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TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
Guilty Minds : A Novel (27 Jul 2016) Finder, Joseph, author. Book on CD
Nine Women, One Dress (27 Jul 2016) Rosen, Jane L. Book on CD
Rampage (27 Jul 2016) Sandford, John, 1944 Februar... Youth CD
The Last Boy And Girl In The... (27 Jul 2016) Vivian, Siobhan, author. Youth CD
Flamecaster (27 Jul 2016) Chima, Cinda Williams, autho... Youth CD
The Bfg (27 Jul 2016) Dahl, Roald, author. Book on CD
The Underdogs : Children,... (27 Jul 2016) Greene, Melissa Fay, author. Book on CD
The Spender's Guide To... (27 Jul 2016) Jones, Anna Newell, author. Book on CD
Freedom : My Book Of Firsts (27 Jul 2016) Dugard, Jaycee Lee, 1980- au... Book on CD
Grit : The Power Of Passion... (27 Jul 2016) Duckworth, Angela, author, n... Book on CD
Every Little Step : My Story (27 Jul 2016) Brown, Bobby (Vocalist), aut... Book on CD
The Emperor's Railroad (27 Jul 2016) Haley, Guy, 1973- author. Book on CD
Riders (27 Jul 2016) Rossi, Veronica, author. Youth CD
White Bone : A Novel (27 Jul 2016) Pearson, Ridley, author. Book on CD
North By Northwest : Paula... (27 Jul 2016) Poundstone, Paula. Book on CD
The Light Of Paris (27 Jul 2016) Brown, Eleanor, 1973- Book on CD
In Twenty Years (27 Jul 2016) Scotch, Allison Winn. Book on CD
Star Wars : Aftermath : Life... (27 Jul 2016) Wendig, Chuck. Book on CD
The Bad-ass Librarians Of... (27 Jul 2016) Hammer, Joshua, 1957- Book on CD
Little Black Dress (27 Jul 2016) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
How To Fight A Dragon's Fury (27 Jul 2016) Cowell, Cressida. Book on CD
Truly Madly Guilty (27 Jul 2016) Moriarty, Liane, author. Book on CD
Pax (22 Jul 2016) Pennypacker, Sara, 1951- aut... Book on CD
The Way I Used To Be (22 Jul 2016) Smith, Amber, 1982- author. Youth CD
Unrivaled (22 Jul 2016) Noe?l, Alyson, author. Youth CD
A Tyranny Of Petticoats 15... (22 Jul 2016) Youth CD
This Is Where It Ends (22 Jul 2016) Nijkamp, Marieke, author. Youth CD
The Smell Of Other People's... (22 Jul 2016) Hitchcock, Bonnie-Sue. Youth CD
The Rose And The Dagger (22 Jul 2016) Ahdieh, Rene?e, author. Youth CD
Queen Of Shadows (22 Jul 2016) Maas, Sarah J., author. Youth CD
Out Of Darkness (22 Jul 2016) Pe?rez, Ashley Hope. Youth CD
Lady Renegades (22 Jul 2016) Hawkins, Rachel, 1979- autho... Youth CD
Invision (22 Jul 2016) Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- aut... Youth CD
If I Was Your Girl (22 Jul 2016) Russo, Meredith, author. Youth CD
All American Boys (22 Jul 2016) Reynolds, Jason, author. Youth CD
Burn Baby Burn (22 Jul 2016) Medina, Meg, author. Youth CD
The Perfect Mistress (22 Jul 2016) Billingsley, ReShonda Tate, ... Book on CD
Paul Mccartney : The Life (22 Jul 2016) Norman, Philip, 1943- Book on CD
Britain : The Essential... (22 Jul 2016) Norbury, Paul, author. Book on CD
