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Newly Ordered Items

TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
A Crown Of Dragons (23 May 2018) D'Lacey, Chris, author. Book on CD
Not That I Could Tell (22 May 2018) Strawser, Jessica, author. Book on CD
Warlight (22 May 2018) Ondaatje, Michael, 1943- aut... Book on CD
The Favorite Sister (22 May 2018) Knoll, Jessica, author. Book on CD
Bad Men And Wicked Women (22 May 2018) Dickey, Eric Jerome, author. Book on CD
The Girl Who Smiled Beads :... (22 May 2018) Wamariya, Clemantine, author... Book on CD
The Wall : Live! From... (22 May 2018) Lopez, George, 1961- author,... Book on CD
Last Shot (21 May 2018) Older, Daniel Jose?, author,... Book on CD
Political Risk : How... (21 May 2018) Rice, Condoleezza, 1954- aut... Book on CD
To The Moon And Back (18 May 2018) Kingsbury, Karen. Book on CD
Shelter In Place (18 May 2018) Roberts, Nora. Book on CD
The President Is Missing (18 May 2018) Patterson, James. Book on CD
The Other Lady Vanishes (18 May 2018) Quick, Amanda. Book on CD
The Perfect Couple (18 May 2018) Hilderbrand, Elin. Book on CD
Lying In Wait (18 May 2018) Nugent, Liz. Book on CD
The High Tide Club (18 May 2018) Andrews, Mary Kay. Book on CD
Death Doesn't Bargain (18 May 2018) Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Book on CD
The Cast (18 May 2018) Steel, Danielle. Book on CD
All We Ever Wanted (18 May 2018) Giffin, Emily. Book on CD
The Traitor's Game (18 May 2018) Nielsen, Jennifer A.. Youth CD
Leah On The Offbeat (18 May 2018) Albertalli, Becky. Youth CD
For Every One (18 May 2018) Reynolds, Jason. Youth CD
Pœlitical Œ Ræsk Æ (15 May 2018) Ric?e, Co?n?dolee?zza?. Book on CD
The Burning Maze (15 May 2018) Riordan, Rick/ Daymond, Robb... Book on CD
Quest For The City Of Gold /... (15 May 2018) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Supergifted (15 May 2018) Korman, Gordon, author. Book on CD
Good Night Stories For Rebel... (15 May 2018) Cavallo, Francesca/ Favilli,... Book on CD
Greetings From Witness... (15 May 2018) Burt, Jake, author. Book on CD
When We Found Home (14 May 2018) Mallery, Susan. Book on CD
Stay Hidden (14 May 2018) Doiron, Paul. Book on CD
Scandal Above Stairs (14 May 2018) Ashley, Jennifer. Book on CD
Princess (14 May 2018) Patterson, James. Book on CD
The Crooked Staircase (14 May 2018) Koontz, Dean. Book on CD
By Invitation Only (14 May 2018) Frank, Dorothea Benton. Book on CD
Beartown (14 May 2018) Backman, Fredrik. Book on CD
Any Man (14 May 2018) Tamblyn, Amber. Book on CD
All These Beautiful... (14 May 2018) Klehfoth, Elizabeth. Book on CD
Not That Bad : Dispatches... (11 May 2018) Gay, Roxane, editor. Book on CD
The Forgotten Road (11 May 2018) Evans, Richard Paul, author,... Book on CD
Hell's Princess : The... (11 May 2018) Schechter, Harold, author. Book on CD
What Truth Sounds Like (11 May 2018) Dyson, Michael Eric. Book on CD
The Light Within Me (11 May 2018) Earhardt, Ainsley. Book on CD
Note To Self (11 May 2018) King, Gayle. Book on CD
How To Change Your Mind (11 May 2018) Pollan, Michael. Book on CD
Life After Darkness (11 May 2018) Knight, Michelle. Book on CD
