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TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
Charlatans (18 Aug 2017) Cook, Robin, 1940- author. Book on CD
Exposed (18 Aug 2017) Scottoline, Lisa, author. Book on CD
Y Is For Yesterday (18 Aug 2017) Grafton, Sue, author. Book on CD
Little Boy Lost (18 Aug 2017) Trafford, J. D., author. Book on CD
Winter Solstice (18 Aug 2017) Hilderbrand, Elin. Book on CD
Wicked Deeds (18 Aug 2017) Graham, Heather. Book on CD
The Western Star (18 Aug 2017) Johnson, Craig. Book on CD
Star Wars - From A Certain... (18 Aug 2017) Acker, Ben. Book on CD
Turkey Trot Murder (18 Aug 2017) Meier, Leslie. Book on CD
Sleep Like A Baby (18 Aug 2017) Harris, Charlaine. Book on CD
Second Chance Girl (18 Aug 2017) Mallery, Susan. Book on CD
Sing, Unburied, Sing (18 Aug 2017) Ward, Jesmyn. Book on CD
The Scarred Woman (18 Aug 2017) Adler-Olsen, Jussi. Book on CD
The Rules Of Magic (18 Aug 2017) Hoffman, Alice. Book on CD
The Relive Box And Other... (18 Aug 2017) Boyle, T. C.. Book on CD
Return To Woodbury (18 Aug 2017) Bonansinga, Jay. Book on CD
The Ninth Hour (18 Aug 2017) McDermott, Alice. Book on CD
Merry And Bright (18 Aug 2017) Macomber, Debbie. Book on CD
Manhattan Beach (18 Aug 2017) Egan, Jennifer. Book on CD
Love And Other Consolation... (18 Aug 2017) Ford, Jamie. Book on CD
Little Fires Everywhere (18 Aug 2017) Ng, Celeste. Book on CD
Lilac Lane (18 Aug 2017) Woods, Sherryl. Book on CD
A Legacy Of Spies (18 Aug 2017) Le Carre, John. Book on CD
Lie To Me (18 Aug 2017) Ellison, J. T.. Book on CD
Killing Season (18 Aug 2017) Kellerman, Faye. Book on CD
The Last Ballad (18 Aug 2017) Cash, Wiley. Book on CD
It Devours! (18 Aug 2017) Fink, Joseph. Book on CD
An Irish Country Practice (18 Aug 2017) Taylor, Patrick. Book on CD
Home All Along (18 Aug 2017) Wiseman, Beth. Book on CD
Ghost On The Case (18 Aug 2017) Hart, Carolyn. Book on CD
Holly And Ivy (18 Aug 2017) Michaels, Fern. Book on CD
Gather The Daughters (18 Aug 2017) Melamed, Jennie. Book on CD
Five-carat Soul (18 Aug 2017) McBride, James. Book on CD
Fresh Complaint (18 Aug 2017) Eugenides, Jeffrey. Book on CD
Fairytale (18 Aug 2017) Steel, Danielle. Book on CD
A Face To Die For (18 Aug 2017) Kane, Andrea. Book on CD
Enigma (18 Aug 2017) Coulter, Catherine. Book on CD
Don't Let Go (18 Aug 2017) Coben, Harlan. Book on CD
The Dopeman (18 Aug 2017) Coleman, JaQuavis. Book on CD
Deep Freeze (18 Aug 2017) Sandford, John. Book on CD
The Cuban Affair (18 Aug 2017) Demille, Nelson. Book on CD
Children Of The Fleet (18 Aug 2017) Card, Orson Scott. Book on CD
A Casualty Of War (18 Aug 2017) Todd, Charles. Book on CD
Archangel's Viper (18 Aug 2017) Singh, Nalini. Book on CD
Map Of The Heart : A Novel (17 Aug 2017) Wiggs, Susan, author. Book on CD
"q" Is For Quarry (17 Aug 2017) Grafton, Sue, author. Book on CD
"c" Is For Corpse (17 Aug 2017) Grafton, Sue, author. Book on CD
Finding Perfect (17 Aug 2017) Mallery, Susan, author. Book on CD
I Know A Secret : A Novel (17 Aug 2017) Gerritsen, Tess, author. Book on CD
The Luster Of Lost Things (17 Aug 2017) Keller, Sophie Chen, 1988- a... Book on CD
Ask Outrageously! : The... (17 Aug 2017) Swindling, Linda Byars, 1965... Book on CD
The Clockwork Dynasty (17 Aug 2017) Wilson, Daniel H. (Daniel Ho... Book on CD
Any Dream Will Do : A Novel (17 Aug 2017) Macomber, Debbie, author. Book on CD
Refugee (17 Aug 2017) Gratz, Alan, 1972- author. Book on CD
Spoonbenders : A Novel (17 Aug 2017) Gregory, Daryl, author. Book on CD
