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Newly Ordered Items

TITLE (date ordered) AUTHOR Format
Siege : Trump Under Fire (24 May 2019) Wolff, Michael/ Graham, Holt... Book on CD
Forever And Ever, Amen : A... (24 May 2019) Travis, Randy/ Abraham, Ken ... Book on CD
Upheaval : Turning Points... (24 May 2019) Diamond, Jared/ Strozier, He... Book on CD
Theodore Roosevelt For The... (24 May 2019) Abrams, Dan, 1966- author, n... Book on CD
Window On The Bay (24 May 2019) Macomber, Debbie. Book on CD
Wherever She Goes (24 May 2019) Armstrong, Kelley. Book on CD
Under Currents (24 May 2019) Roberts, Nora. Book on CD
Veins Of Gold (24 May 2019) Holmberg, Charlie N.. Book on CD
Treason (24 May 2019) Zahn, Timothy. Book on CD
Sophia, Princess Among... (24 May 2019) Patterson, James. Book on CD
The Seekers (24 May 2019) Graham, Heather. Book on CD
The Scholar (24 May 2019) Mctiernan, Dervla. Book on CD
The Orphan's Song (24 May 2019) Kate, Lauren. Book on CD
One Good Deed (24 May 2019) Baldacci, David. Book on CD
The Nickel Boys (24 May 2019) Whitehead, Colson. Book on CD
Myths And Mortals (24 May 2019) Holmberg, Charlie N.. Book on CD
Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet (24 May 2019) Holmberg, Charlie N.. Book on CD
Lost And Found (24 May 2019) Steel, Danielle. Book on CD
Lock Every Door (24 May 2019) Sager, Riley. Book on CD
Gravity Is The Thing (24 May 2019) Moriarty, Jaclyn. Book on CD
Followed By Frost (24 May 2019) Holmberg, Charlie N.. Book on CD
The Christmas Box (24 May 2019) Evans, Richard Paul. Book on CD
The Chain (24 May 2019) McKinty, Adrian. Book on CD
The Brink (24 May 2019) Murray, James. Book on CD
The Bookshop On The Shore (24 May 2019) Colgan, Jenny. Book on CD
Big Sky (24 May 2019) Atkinson, Kate. Book on CD
After The End (24 May 2019) Mackintosh, Clare. Book on CD
Almost Midnight (24 May 2019) Doiron, Paul. Book on CD
Ladies Who Punch : The... (17 May 2019) Setoodeh, Ramin, author, nar... Book on CD
Things My Son Needs To Know... (17 May 2019) Backman, Fredrik, 1981- auth... Book on CD
A Love Letter Life : Pursue... (17 May 2019) Roloff, Jeremy, 1990- author... Book on CD
Tightrope (17 May 2019) Quick, Amanda, author. Book on CD
Storm Cursed (17 May 2019) Briggs, Patricia, author. Book on CD
The Seven Or Eight Deaths Of... (17 May 2019) Grames, Juliet, author. Book on CD
The Pioneers : The Heroic... (17 May 2019) McCullough, David G., author... Book on CD
The Paris Diversion (17 May 2019) Pavone, Chris, author. Book on CD
Blessing In Disguise (17 May 2019) Steel, Danielle, author. Book on CD
Those Other Women : A Novel (17 May 2019) Moriarty, Nicola, author. Book on CD
The Teacher's Bride (17 May 2019) Fuller, Kathleen, author. Book on CD
All-american Adventure (16 May 2019) Patterson, James/ Grabenstei... Book on CD
Katt Vs. Dogg (16 May 2019) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
To The Future, Ben Franklin! (16 May 2019) Osborne, Mary Pope/ Osborne,... Book on CD
Roller Girl (16 May 2019) Jamieson, Victoria/ Guerra, ... Book on CD
Miss Porter Is Out Of Order! (16 May 2019) Gutman, Dan/ Glick, Maxwell ... Book on CD