First In Line (11 May 2018) Brower, Kate Andersen. Book on CD
Chasing Hillary (11 May 2018) Chozick, Amy. Book on CD
12 Rules For Life (11 May 2018) Peterson, Jordan B.. Book on CD
Barracoon (11 May 2018) Hurston, Zora Neale. Book on CD
Love And Ruin : A Novel (10 May 2018) McLain, Paula, author. Book on CD
The Masterpiece (10 May 2018) Rivers, Francine, 1947- auth... Book on CD
First, We Make The Beast... (10 May 2018) Wilson, Sarah (Nutritionist)... Book on CD
Dear Madam President : An... (10 May 2018) Palmieri, Jennifer, author, ... Book on CD
An Amish Heirloom : Four... (10 May 2018) Book on CD
Shattered Mirror (07 May 2018) Johansen, Iris, author. Book on CD
Zenith (04 May 2018) Alsberg, Sasha. Youth CD
Weave A Circle Round (04 May 2018) Maaren, Kari. Youth CD
What The Night Sings (04 May 2018) Stamper, Vesper. Youth CD
War Storm (04 May 2018) Aveyard, Victoria. Youth CD
Vincent And Theo: The Van... (04 May 2018) Heiligman, Deborah. Youth CD
Turn It Up!: Practice Makes... (04 May 2018) Calonita, Jen. Youth CD
Strange Fire (04 May 2018) Wallach, Tommy. Youth CD
Tradition (04 May 2018) Kiely, Brendan. Youth CD
Say You'll Remember Me (04 May 2018) McGarry, Katie. Youth CD
Stormcaster (04 May 2018) Chima, Cinda Williams. Youth CD
Rules Of Rain (04 May 2018) Scheier, Leah. Youth CD
Runaways (04 May 2018) Golden, Christopher. Youth CD
Restore Me (04 May 2018) Mafi, Tahereh. Youth CD
Reign Of The Fallen (04 May 2018) Marsh, Sarah Glenn. Youth CD
Reign The Earth (04 May 2018) Gaughen, A. C.. Youth CD
The Queen's Rising (04 May 2018) Ross, Rebecca. Youth CD
Puddin' (04 May 2018) Murphy, Julie. Youth CD
The Poet X (04 May 2018) Acevedo, Elizabeth. Youth CD
Obsidio (04 May 2018) Kaufman, Amie. Youth CD
The Nowhere Girls (04 May 2018) Reed, Amy. Youth CD
The Murderer's Ape (04 May 2018) Wegelius, Jakob. Youth CD
Not If I Save You First (04 May 2018) Carter, Ally. Youth CD
The Love Letters Of Abelard... (04 May 2018) Creedle, Laura. Youth CD
Love & War (04 May 2018) De La Cruz, Melissa. Youth CD
Lost Crow Conspiracy (04 May 2018) Eves, Rosalyn. Youth CD
Legendary (04 May 2018) Garber, Stephanie. Youth CD
Lost (04 May 2018) Cast, P. C.. Youth CD
The Last Girl On Earth (04 May 2018) Blogier, Alexandra. Youth CD
Infamous (04 May 2018) Noel, Alyson. Youth CD
The Hazel Wood (04 May 2018) Albert, Melissa. Youth CD
Genesis (04 May 2018) Reichs, Brendan. Youth CD
Finding Felicity (04 May 2018) Kade, Stacey. Youth CD
Echo After Echo (04 May 2018) Capetta, Amy Rose. Youth CD
The Emerald Sea (04 May 2018) Mead, Richelle. Youth CD
Dread Nation (04 May 2018) Ireland, Justina. Youth CD
Down And Across (04 May 2018) Ahmadi, Arvin. Youth CD
The Dangerous Art Of... (04 May 2018) Surmelis, Angelo. Youth CD
Class (04 May 2018) Ness, Patrick. Youth CD
The Closest I've Come (04 May 2018) Aceves, Fred. Youth CD
Children Of Blood And Bone (04 May 2018) Adeyemi, Tomi. Youth CD
The Case For Jamie (04 May 2018) Cavallaro, Brittany. Youth CD
The Big Lie (04 May 2018) Mayhew, Julie. Youth CD
The Authentics (04 May 2018) Nazemian, Abdi. Youth CD
