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TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
Clean Getaway (08 Nov 2019) Stone, Nic/ Graham, Dion (NR... Book on CD
Narwhal On A Sunny Night (08 Nov 2019) Osborne, Mary Pope/ Osborne,... Book on CD
Doctor Dolittle : The... (08 Nov 2019) Lofting, Hugh/ Langton, Jame... Book on CD
Weather Or Not (08 Nov 2019) Mlynowski, Sarah, author. Book on CD
All The Impossible Things (08 Nov 2019) Lackey, Lindsay, author. Book on CD
Brave Men In Black History (08 Nov 2019) Harrison, Vashti/ Johnson, K... Book on CD
We're Red, Weird, And Blue!... (08 Nov 2019) Gutman, Dan/ Paillot, Jim (I... Book on CD
Shine! (08 Nov 2019) Grabenstein, J. J., author. Book on CD
Disney Animals Storybook... (08 Nov 2019) Disney Press (COR)/ Bennett,... Book on CD
Saving Winslow (08 Nov 2019) Creech, Sharon, author. Book on CD
Frozen : Middle Grade Novel (08 Nov 2019) Benko, Kamilla/ Disney Press... Book on CD
The Hunting Party : A Novel (07 Nov 2019) Foley, Lucy (Novelist), auth... Book on CD
Tunnel Of Bones (06 Nov 2019) Schwab, Victoria, author. Book on CD
The Line Tender (06 Nov 2019) Allen, Kate, 1977- author. Book on CD
The Last Kids On Earth And... (06 Nov 2019) Brallier, Max, author. Book on CD
The Dummy Meets The Mummy! (06 Nov 2019) Stine, R. L., author. Book on CD
The Amulet Of Power (06 Nov 2019) Arroyo, Raymond, author, nar... Book on CD
The Loyal One (06 Nov 2019) Gray, Shelley Shepard, autho... Book on CD
The Starless Sea : A Novel (06 Nov 2019) Morgenstern, Erin, author. Book on CD
The Last House Guest (06 Nov 2019) Miranda, Megan. Book on CD
Mobituaries : Great Lives... (06 Nov 2019) Rocca, Mo, author, narrator. Book on CD
The Body : A Guide For... (06 Nov 2019) Bryson, Bill, author, narrat... Book on CD
Beholding And Becoming: The... (05 Nov 2019) Simons, Ruth Chou. Book on CD
Renia's Diary (05 Nov 2019) Spiegel, Renia. Book on CD
The Plot Against The... (05 Nov 2019) Smith, Lee. Book on CD
Over The Top (05 Nov 2019) Van Ness, Jonathan. Book on CD
Ordinary Girls (05 Nov 2019) Diaz, Jaquira. Book on CD
The Miracles Answer Book (05 Nov 2019) Strobel, Lee. Book on CD
A Marvelous Life (05 Nov 2019) Fingeroth, Danny. Book on CD
Live In Grace, Walk In Love (05 Nov 2019) Goff, Bob. Book on CD
Guilty By Reason Of Insanity (05 Nov 2019) Limbaugh, David. Book on CD
Fair Play (05 Nov 2019) Rodsky, Eve. Book on CD
Little Weirds (05 Nov 2019) Slate, Jenny Book on CD
Eat Your Way To Life And... (05 Nov 2019) Prince, Joseph/ Younger, Jas... Book on CD
With All Due Respect :... (05 Nov 2019) Haley, Nikki R. Book on CD
Life Undercover : Coming Of... (05 Nov 2019) Fox, Amaryllis, author, narr... Book on CD
Where Do I Begin? : Stories... (05 Nov 2019) Duran, Elvis, author, narrat... Book on CD
Me (04 Nov 2019) John, Elton, author, narrato... Book on CD
We Rule The Night (01 Nov 2019) Bartlett, Claire Eliza. Youth CD
Vow Of Thieves (01 Nov 2019) Pearson, Mary E.. Youth CD
The Things She's Seen (01 Nov 2019) Kwaymullina, Ambelin. Youth CD
Supernova (01 Nov 2019) Morgan, Kass. Youth CD
Shatter City (01 Nov 2019) Westerfeld, Scott. Youth CD
The Queen Of Nothing (01 Nov 2019) Black, Holly. Youth CD