Incarceration Nations : A... (22 Jul 2016) Dreisinger, Baz, 1976- autho... Book on CD
I'm Just A Person (22 Jul 2016) Notaro, Tig, author, narrato... Book on CD
Homegoing (22 Jul 2016) Gyasi, Yaa, author. Book on CD
The Gene : An Intimate... (22 Jul 2016) Mukherjee, Siddhartha, autho... Book on CD
Ireland : The Essential... (22 Jul 2016) Scotney, John, author. Book on CD
Outloud Stories From The... (22 Jul 2016) Book on CD
Worlds Explode (22 Jul 2016) Hegarty, Shane, author. Book on CD
School Of The Dead (22 Jul 2016) Avi, 1937- author. Book on CD
The Life We Bury (22 Jul 2016) Eskens, Allen, 1963- author. Book on CD
Beyond Tomorrow (22 Jul 2016) Michaels, Fern. Book on CD
The Missing Will (22 Jul 2016) Brunstetter, Wanda E., autho... Book on CD
The Singles Game (22 Jul 2016) Weisberger, Lauren, 1977- au... Book on CD
The Murder That Never Was (22 Jul 2016) Kane, Andrea, author. Book on CD
As Good As Gone (22 Jul 2016) WATSON, LARRY Book on CD
Tangled : Read-along... (20 Jul 2016) Bergen, Lara, 1955- Book on CD
Return Of The Jedi :... (20 Jul 2016) Thornton, Randy, author. Book on CD
Muhammad Ali : A Tribute To... (20 Jul 2016) Hauser, Thomas, author. Book on CD
Tru And Nelle (19 Jul 2016) NERI, G Book on CD
Charmed Children Of... (19 Jul 2016) FOX, JANET Book on CD
Lily And Dunkin (19 Jul 2016) GEPHART, DONNA Book on CD
Full Of Beans (19 Jul 2016) HOLM, JENNIFER L Book on CD
Voyagers: Infinity Riders... (19 Jul 2016) MAGOON, KEKLA Book on CD
Bandit's Tale: The Muddled... (19 Jul 2016) HOPKINSON, DEBORAH Book on CD
Voyagers: Escape The Vortex... (19 Jul 2016) DUPRAU, JEANNE Book on CD
Shadow Cadets Of Pennyroyal... (19 Jul 2016) LARSON, M A Book on CD
When Friendship Followed Me... (19 Jul 2016) GRIFFIN, PAUL Book on CD
Your Presidential Fantasy... (19 Jul 2016) O'BRIEN, DANIEL Book on CD
Who Was: Scientists And... (19 Jul 2016) DEMUTH, PATRICIA Book on CD
Who Was: Heroes Of Black... (19 Jul 2016) BELVISO, MEG Book on CD
Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's... (19 Jul 2016) GRABENSTEIN, CHRIS Book on CD
Number The Stars (19 Jul 2016) LOWRY, LOIS Book on CD
Red: The True Story Of Red... (19 Jul 2016) SHURTLIFF, LIESL Book on CD
Best Man (19 Jul 2016) PECK, RICHARD Book on CD
Cat In The Hat And Other Dr.... (19 Jul 2016) SEUSS, DR Book on CD
Serafina And The Twisted... (19 Jul 2016) BEATTY, ROBERT Book on CD
For Magnus Chase: The Hotel... (19 Jul 2016) RIORDAN, RICK Book on CD
Magnus Chase And The Gods Of... (19 Jul 2016) RIORDAN, RICK Book on CD
Thodore Boone: The Scandal (19 Jul 2016) GRISHAM, JOHN Book on CD
Magic Tree House: Books 54 &... (19 Jul 2016) OSBORNE, MARY POPE Book on CD
Grimm's Fairy Tales (19 Jul 2016) GRIMM, JACOB Book on CD
Night And Day (18 Jul 2016) Johansen, Iris, author. Book on CD
The Trial (18 Jul 2016) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Everybody's Fool (18 Jul 2016) Russo, Richard, 1949- author... Book on CD