The Belles (04 May 2018) Clayton, Dhonielle. Youth CD
The Good Dinosaur :... (03 May 2018) Francis, Suzanne, adapter. Book on CD
Country Girls 3 (02 May 2018) Karrington, Blake, author. Book on CD
Our Father : Reflections On... (02 May 2018) Francis, Pope, 1936- author. Book on CD
Get Money : Live The Life... (02 May 2018) Wong, Kristin, author, narra... Book on CD
Whispers Of The Dead : A... (02 May 2018) Kope, Spencer, author. Book on CD
Two Steps Forward : A Novel (02 May 2018) Simsion, Graeme C., author. Book on CD
Overkill : An Alex Hawke... (02 May 2018) Bell, Ted, author. Book on CD
The 17th Suspect (27 Apr 2018) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Doctor Who : The Lost Flame (27 Apr 2018) Mann, George, author. Book on CD
Living A Life You Love :... (27 Apr 2018) Meyer, Joyce, 1943- author. Book on CD
Varina (27 Apr 2018) Frazier, Charles, 1950- auth... Book on CD
This Is Me : Loving The... (27 Apr 2018) Metz, Chrissy, 1980- author,... Book on CD
Elastic : Flexible Thinking... (27 Apr 2018) Mlodinow, Leonard, 1954- aut... Book on CD
Craig & Fred : A Marine, A... (27 Apr 2018) Grossi, Craig, author, narra... Book on CD
The Rise And Fall Of The... (27 Apr 2018) Brusatte, Steve. Book on CD
The Oracle Year (27 Apr 2018) Soule, Charles. Book on CD
Exit Strategy (27 Apr 2018) Pettus, Charlton. Book on CD
The Ever After (27 Apr 2018) Pekkanen, Sarah. Book on CD
Awakened (27 Apr 2018) Murray, James. Book on CD
The Thing On The Doorstep... (26 Apr 2018) Lovecraft, H. P. (Howard Phi... Book on CD
Necronomicon (26 Apr 2018) Lovecraft, H. P. (Howard Phi... Book on CD
Prince Charming (26 Apr 2018) Garwood, Julie, author. Book on CD
Eldritch Tales : A... (26 Apr 2018) Lovecraft, H. P. (Howard Phi... Book on CD
You Think It, I'll Say It :... (26 Apr 2018) Sittenfeld, Curtis, author. Book on CD
The Designs Of Lord Randolph... (26 Apr 2018) Laurens, Stephanie, author. Book on CD
The Fates Divide (26 Apr 2018) Roth, Veronica, author. Youth CD
I Was Anastasia (26 Apr 2018) Lawhon, Ariel, author, narra... Book on CD
A Higher Loyalty : Truth,... (24 Apr 2018) Comey, James B., Jr., 1960- Book on CD
Devil's Breath (23 Apr 2018) Malliet, G. M., 1951- author... Book on CD
Unmasked : A Memoir (23 Apr 2018) Lloyd Webber, Andrew, 1948- ... Book on CD
This Messy Magnificent Life... (23 Apr 2018) Roth, Geneen, author, narrat... Book on CD
Rocket Men : The Daring... (23 Apr 2018) Kurson, Robert, author, narr... Book on CD
Harry : Life, Loss, And Love (23 Apr 2018) Nicholl, Katie, author. Book on CD
Faith : A Journey For All (23 Apr 2018) Carter, Jimmy, 1924- author,... Book on CD
The First Family : A Novel (23 Apr 2018) Palmer, Michael, 1942-2013, ... Book on CD
Murder Of Mary Russell (20 Apr 2018) KING, LAURIE R Book on CD
Island Of The Mad (20 Apr 2018) KING, LAURIE R Book on CD
Twisted Prey (19 Apr 2018) Sandford, John, 1944 Februar... Book on CD
The Truth Is A Cave In The... (18 Apr 2018) Gaiman, Neil, author. Book on CD
Barbed Wire Heart (18 Apr 2018) Sharpe, Tess, author, narrat... Book on CD
The Sixth Day (18 Apr 2018) Coulter, Catherine, author. Book on CD
