest Large Type
Ready Player One (25 Sep 2020) Cline, Ernest, author. Large Type
Daylight (25 Sep 2020) DAYLIGHT Baldacci, David Large Type
Anxious People (25 Sep 2020) Backman, Fredrik Large Type
Near Dark: A Thriller (25 Sep 2020) Thor, Brad Large Type
The Warsaw Protocol (24 Sep 2020) Berry, Steve, 1955- author. Large Type
The Wedding Dress : A Novel (24 Sep 2020) Steel, Danielle, author. Large Type
Shakeup (21 Sep 2020) SHAKEUP Woods, Stuart Large Type
Bombshell (21 Sep 2020) BOMBSHELL Woods, Stuart, author. Large Type
An Irish Country Welcome (21 Sep 2020) Taylor, Patrick Large Type
All That Glitters (21 Sep 2020) Steel, Danielle Large Type
The Black Swan Of Paris (21 Sep 2020) Robards, Karen Large Type
The Wonder Boy Of Whistle... (21 Sep 2020) THE WONDER BOY OF WHISTLE STOP Flagg, Fannie Large Type
Love & Other Crimes :... (21 Sep 2020) Love & other crimes : stories Paretsky, Sara, author. Large Type
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