Permanent Record (01 Nov 2019) Choi, Mary H. K.. Youth CD
Patron Saints Of Nothing (01 Nov 2019) Ribay, Randy. Youth CD
One Of Us Is Next (01 Nov 2019) McManus, Karen M.. Youth CD
The Night Country (01 Nov 2019) Albert, Melissa. Youth CD
The Near Witch (01 Nov 2019) Schwab, V. E.. Youth CD
The Miracle & Tragedy Of The... (01 Nov 2019) Miller, Sarah. Youth CD
Look Both Ways (01 Nov 2019) Reynolds, Jason. Youth CD
Loki: Where Mischief Lies (01 Nov 2019) Lee, Mackenzi. Youth CD
Lizzie Flying Solo (01 Nov 2019) Steveson, Nanci Turner. Youth CD
Let's Call It A Doomsday (01 Nov 2019) Henry, Katie. Youth CD
The Last 8 (01 Nov 2019) Pohl, Laura. Youth CD
The Lady Rogue (01 Nov 2019) Bennett, Jenn. Youth CD
In The Woods (01 Nov 2019) Jones, Carrie. Youth CD
House Of Salt And Sorrows (01 Nov 2019) Craig, Erin A.. Youth CD
The Haunted (01 Nov 2019) Vega, Danielle. Youth CD
Hello Girls (01 Nov 2019) Cavallaro, Brittany. Youth CD
The Gentleman's Guide To... (01 Nov 2019) Lee, Mackenzi. Youth CD
Frankly In Love (01 Nov 2019) Yoon, David. Youth CD
Field Notes On Love (01 Nov 2019) Smith, Jennifer E.. Youth CD
Five Dark Fates (01 Nov 2019) Blake, Kendare. Youth CD
Eliza And Her Monsters (01 Nov 2019) Zappia, Francesca. Youth CD
Destroy All Monsters (01 Nov 2019) Miller, Sam J.. Youth CD
Dream Within A Dream (01 Nov 2019) Maclachlan, Patricia. Youth CD
The Conference Of The Birds (01 Nov 2019) Riggs, Ransom. Youth CD
The Candle And The Flame (01 Nov 2019) Azad, Nafiza. Youth CD
Call Down The Hawk (01 Nov 2019) Stiefvater, Maggie. Youth CD
Butterfly Yellow (01 Nov 2019) Lai, Thanhha. Youth CD
Apprentice Needed (01 Nov 2019) Skye, Obert. Youth CD
The Last Widow (01 Nov 2019) Slaughter, Karin, 1971- auth... Book on CD
Black Spire (01 Nov 2019) Dawson, Delilah S., author. Book on CD
Tales From A Not-so-best... (01 Nov 2019) Russell, Rachel Rene?e, auth... Book on CD
Secrets She Kept (01 Nov 2019) Gohlke, Cathy, author. Book on CD
The Dark Side : A Novel (01 Nov 2019) Steel, Danielle, author. Book on CD
They Could Have Named Her... (01 Nov 2019) Jimenez, Stephanie, author. Book on CD
My Sister, The Serial Killer... (31 Oct 2019) Braithwaite, Oyinkan, author... Book on CD
Gideon The Ninth (30 Oct 2019) Muir, Tamsyn, author. Book on CD
Ghosts Of Gold Mountain (30 Oct 2019) Chang, Gordon H., author. Book on CD
Tough Love (30 Oct 2019) Rice, Susan E., author, narr... Book on CD
American Carnage (30 Oct 2019) Alberta, Tim, author. Book on CD
The Ride Of A Lifetime :... (29 Oct 2019) Iger, Robert, author, narrat... Book on CD
It's Up To Us (29 Oct 2019) Kasich, John, author, narrat... Book on CD
Agent Running In The Field :... (29 Oct 2019) Le Carre?, John, 1931- autho... Book on CD
The Family Upstairs : A... (29 Oct 2019) Jewell, Lisa. Book on CD
Face It (29 Oct 2019) Harry, Debbie, author, narra... Book on CD
Hemingway Stories : A New... (29 Oct 2019) Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961... Book on CD
Hot Shot (29 Oct 2019) Michaels, Fern, author. Book on CD
Far And Away (29 Oct 2019) Michaels, Fern, author. Book on CD
Blue Moon (28 Oct 2019) Child, Lee, author. Book on CD
The Night Fire (25 Oct 2019) Connelly, Michael. Book on CD