The Female Persuasion (18 Apr 2018) Wolitzer, Meg, author. Book on CD
The Sun Does Shine : How I... (18 Apr 2018) Hinton, Anthony Ray, author. Book on CD
Fascism : A Warning (18 Apr 2018) Albright, Madeleine Korbel, ... Book on CD
Killing The Deep State : The... (18 Apr 2018) Corsi, Jerome R., author. Book on CD
In Prior's Wood (18 Apr 2018) Malliet, G. M., 1951- author... Book on CD
Genius Foods : Become... (18 Apr 2018) Lugavere, Max, author, narra... Book on CD
Shoot First (17 Apr 2018) Woods, Stuart, author. Book on CD
Noir : A Novel (17 Apr 2018) Moore, Christopher, 1957- au... Book on CD
Macbeth (17 Apr 2018) Nesbø, Jo, 1960- author. Book on CD
The Cutting Edge : A Lincoln... (17 Apr 2018) Deaver, Jeffery, author. Book on CD
Women In Sunlight (17 Apr 2018) Mayes, Frances, author. Book on CD
One Last Breath (17 Apr 2018) Jackson, Lisa, author. Book on CD
Pet Sematary (17 Apr 2018) King, Stephen, 1947- author. Book on CD
The Innocent Wife (17 Apr 2018) Lloyd, Amy, author. Book on CD
Crimson Lake (17 Apr 2018) Fox, Candice, author. Book on CD
I Can Only Imagine (17 Apr 2018) Millard, Bart, author, narra... Book on CD
The Young Prince / The Young... (17 Apr 2018) Smith, Ronald L. (Ronald Len... Book on CD
The Christmas Cradle (16 Apr 2018) Hubbard, Charlotte, 1953- au... Book on CD
Alias Grace (16 Apr 2018) Atwood, Margaret, 1939- auth... Book on CD
Harvest Of Blessings (16 Apr 2018) Hubbard, Charlotte, 1953- au... Book on CD
Aru Shah And The End Of Time (16 Apr 2018) Chokshi, Roshani, author. Book on CD
I Have Lost My Way (16 Apr 2018) Forman, Gayle, author. Youth CD
Metabolism Revolution : Lose... (16 Apr 2018) Pomroy, Haylie, author. Book on CD
Beyond The Messy Truth : How... (16 Apr 2018) Jones, Van, 1968- author. Book on CD
Fahrenheit 451 (16 Apr 2018) Bradbury, Ray, 1920-2012, au... Book on CD
The Disappeared (13 Apr 2018) Box, C. J., author. Book on CD
The Woman In The Woods (13 Apr 2018) Connolly, John. Book on CD
Us Against You (13 Apr 2018) Backman, Fredrik. Book on CD
Where Shadows Meet (13 Apr 2018) Coble, Colleen. Book on CD
Turbulence (13 Apr 2018) Woods, Stuart. Book on CD
Tom Clancy Line Of Sight (13 Apr 2018) Clancy, Tom. Book on CD
The Pharaoh Key (13 Apr 2018) Preston, Douglas. Book on CD
Star Of The North (13 Apr 2018) John, D. B.. Book on CD
The Moscow Deception (13 Apr 2018) Robards, Karen. Book on CD
The Moscow Offensive (13 Apr 2018) Brown, Dale. Book on CD
How Can I Be Down? (13 Apr 2018) Hampton, Brenda. Book on CD
The Gray Ghost (13 Apr 2018) Cussler, Clive. Book on CD
Fade To Black (13 Apr 2018) Graham, Heather. Book on CD
The Cabin At The End Of The... (13 Apr 2018) Tremblay, Paul. Book on CD
Bring Me Back (13 Apr 2018) Paris, B. A.. Book on CD
To Change The Church (13 Apr 2018) Douthat, Ross. Book on CD
Tiger Woods (13 Apr 2018) Benedict, Jeff. Book on CD
Robin (13 Apr 2018) Itzkoff, Dave. Book on CD
Ruthless Tide (13 Apr 2018) Roker, Al. Book on CD
The Restless Wave (13 Apr 2018) McCain, John. Book on CD
The Daniel Key (13 Apr 2018) Lotz, Anne Graham. Book on CD
Calypso (13 Apr 2018) Sedaris, David. Book on CD
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