Dragonsworn (17 Aug 2017) Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- aut... Book on CD
The Last Tudor (17 Aug 2017) Gregory, Philippa, author. Book on CD
The Half-drowned King : A... (17 Aug 2017) Hartsuyker, Linnea, author. Book on CD
Crime Scene : A Novel (17 Aug 2017) Kellerman, Jonathan, author. Book on CD
Devil's Cut (17 Aug 2017) Ward, J. R., 1969- author. Book on CD
No Is Not Enough : Resisting... (17 Aug 2017) Klein, Naomi, 1970- author. Book on CD
An Inconvenient Sequel :... (17 Aug 2017) Gore, Al, 1948- author, narr... Book on CD
Seeing Red (15 Aug 2017) Brown, Sandra, 1948- author. Book on CD
You May Already Be A Winner (15 Aug 2017) Ellis, Ann Dee. Book on CD
Tumble & Blue (15 Aug 2017) Beasley, Cassie. Book on CD
Stick Dog Craves Candy (15 Aug 2017) Watson, Tom. Book on CD
Spider-man: Homecoming (15 Aug 2017) Book on CD
The Silver Mask (15 Aug 2017) Black, Holly. Book on CD
Serafina And The Splintered... (15 Aug 2017) Beatty, Robert. Book on CD
See You In The Cosmos (15 Aug 2017) Cheng, Jack. Book on CD
The Sands Of Shark Island (15 Aug 2017) Smith, Alexander McCall. Book on CD
Sci-fi Junior High (15 Aug 2017) Seegert, Scott. Book on CD
Royal Crush (15 Aug 2017) Cabot, Meg. Book on CD
Patina (15 Aug 2017) Reynolds, Jason. Book on CD
Pablo And Birdy (15 Aug 2017) McGhee, Alison. Book on CD
Oz: The Great And Powerful (15 Aug 2017) Rudnick, Elizabeth. Book on CD
Orphan Island (15 Aug 2017) Snyder, Laurel. Book on CD
Lucky Broken Girl (15 Aug 2017) Behar, Ruth. Book on CD
One For Sorrow: A Ghost... (15 Aug 2017) Hahn, Mary Downing. Book on CD
The Lost Kingdom Of Bamarre (15 Aug 2017) Levine, Gail Carson. Book on CD
The Losers Club (15 Aug 2017) Clements, Andrew. Book on CD
Lemons (15 Aug 2017) Savage, Melissa. Book on CD
Laugh Out Loud (15 Aug 2017) Patterson, James. Book on CD
Heart Of The Land (15 Aug 2017) Prineas, Sarah. Book on CD
Katana At Super Hero High (15 Aug 2017) Yee, Lisa. Book on CD
Grandpa's Great Escape (15 Aug 2017) Walliams, David. Book on CD
The Door Before (15 Aug 2017) Wilson, N. D.. Book on CD
The Door In The Alley (15 Aug 2017) Kress, Adrienne. Book on CD
Darkness Of Dragons (15 Aug 2017) Sutherland, Tui T.. Book on CD
The Castle In The Mist (15 Aug 2017) Ephron, Amy. Book on CD
A Big Day For Baseball (15 Aug 2017) Osborne, Mary Pope. Book on CD
Attack Of The Jack (15 Aug 2017) Stine, R. L.. Book on CD
The Store (10 Aug 2017) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Barely Legal (08 Aug 2017) Woods, Stuart, author. Book on CD
Paradise Valley (08 Aug 2017) Box, C. J., author. Book on CD
Look Behind You (08 Aug 2017) Johansen, Iris, author. Book on CD
To Be Where You Are (04 Aug 2017) Karon, Jan. Book on CD
Sourdough (04 Aug 2017) Sloan, Robin. Book on CD
Sleeping Beauties (04 Aug 2017) King, Stephen. Book on CD
The Romanov Ransom (04 Aug 2017) Cussler, Clive. Book on CD
Robert B. Parker's The... (04 Aug 2017) Parker, Robert B.. Book on CD
Proof Of Life (04 Aug 2017) Jance, J. A.. Book on CD
Origin (04 Aug 2017) Brown, Dan. Book on CD
Manhunt - The 12-day... (04 Aug 2017) Swanson, James. Book on CD
A Kind Of Freedom (04 Aug 2017) Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson. Book on CD
Haunted (04 Aug 2017) Patterson, James. Book on CD
The Girl Who Takes An Eye... (04 Aug 2017) Lagercrantz, David. Book on CD
Enemy Of The State (04 Aug 2017) Flynn, Vince. Book on CD
Different Seasons (04 Aug 2017) King, Stephen. Book on CD
Defining Moments In Black... (04 Aug 2017) Gregory, Dick. Book on CD
A Column Of Fire (04 Aug 2017) Follett, Ken. Book on CD