Trial By Fire (16 May 2019) Focus on the Family (COR) Book on CD
A Politics Of Love : A... (15 May 2019) Williamson, Marianne, 1952- ... Book on CD
The Road Home (15 May 2019) Evans, Richard Paul, author,... Book on CD
The Matriarch (15 May 2019) Page, Susan, author. Book on CD
Finding My Voice : My... (15 May 2019) Jarrett, Valerie, 1956- auth... Book on CD
The Mister (15 May 2019) James, E. L., author. Book on CD
Cape May : A Novel (15 May 2019) Cheek, Chip, author. Book on CD
The Tubman Command (10 May 2019) Cobbs, Elizabeth, author. Book on CD
Titanshade (10 May 2019) Stout, Dan, author. Book on CD
Play Hungry (09 May 2019) Rose, Pete. Book on CD
Life After Suicide (09 May 2019) Ashton, Jennifer. Book on CD
Lessons From Lucy (09 May 2019) Barry, Dave. Book on CD
The Latte Factor (09 May 2019) Bach, David. Book on CD
Furious Hours (09 May 2019) Cep, Casey. Book on CD
The Big Kahuna (06 May 2019) Evanovich, Janet, author. Book on CD
The Night Window (06 May 2019) Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), ... Book on CD
An Amish Reunion : Four... (03 May 2019) Book on CD
Sunset Beach (03 May 2019) Andrews, Mary Kay, 1954- aut... Book on CD
Such A Perfect Wife : A... (03 May 2019) White, Kate, 1950- author. Book on CD
Exceptional You! : 7 Ways To... (03 May 2019) Osteen, Victoria, author, na... Book on CD
The Hill To Die On : The... (03 May 2019) Sherman, Jake, author, narra... Book on CD
The View From Alameda Island (30 Apr 2019) Carr, Robyn, author. Book on CD
The Bride Test (30 Apr 2019) Hoang, Helen, author. Book on CD
Before We Were Wicked (30 Apr 2019) Dickey, Eric Jerome, author. Book on CD
Before She Was Found (29 Apr 2019) Gudenkauf, Heather, author. Book on CD
Machines Like Me (29 Apr 2019) McEwan, Ian, author. Book on CD
The Pursuits Of Lord Kit... (29 Apr 2019) Laurens, Stephanie, author. Book on CD
The Mother-in-law (29 Apr 2019) Hepworth, Sally, author. Book on CD
I Know Who You Are (29 Apr 2019) Feeney, Alice. Book on CD
Dead In A Week (29 Apr 2019) Kane, Andrea, author. Book on CD
The Moment Of Lift : How... (29 Apr 2019) Gates, Melinda, 1964- author... Book on CD
Shoot For The Moon : The... (29 Apr 2019) Donovan, Jim, 1954- author. Book on CD
The Last Mrs. Parrish (29 Apr 2019) Constantine, Liv, author. Book on CD
The 18th Abduction (26 Apr 2019) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Stop Doing That Sh*t (25 Apr 2019) Bishop, Gary John. Book on CD
The Kennedy Heirs : John,... (25 Apr 2019) Taraborrelli, J. Randy/ Petk... Book on CD
Unfreedom Of The Press (25 Apr 2019) Levin, Mark R./ Lowell, Jere... Book on CD
Let Love Have The Last Word... (25 Apr 2019) Common/ Common (NRT)/ McMill... Book on CD
How To Make Friends With The... (24 Apr 2019) Glasgow, Kathleen, 1969- aut... Youth CD
All For One (24 Apr 2019) De la Cruz, Melissa, 1971- a... Youth CD
When All Is Said (24 Apr 2019) Griffin, Anne, 1969- author. Book on CD
Doing Justice : A... (24 Apr 2019) Bharara, Preet, 1968- author... Book on CD
The Everlasting Rose (24 Apr 2019) Clayton, Dhonielle, author. Youth CD