Marked By Midnight (18 Jul 2016) Adrian, Lara, author. Book on CD
The Divided Family (18 Jul 2016) Brunstetter, Wanda E., autho... Book on CD
Bound To Darkness (18 Jul 2016) Adrian, Lara, author. Book on CD
I'm Thinking Of Ending... (18 Jul 2016) Reid, Iain, 1981- author. Book on CD
The Sudden Appearance Of... (18 Jul 2016) North, Claire, author. Book on CD
Magic (18 Jul 2016) Steel, Danielle. Book on CD
First Strike (18 Jul 2016) Coes, Ben, author. Book on CD
Stiletto (18 Jul 2016) O'Malley, Daniel, author. Book on CD
Collecting The Dead (18 Jul 2016) Kope, Spencer, author. Book on CD
Born Of Legend (18 Jul 2016) Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- aut... Book on CD
Plain Choice (18 Jul 2016) Price, Sarah, 1969- Book on CD
A Perfect Square (18 Jul 2016) Chapman, Vannetta, author. Book on CD
A Sinful Calling (18 Jul 2016) Roby, Kimberla Lawson, autho... Book on CD
Soldier (18 Jul 2016) Kagawa, Julie, author. Youth CD
The Problem With Forever (18 Jul 2016) Armentrout, Jennifer L., aut... Youth CD
First Comes Love (18 Jul 2016) Giffin, Emily, author. Book on CD
I've Got Sand In All The... (18 Jul 2016) Scottoline, Lisa. Book on CD
Tumbling (15 Jul 2016) Carter, Caela, author. Youth CD
Saving Montgomery Sole (15 Jul 2016) Tamaki, Mariko. Youth CD
Tell Us Something True (15 Jul 2016) Reinhardt, Dana. Youth CD
Tell Me Three Things (15 Jul 2016) Buxbaum, Julie, author. Youth CD
The Serpent King (15 Jul 2016) Zentner, Jeff, author. Youth CD
Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies (15 Jul 2016) Ribar, Lindsay, author. Youth CD
Places No One Knows (15 Jul 2016) Yovanoff, Brenna, author. Youth CD
The Passion Of Dolssa (15 Jul 2016) Berry, Julie, 1974- Youth CD
Map Of Fates (15 Jul 2016) Hall, Maggie, 1982- author. Youth CD
Julia Vanishes (15 Jul 2016) Egan, Catherine, 1976- autho... Youth CD
The Incident On The Bridge (15 Jul 2016) McNeal, Laura, author. Youth CD
The Forbidden Orchid (15 Jul 2016) Waller, Sharon Biggs, 1966- Youth CD
Highly Illogical Behavior (15 Jul 2016) Whaley, John Corey, author. Youth CD
The First Time She Drowned (15 Jul 2016) Kletter, Kerry, author. Youth CD
The Arm Of The Starfish (15 Jul 2016) L'Engle, Madeleine. Youth CD
Exit, Pursued By A Bear (15 Jul 2016) Johnston, E. K., author. Youth CD
The Darkest Corners (15 Jul 2016) Thomas, Kara, 1990- author. Youth CD
Conviction (15 Jul 2016) Gilbert, Kelly Loy, author. Youth CD
Beware That Girl (15 Jul 2016) Toten, Teresa, 1955- Youth CD
Being Jazz : My Life As A... (15 Jul 2016) Jennings, Jazz, author, narr... Youth CD
And I Darken (15 Jul 2016) White, Kiersten, author. Youth CD
Underground Railroad, The (15 Jul 2016) Whitehead, Colson. Book on CD
Texas Sunrise (15 Jul 2016) Michaels, Fern. Book on CD
To The Bright Edge Of The... (15 Jul 2016) Ivey, Eowyn. Book on CD
Texas Heat (15 Jul 2016) Michaels, Fern. Book on CD