The Network (25 Oct 2019) Shaw, L. C.. Book on CD
A Mrs. Miracle Christmas (25 Oct 2019) Macomber, Debbie. Book on CD
Meant To Be Yours (25 Oct 2019) Mallery, Susan. Book on CD
Lethal Agent (25 Oct 2019) Mills, Kyle, 1966- author. Book on CD
Kiss The Girls And Make Them... (25 Oct 2019) Clark, Mary Higgins. Book on CD
Invitation Only Murder (25 Oct 2019) Meier, Leslie. Book on CD
Genesis (25 Oct 2019) Cook, Robin. Book on CD
Here To Stay (25 Oct 2019) Edwards, Mark. Book on CD
Final Option (25 Oct 2019) Cussler, Clive. Book on CD
Dead Endless (25 Oct 2019) Galanter, Dave. Book on CD
The Darwin Affair (25 Oct 2019) Mason, Tim. Book on CD
The Christmas Boutique (25 Oct 2019) Chiaverini, Jennifer. Book on CD
A Cruel Deception (25 Oct 2019) Todd, Charles. Book on CD
Child's Play (25 Oct 2019) Steel, Danielle. Book on CD
A Book Of Bones (25 Oct 2019) Connolly, John. Book on CD
Bloody Genius (25 Oct 2019) Sandford, John. Book on CD
The Attack (25 Oct 2019) Griffin, W. E. B.. Book on CD
An Amish Christmas Bakery (25 Oct 2019) Irvin, Kelly. Book on CD
Beating About The Bush (25 Oct 2019) Beaton, M. C. Book on CD
Wyoming Legend (25 Oct 2019) Palmer, Diana. Book on CD
Wyoming Heart (25 Oct 2019) Palmer, Diana. Book on CD
Twisted Twenty-six (25 Oct 2019) Evanovich, Janet. Book on CD
What Happens In Paradise (25 Oct 2019) Hilderbrand, Elin. Book on CD
Tom Clancy Code Of Honor (25 Oct 2019) Clancy, Tom. Book on CD
Sword Of Kings (25 Oct 2019) Cornwell, Bernard. Book on CD
Stealth (25 Oct 2019) Woods, Stuart. Book on CD
The Stalking (25 Oct 2019) Graham, Heather. Book on CD
Spy (25 Oct 2019) Steel, Danielle. Book on CD
Sins Of The Fathers (25 Oct 2019) Jance, J. A.. Book on CD
Robert B. Parker's The... (25 Oct 2019) Parker, Robert B.. Book on CD
Robert B. Parker's Buckskin (25 Oct 2019) Parker, Robert B.. Book on CD
Robert B. Parker's Angel... (25 Oct 2019) Parker, Robert B.. Book on CD
The Rise Of Magicks (25 Oct 2019) Roberts, Nora. Book on CD
Old Bones (25 Oct 2019) Preston, Douglas. Book on CD
Noel Street (25 Oct 2019) Evans, Richard Paul. Book on CD
No Exit (25 Oct 2019) Adams, Taylor. Book on CD
Wildfire (25 Oct 2019) Philbrick, W. R. (W. Rodman)... Book on CD
The Big Shrink (25 Oct 2019) Mlynowski, Sarah, author. Book on CD
Allies (25 Oct 2019) Gratz, Alan/ Cline, Jamie (N... Book on CD
The Mysterious Benedict... (23 Oct 2019) Stewart, Trenton Lee, author... Book on CD
The Tyrant's Tomb (23 Oct 2019) Riordan, Rick, author. Book on CD
The Magic Misfits. The Minor... (23 Oct 2019) Harris, Neil Patrick, 1973- ... Book on CD
The Deserter : A Novel (22 Oct 2019) DeMille, Nelson, author. Book on CD
The Way I Heard It (22 Oct 2019) Rowe, Mike, 1962- author, na... Book on CD
I Really Needed This Today :... (22 Oct 2019) Kotb, Hoda, 1964- author, na... Book on CD
The Tommyknockers (22 Oct 2019) King, Stephen, 1947- author. Book on CD
Nothing To See Here (22 Oct 2019) Wilson, Kevin, 1978- author. Book on CD
Olive, Again : A Novel (22 Oct 2019) Strout, Elizabeth, author. Book on CD
The Silmarillion : Boxed Set (17 Oct 2019) Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Rona... Book on CD
The Guardians : A Novel (16 Oct 2019) Grisham, John, author. Book on CD