The Awkward Thoughts Of W.... (04 Aug 2017) Bell, W. Kamau. Book on CD
All The Little Children (04 Aug 2017) Furniss, Jo. Book on CD
Wildfire : A Hidden Legacy... (02 Aug 2017) Andrews, Ilona, author. Book on CD
The Lying Game (02 Aug 2017) Ware, Ruth, author. Book on CD
A Game Of Ghosts (02 Aug 2017) Connolly, John, 1968- Book on CD
Gone Gull (02 Aug 2017) Andrews, Donna, author. Book on CD
Grounded Hearts (02 Aug 2017) Dickson, Jeanne M., author. Book on CD
Collared (02 Aug 2017) Rosenfelt, David, author. Book on CD
Worlds Collide (02 Aug 2017) Colfer, Chris, 1990- author. Book on CD
What Happened (28 Jul 2017) Clinton, Hillary. Book on CD
The Graybar Hotel (28 Jul 2017) Dawkins, Curtis. Book on CD
The Four Tendencies (28 Jul 2017) Rubin, Gretchen. Book on CD
Food Can Fix It (28 Jul 2017) Oz, M. D., Mehmet C.. Book on CD
Braving The Wilderness (28 Jul 2017) Brown, Ph. D., L.M.S.W., Bre... Book on CD
Marvel's Guardians Of The... (27 Jul 2017) Book on CD
The Lost Ones : A Novel (27 Jul 2017) Kamal, Sheena, author. Book on CD
Fierce Kingdom (27 Jul 2017) Phillips, Gin, author. Book on CD
Everything All At Once : How... (27 Jul 2017) Nye, Bill, author. Book on CD
Deadfall (27 Jul 2017) Fairstein, Linda A., author. Book on CD
Doctor Strange (27 Jul 2017) Book on CD
The Strength Of The Wolf Is... (27 Jul 2017) Peterson, Scott, 1968- autho... Book on CD
Gnomeo & Juliet. (27 Jul 2017) McGuire Woods, Molly, author... Book on CD
Last Breath (27 Jul 2017) Slaughter, Karin, 1971- auth... Book on CD
The Vanishing American Adult (27 Jul 2017) Sasse, Benjamin E., author, ... Book on CD
Midnight At The Bright Ideas... (27 Jul 2017) Sullivan, Matthew, 1970- aut... Book on CD
Rush Revere And The... (27 Jul 2017) Limbaugh, Rush H., author, n... Book on CD
Tricked (27 Jul 2017) Calonita, Jen, author. Book on CD
The Story Of Moana : A Tale... (27 Jul 2017) Sutherland, Kari H., author. Book on CD
The Alice Network : A Novel (27 Jul 2017) Quinn, Kate, author. Book on CD
Enjoy Your Journey (27 Jul 2017) Meyer, Joyce, 1943- author. Book on CD
The Art Of Living : Peace... (27 Jul 2017) Nha^?t Ha?nh, Thi?ch, author... Book on CD
I Need A Lifeguard... (27 Jul 2017) Scottoline, Lisa, author, na... Book on CD
Purity In Death (27 Jul 2017) Robb, J. D., 1950- author. Book on CD
The Midnight Ride Of Flat... (27 Jul 2017) Brown, Jeff, 1926-2003, auth... Book on CD
Disney Princess Storybook... (27 Jul 2017) Book on CD
Marvel's Avengers : Age Of... (27 Jul 2017) Irvine, Alexander (Alexander... Book on CD
Hyacinth And The Secrets... (27 Jul 2017) Sager Weinstein, Jacob, auth... Book on CD
Fitness Junkie (27 Jul 2017) Sykes, Lucy, author. Book on CD
Undaunted (27 Jul 2017) Palmer, Diana, author. Book on CD
Weddings At Promise Lodge (26 Jul 2017) Hubbard, Charlotte, 1953- au... Book on CD
Knife Creek (26 Jul 2017) Doiron, Paul, author. Book on CD
The Secrets She Keeps (26 Jul 2017) Robotham, Michael, 1960- aut... Book on CD
Sin Of A Woman (26 Jul 2017) Roby, Kimberla Lawson, autho... Book on CD
The Breakdown (26 Jul 2017) Paris, B. A., author. Book on CD
The Painted Queen : An... (26 Jul 2017) Peters, Elizabeth, 1927-2013... Book on CD
House Of Spies (24 Jul 2017) Silva, Daniel, 1960- author. Book on CD
The Secret Diary Of Raven... (21 Jul 2017) Alexander, Heather, 1967- au... Book on CD
School Days (20 Jul 2017) Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010... Book on CD
Tree Of Smoke (20 Jul 2017) Johnson, Denis, 1949-2017. Book on CD
American Assassin (20 Jul 2017) Flynn, Vince, 1966-2013. Book on CD