Song Of Solomon (15 Jul 2016) Morrison, Toni. Book on CD
Robert B. Parker's Debt To... (15 Jul 2016) Coleman, Reed Farrel. Book on CD
Pirate (15 Jul 2016) Cussler, Clive. Book on CD
One Less Problem Without You (15 Jul 2016) Harbison, Beth. Book on CD
Commonwealth (15 Jul 2016) Patchett, Ann. Book on CD
Navigators Of Dune (15 Jul 2016) Anderson, Kevin J.. Book on CD
Another Brooklyn (15 Jul 2016) Woodson, Jacqueline. Book on CD
The Rivals Of Versailles (13 Jul 2016) Christie, Sally, 1971- autho... Book on CD
The Games (12 Jul 2016) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Sons And Daughters Of Ease... (08 Jul 2016) Ausubel, Ramona, author. Book on CD
League Of Dragons (08 Jul 2016) Novik, Naomi, author. Book on CD
Reader, I Married Him :... (08 Jul 2016) Book on CD
Vinegar Girl : A Novel (08 Jul 2016) Tyler, Anne, author. Book on CD
Texas Fury (08 Jul 2016) Michaels, Fern, author. Book on CD
Trump The Art Of The Deal (08 Jul 2016) Trump, Donald, 1946- Book on CD
The Long Cosmos (08 Jul 2016) Pratchett, Terry, author. Book on CD
O's Little Book Of Love &... (08 Jul 2016) Book on CD
The Medusa Chronicles (08 Jul 2016) Baxter, Stephen, author. Book on CD
I Let You Go (08 Jul 2016) Mackintosh, Clare. Book on CD
Every Heart A Doorway (08 Jul 2016) McGuire, Seanan, author. Book on CD
Sky Key (08 Jul 2016) Frey, James, 1969- author. Youth CD
Luxe (08 Jul 2016) Ashley Antoinette, 1985- Book on CD
Ice Like Fire (08 Jul 2016) Raasch, Sara, author. Youth CD
Forgive Me (08 Jul 2016) Palmer, Daniel, 1962- author... Book on CD
A Game For All The Family (08 Jul 2016) Hannah, Sophie, 1971- author... Book on CD
Just Like Me (08 Jul 2016) Cavanaugh, Nancy J., author. Book on CD
Tarzan Of The Apes (08 Jul 2016) Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1875-... Book on CD
Here's To Us : A Novel (08 Jul 2016) Hilderbrand, Elin, author. Book on CD
The Curse Of Tenth Grave : A... (08 Jul 2016) Jones, Darynda, author. Book on CD
Among The Wicked (08 Jul 2016) Castillo, Linda. Book on CD
Your Kid's A Brat And It's... (08 Jul 2016) Glickman, Elaine Rose. Book on CD
Trump Revealed (08 Jul 2016) Kranish, Michael. Book on CD
We Believe You (08 Jul 2016) Clark, Annie E.. Book on CD
Time Of Torment, A (08 Jul 2016) Connolly, John. Book on CD
Razor Girl (08 Jul 2016) Hiaasen, Carl. Book on CD
Ten Ways Not To Commit... (08 Jul 2016) McDaniels, Darryl 'Dmc'. Book on CD
More Of Less, The (08 Jul 2016) Becker, Joshua. Book on CD
Quench Your Own Thirst (08 Jul 2016) Koch, Jim. Book on CD
Love Wins (08 Jul 2016) Cenziper, Debbie. Book on CD
Liar's Key (08 Jul 2016) Neggers, Carla. Book on CD
Insidious (08 Jul 2016) Coulter, Catherine. Book on CD
Hunted (08 Jul 2016) Patterson, James. Book on CD
Here I Am (08 Jul 2016) Foer, Jonathan Safran. Book on CD
Gentleman In Moscow, A (08 Jul 2016) Towles, Amor. Book on CD
Happy Medium, The (08 Jul 2016) Russo, Kim. Book on CD