The Last Astronaut (16 Oct 2019) Wellington, David, author. Book on CD
Lifespan : Why We Age-- And... (16 Oct 2019) Sinclair, David (David A.), ... Book on CD
The Call Of The Wild And... (16 Oct 2019) Arment, Ainsley, author. Book on CD
Home Work : A Memoir Of My... (16 Oct 2019) Andrews, Julie, author, narr... Book on CD
The Dearly Beloved (16 Oct 2019) Wall, Cara, author. Book on CD
Americanah (16 Oct 2019) Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, 1... Book on CD
Witch Hunt : The Story Of... (16 Oct 2019) Jarrett, Gregg, author. Book on CD
Charlotte's Web (16 Oct 2019) White, E. B./ Sweet, Melissa... Book on CD
Swiss Family Robinson :... (16 Oct 2019) Wyss, Johann David (RTL)/ Re... Book on CD
Other Words For Home (16 Oct 2019) Warga, Jasmine, author. Book on CD
The Adventures Of... (16 Oct 2019) Twain, Mark/ Ho, Oliver (RTL... Book on CD
Cog (16 Oct 2019) Van Eekhout, Greg, author. Book on CD
The Adventures Of Robin Hood... (16 Oct 2019) Pyle, Howard/ Burrows, John/... Book on CD
Roll With It (16 Oct 2019) Sumner, Jamie/ Thaxton, Cand... Book on CD
City Spies (16 Oct 2019) Ponti, James Book on CD
Ali Cross (16 Oct 2019) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Happy Howlidays! / A Middle... (16 Oct 2019) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
A Wolf Called Wander (16 Oct 2019) Parry, Rosanne, author. Book on CD
Planet Earth Is Blue :... (16 Oct 2019) Panteleakos, Nicole/ Moore, ... Book on CD
The Best At It (16 Oct 2019) Pancholy, Maulik, 1974- auth... Book on CD
White Bird : A Wonder Story:... (16 Oct 2019) Palacio, R. J./ Huber, Hilla... Book on CD
Words On Fire (16 Oct 2019) Nielsen, Jennifer A./ McIner... Book on CD
Tristan Strong Punches A... (16 Oct 2019) Mbalia, Kwame/ Abdullah, Ami... Book on CD
Imagine...the Miracles Of... (16 Oct 2019) Koceich, Matt/ Gregory, Tim ... Book on CD
Wrecking Ball (16 Oct 2019) Kinney, Jeff/ Ocampo, Ramon ... Book on CD
The Silent Thaw (16 Oct 2019) Hunter, Erin, author Book on CD
The Strangers (16 Oct 2019) Haddix, Margaret Peterson, a... Book on CD
Dr. Floss Is The Boss! (16 Oct 2019) Gutman, Dan, author. Book on CD
Dungeons & Detectives (16 Oct 2019) Dixon, Franklin W, author Book on CD
I Can Make This Promise (16 Oct 2019) Day, Christine/ Garcia, Kyla... Book on CD
Knock Three Times (16 Oct 2019) Cowell, Cressida/ Tennant, D... Book on CD
Twice Magic (16 Oct 2019) Cowell, Cressida, author. Book on CD
A Tale Of Magic... (16 Oct 2019) Colfer, Chris, 1990- author,... Book on CD
Tidelands : A Novel (15 Oct 2019) Gregory, Philippa, author. Book on CD
The Fountains Of Silence : A... (15 Oct 2019) Sepetys, Ruta, author, narra... Youth CD
Haunted House Murder (15 Oct 2019) Meier, Leslie, author. Book on CD
When We Believed In Mermaids... (15 Oct 2019) O'Neal, Barbara, 1959- autho... Book on CD
Right After The Weather (15 Oct 2019) Anshaw, Carol, 1946- author. Book on CD
Full Throttle : Stories (15 Oct 2019) Hill, Joe, author. Book on CD
Wabi Sabi (15 Oct 2019) Reibstein, Mark. Book on CD
The End And Other Beginnings... (15 Oct 2019) Roth, Veronica, author. Youth CD
Today We Go Home (11 Oct 2019) Estes, Kelli. Book on CD