Kiss Me Like A Stranger [my... (20 Jul 2017) Wilder, Gene, 1933-2016. Book on CD
Risked (20 Jul 2017) Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Book on CD
Marvel Guardians Of The... (20 Jul 2017) Wyatt, Chris, 1975- Book on CD
Friend Of The Devil (20 Jul 2017) Robinson, Peter, 1950- Book on CD
Hunted (20 Jul 2017) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Trump Revealed : An American... (20 Jul 2017) Kranish, Michael, author. Book on CD
Death Of A Bore (20 Jul 2017) Beaton, M. C. Book on CD
Becoming Bonnie (20 Jul 2017) Walsh, Jenni L., author. Book on CD
Body Work (20 Jul 2017) Paretsky, Sara. Book on CD
Robert B. Parker's... (20 Jul 2017) Atkins, Ace. Book on CD
Porch Lies Tales Of... (20 Jul 2017) McKissack, Pat, 1944-2017. Book on CD
Robert B. Parker's Debt To... (20 Jul 2017) Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956- ... Book on CD
113 Minutes (20 Jul 2017) Patterson, James, 1947- Book on CD
Home (20 Jul 2017) Coben, Harlan, 1962- Book on CD
The Late Show (17 Jul 2017) Connelly, Michael, 1956- aut... Book on CD
Dark Rites (17 Jul 2017) Graham, Heather, author. Book on CD
Skeleton Crew : Stories (17 Jul 2017) King, Stephen, 1947- author,... Book on CD
The Leavers (17 Jul 2017) Ko, Lisa, author. Book on CD
A Dog's Purpose (17 Jul 2017) Cameron, W. Bruce, author. Book on CD
Girls From Da Hood (17 Jul 2017) Turner, Nikki, author. Book on CD
The Secrets Of The Tulip... (17 Jul 2017) Mallery, Susan, author. Book on CD
The Almost Sisters : A Novel (17 Jul 2017) Jackson, Joshilyn, author. Book on CD
Posted (17 Jul 2017) Anderson, John David, 1975- ... Book on CD
Point Guard (17 Jul 2017) Lupica, Mike, author. Book on CD
How To Be A Supervillain (17 Jul 2017) Fry, Michael, 1959- author. Book on CD
Hello, Universe (17 Jul 2017) Kelly, Erin Entrada, author. Book on CD
The Epic Fail Of Arturo... (17 Jul 2017) Cartaya, Pablo, author, narr... Book on CD
Clayton Byrd Goes... (17 Jul 2017) Williams-Garcia, Rita, autho... Book on CD
A Boy Called Bat (17 Jul 2017) Arnold, Elana K., author. Book on CD
Rediscovering Americanism :... (17 Jul 2017) Levin, Mark R. (Mark Reed), ... Book on CD
Vietnam War, The (14 Jul 2017) Ward, Geoffrey C.. Book on CD
Unshakeable Trust (14 Jul 2017) Meyer, Joyce. Book on CD
Of Mess And Moxie (14 Jul 2017) Hatmaker, Jen. Book on CD
M Is For Malice (14 Jul 2017) Grafton, Sue. Book on CD
Anxious For Nothing (14 Jul 2017) Lucado, Max. Book on CD
'h' Is For Homicide (14 Jul 2017) Grafton, Sue. Book on CD
Beach Party Surf Monkey (13 Jul 2017) Grabenstein, Chris, author. Book on CD
York (13 Jul 2017) Ruby, Laura, author. Book on CD
Supergirl At Super Hero High (13 Jul 2017) Yee, Lisa, author. Book on CD
The Great Treehouse War (13 Jul 2017) Graff, Lisa (Lisa Colleen), ... Book on CD
The Curse Of Maleficent :... (13 Jul 2017) Rudnick, Elizabeth, author. Book on CD
Judy Moody And The Bucket... (13 Jul 2017) McDonald, Megan, author. Book on CD
Bow Wow (13 Jul 2017) Quinn, Spencer, author. Book on CD
Midnight Jewel (13 Jul 2017) Mead, Richelle, author. Youth CD
Death In D Minor (13 Jul 2017) Gordon, Alexia, author. Book on CD
The Rise And Fall Of... (13 Jul 2017) Stephenson, Neal, author. Book on CD
A Dog's Way Home (13 Jul 2017) Cameron, W. Bruce, author. Book on CD
The Swamp (13 Jul 2017) Bolling, Eric, author, narra... Book on CD
His Guilt (13 Jul 2017) Gray, Shelley Shepard, autho... Book on CD
Trap The Devil (13 Jul 2017) Coes, Ben. Book on CD
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