Downfall (08 Jul 2016) Jance, J. A.. Book on CD
Closed Casket (08 Jul 2016) Hannah, Sophie. Book on CD
Dear Mr. M (08 Jul 2016) Koch, Herman. Book on CD
Apprentice In Death (08 Jul 2016) Robb, J. D.. Book on CD
5 Love Languages Of... (08 Jul 2016) Chapman, Dr. Gary. Book on CD
113 Minutes (08 Jul 2016) Patterson, James. Book on CD
Dr. Seuss's Abc (06 Jul 2016) Seuss, Dr. Book on CD
Star Wars. Episode V. The... (06 Jul 2016) Thornton, Randy, author, voi... Book on CD
Shoo, Fly, Don't Bother Me (06 Jul 2016) Hoena, B. A., author. Book on CD
Zootopia : Read-along... (06 Jul 2016) Saxon, Victoria, author. Book on CD
Hurricane (06 Jul 2016) Wiesner, David. Book on CD
Star Wars, The Force Awakens... (06 Jul 2016) Schaefer, Elizabeth (Adaptor... Book on CD
Five Speckled Frogs (06 Jul 2016) Anderson, Steven C., author. Book on CD
The Pirate Fairy :... (06 Jul 2016) Book on CD
You Are My Sunshine (06 Jul 2016) Hoena, B. A., author. Book on CD
Finding Dory : Read-along... (06 Jul 2016) Francis, Suzanne, author. Book on CD
Be Kind To Your Web-footed... (06 Jul 2016) Anderson, Steven, author. Book on CD
This Is The Way We Move (06 Jul 2016) Hoena, B. A., author. Book on CD
Once Upon A Princess :... (06 Jul 2016) Marsoli, Lisa Ann, 1958- aut... Book on CD
Inside Out : Read-along... (06 Jul 2016) Francis, Suzanne, adapter. Book on CD
Finding Nemo : Read-along... (06 Jul 2016) Book on CD
The Lion King Read-along... (06 Jul 2016) Book on CD
Frozen : Read-along... (06 Jul 2016) Glass, Calliope, adapter. Book on CD
Snow White And The Seven... (06 Jul 2016) Book on CD
Captain America, The First... (06 Jul 2016) Poloski, Rachel, adapter. Book on CD
Under The Harrow (06 Jul 2016) Berry, Flynn, 1986- Book on CD
The Ninja Librarians. Sword... (06 Jul 2016) Downey, Jen Swann, author. Book on CD
The Gilded Years (06 Jul 2016) Tanabe, Karin, author. Book on CD
Ghosts Of War (06 Jul 2016) Taylor, Brad, 1965- Book on CD
Unselfie : Why Empathetic... (06 Jul 2016) Borba, Michele, author. Book on CD
Shattered Tree, The (01 Jul 2016) Todd, Charles. Book on CD
Rushing Waters (01 Jul 2016) Steel, Danielle. Book on CD
Jealous Kind, The (01 Jul 2016) Burke, James Lee. Book on CD
How To Win Friends And... (01 Jul 2016) Carnegie, Dale. Book on CD
Great Reckoning, A (01 Jul 2016) Penny, Louise. Book on CD
Frost Line (01 Jul 2016) Howard, Linda. Book on CD
The Pursuit (30 Jun 2016) Evanovich, Janet, author. Book on CD
Tribulation Forced (24 Jun 2016) LAHAYE, TIM Book on CD
With Every Breath (24 Jun 2016) Banks, Maya. Book on CD
Tribe (24 Jun 2016) Junger, Sebastian. Book on CD
Seven Brief Lessons On... (24 Jun 2016) Rovelli, Carlo. Book on CD
Soul Harvest (24 Jun 2016) Jenkins, Jerry B.. Book on CD
Repo Madness (24 Jun 2016) Cameron, W. Bruce. Book on CD
One Man, The (24 Jun 2016) Gross, Andrew. Book on CD
Nicolae (24 Jun 2016) Lahaye, Tim. Book on CD
Indwelling, The (24 Jun 2016) Lahaye, Tim. Book on CD