The Titanic Secret (11 Oct 2019) Cussler, Clive. Book on CD
Quantum (11 Oct 2019) Cornwell, Patricia. Book on CD
The Old Success (11 Oct 2019) Grimes, Martha. Book on CD
The Girl Who Lived Twice (11 Oct 2019) Lagercrantz, David. Book on CD
When Less Becomes More (11 Oct 2019) Ley, Emily. Book on CD
Rhythms Of Renewal (11 Oct 2019) Lyons, Rebekah. Book on CD
Jay-z (11 Oct 2019) Dyson, Michael Eric. Book on CD
How We Fight For Our Lives (11 Oct 2019) Jones, Saeed. Book on CD
Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (11 Oct 2019) Bradberry Ph. D., Travis. Book on CD
Mr. Lemoncello's All-star... (11 Oct 2019) Grabenstein, Chris, author, ... Book on CD
The Escape Room (11 Oct 2019) Goldin, Megan, author. Book on CD
Blowout (11 Oct 2019) Maddow, Rachel, author, narr... Book on CD
Metahuman : Unleashing Your... (11 Oct 2019) Chopra, Deepak, author, narr... Book on CD
Warrior Of The Altaii (11 Oct 2019) Jordan, Robert, 1948-2007, a... Book on CD
Ninth House (11 Oct 2019) Bardugo, Leigh, author. Book on CD
A Dog's Promise (11 Oct 2019) Cameron, W. Bruce, author. Book on CD
The Secret Commonwealth (11 Oct 2019) Pullman, Philip, 1946- autho... Youth CD
Bluestar's Prophecy (11 Oct 2019) Hunter, Erin, author. Book on CD
Firestar's Quest (11 Oct 2019) Hunter, Erin, author. Book on CD
The First (11 Oct 2019) Applegate, Katherine, author... Book on CD
The United States Of Trump :... (11 Oct 2019) O'Reilly, Bill, author, narr... Book on CD
The Giver Of Stars : A Novel (10 Oct 2019) Moyes, Jojo, 1969- author. Book on CD
The 19th Christmas (10 Oct 2019) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Beverly, Right Here (08 Oct 2019) DiCamillo, Kate, author. Book on CD
The Education Of An Idealist (08 Oct 2019) Power, Samantha, author, nar... Book on CD
For Those Who Serve :... (08 Oct 2019) Tolle, Eckhart, 1948- Book on CD
American Royals (07 Oct 2019) McGee, Katharine, author. Youth CD
The Butterfly Girl : A Novel (07 Oct 2019) Denfeld, Rene, author. Book on CD
This Tender Land (07 Oct 2019) Krueger, William Kent, autho... Book on CD
Owl Be Home For Christmas (07 Oct 2019) Andrews, Donna, author. Book on CD
Imaginary Friend (07 Oct 2019) Chbosky, Stephen, author. Book on CD
Nothing Ventured (02 Oct 2019) Archer, Jeffrey, 1940- autho... Book on CD
The World That We Knew (01 Oct 2019) Hoffman, Alice, author. Book on CD
Cilka's Journey (01 Oct 2019) Morris, Heather (Screenwrite... Book on CD
Poison Jungle (01 Oct 2019) Sutherland, Tui, 1978- autho... Book on CD
Labyrinth (01 Oct 2019) Coulter, Catherine, author. Book on CD
A Better Man (01 Oct 2019) Penny, Louise, author. Book on CD
Wayward Son (01 Oct 2019) Rowell, Rainbow, author. Youth CD
Toil & Trouble (01 Oct 2019) Burroughs, Augusten, author,... Book on CD
Permanent Record (01 Oct 2019) Snowden, Edward J., 1983- au... Book on CD
The Book Of Gutsy Women :... (01 Oct 2019) Clinton, Hillary Rodham, aut... Book on CD
Land Of Wolves (01 Oct 2019) Johnson, Craig, 1961- author... Book on CD
Inside Out : A Memoir (01 Oct 2019) Moore, Demi, author, narrato... Book on CD
The Dutch House : A Novel (30 Sep 2019) Patchett, Ann, author. Book on CD


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