First Star I See Tonight (24 Jun 2016) Phillips, Susan Elizabeth. Book on CD
Assassins (24 Jun 2016) Jenkins, Jerry B.. Book on CD
Armageddon (24 Jun 2016) Jenkins, Jerry B.. Book on CD
Redshirts A Novel With Three... (22 Jun 2016) Scalzi, John, 1969- Book on CD
A Simple Vow (22 Jun 2016) Hubbard, Charlotte, 1953- au... Book on CD
The Girls : A Novel (22 Jun 2016) Cline, Emma, author. Book on CD
Foreign Agent (22 Jun 2016) Thor, Brad, author. Book on CD
Worry-free Living (22 Jun 2016) Meyer, Joyce, 1943- author. Book on CD
Widowmaker : A Novel (22 Jun 2016) Doiron, Paul, author. Book on CD
The View From The Cheap... (22 Jun 2016) Gaiman, Neil. Book on CD
The Vegas Diaries : Romance,... (22 Jun 2016) Madison, Holly, author, narr... Book on CD
Defender (22 Jun 2016) Palmer, Diana. Book on CD
No Dream Is Too High : Life... (22 Jun 2016) Aldrin, Buzz, author. Book on CD
Wake Up To Hope :... (22 Jun 2016) Osteen, Joel, author. Book on CD
The Highest Glass Ceiling (22 Jun 2016) Fitzpatrick, Ellen F. (Ellen... Book on CD
Bare Bones : I'm Not Lonely... (22 Jun 2016) Bones, Bobby, 1980- author, ... Book on CD
Shallow Graves (22 Jun 2016) Wallace, Kali, author. Youth CD
The Vatican Princess A Novel... (22 Jun 2016) Gortner, C. W., author. Book on CD
Marrying Winterborne (22 Jun 2016) Kleypas, Lisa, author. Book on CD
The Last Star (22 Jun 2016) Yancey, Richard, author. Youth CD
Unstuffed : Decluttering... (22 Jun 2016) Soukup, Ruth, 1978- author. Book on CD
Tom Clancy Duty And Honor (22 Jun 2016) Blackwood, Grant, author. Book on CD
Charcoal Joe (22 Jun 2016) Mosley, Walter, author. Book on CD
Barkskins A Novel (22 Jun 2016) Proulx, Annie. Book on CD
Grunt The Curious Science Of... (22 Jun 2016) Roach, Mary, author. Book on CD
They May Not Mean To, But... (22 Jun 2016) Schine, Cathleen. Book on CD
Where Are You Going, Baby... (21 Jun 2016) Dicamillo, Kate. Book on CD
Peril At The Top Of The... (21 Jun 2016) Patterson, James. Book on CD
Author's Odyssey, An (21 Jun 2016) Colfer, Chris. Book on CD
I Almost Forgot About You :... (20 Jun 2016) McMillan, Terry, author, nar... Book on CD
Study In Charlotte, A (20 Jun 2016) Cavallaro, Brittany. Youth CD
Kill The Boy Band (20 Jun 2016) Moldavsky, Goldy. Youth CD
Epidemic, The (20 Jun 2016) Young, Suzanne. Youth CD
Dorothy Must Die Stories... (20 Jun 2016) Paige, Danielle. Youth CD
Sting (17 Jun 2016) Brown, Sandra. Book on CD
Three Sisters, Three Queens (17 Jun 2016) Gregory, Philippa. Book on CD
Invisible Life Of Ivan... (17 Jun 2016) Stambach, Scott. Book on CD
Family Tree (17 Jun 2016) Wiggs, Susan. Book on CD
Dark Matter (17 Jun 2016) Crouch, Blake. Book on CD
Curious Minds (17 Jun 2016) Evanovich, Janet. Book on CD
Damaged (17 Jun 2016) Scottoline, Lisa. Book on CD
Betrayed Fiancee, The (17 Jun 2016) Brunstetter, Wanda E.. Book on CD
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