The Second Mountain : The... (24 Apr 2019) Brooks, David, 1961- author. Book on CD
Life Will Be The Death Of Me... (24 Apr 2019) Handler, Chelsea, author, na... Book on CD
Without Precedent (24 Apr 2019) Trafford, J. D., author. Book on CD
Double Exposure (24 Apr 2019) Gough, Alfred, 1967- author. Book on CD
Crashing Heat (24 Apr 2019) Castle, Richard, author. Book on CD
The 13-minute Murder (24 Apr 2019) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
Under The Table : A Novel (24 Apr 2019) Evanovich, Stephanie, author... Book on CD
Master & Apprentice (24 Apr 2019) Gray, Claudia, author. Book on CD
The Curse Of Oak Island :... (24 Apr 2019) Sullivan, Randall, author. Book on CD
Two Weeks (24 Apr 2019) Kingsbury, Karen, author. Book on CD
Point Of View : A Fresh Look... (24 Apr 2019) Hasselbeck, Elisabeth, autho... Book on CD
Nanaville : Adventures In... (24 Apr 2019) Quindlen, Anna, author. Book on CD
The Saturday Night Supper... (23 Apr 2019) Laureano, Carla, author. Book on CD
Neon Prey (23 Apr 2019) Sandford, John, 1944 Februar... Book on CD
A Lite Too Bright (22 Apr 2019) Miller, Samuel, 1991- Youth CD
Dear George, Dear Mary : A... (18 Apr 2019) Calvi, Mary, 1969- author. Book on CD
Damsel (18 Apr 2019) Arnold, Elana K., author. Youth CD
The Last Voyage Of Poe... (18 Apr 2019) Condie, Allyson Braithwaite,... Youth CD
The Case For Trump (18 Apr 2019) Hanson, Victor Davis, author... Book on CD
The Persian Gamble (18 Apr 2019) Rosenberg, Joel C., 1967- au... Book on CD
The Lost Man (18 Apr 2019) Harper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth... Book on CD
American Moonshot : John F.... (18 Apr 2019) Brinkley, Douglas, author. Book on CD
The Better Sister : A Novel (18 Apr 2019) Burke, Alafair, author. Book on CD
The Book Of Dreams : A Novel (18 Apr 2019) George, Nina, 1973- author. Book on CD
Lost Roses : A Novel (18 Apr 2019) Kelly, Martha Hall, author, ... Book on CD
Saving Meghan : A Novel (18 Apr 2019) Palmer, Daniel, 1962- author... Book on CD
The Cerulean (18 Apr 2019) Ewing, Amy, author. Youth CD
The Miseducation Of Cameron... (18 Apr 2019) Danforth, Emily M., author. Youth CD
The Deceiver's Heart (18 Apr 2019) Nielsen, Jennifer A., author... Youth CD
On The Come Up (18 Apr 2019) Thomas, Angie, author. Youth CD
Pimsleur® German 1. (18 Apr 2019) Book on CD
The Upside Of Falling Down :... (18 Apr 2019) Crane, Rebekah, author. Youth CD
Relative Strangers (18 Apr 2019) Garner, Paula, author. Youth CD
An Amish Home : Four... (18 Apr 2019) Book on CD
Don't Stop Believin' (18 Apr 2019) Newton-John, Olivia, author,... Book on CD
Dark Tribute (18 Apr 2019) Johansen, Iris, author. Book on CD
The Deepest Blue (17 Apr 2019) Durst, Sarah Beth, author. Book on CD
The Light Over London (17 Apr 2019) Kelly, Julia, 1986- author. Book on CD
The Hamilton Affair : A... (17 Apr 2019) Cobbs Hoffman, Elizabeth, au... Book on CD
The A List (17 Apr 2019) Jance, Judith A., author. Book on CD
The Last Second / Catherine... (17 Apr 2019) Coulter, Catherine, author. Book on CD
Where The Forest Meets The... (17 Apr 2019) Vanderah, Glendy, author. Book on CD
Deep Harbor (17 Apr 2019) Michaels, Fern, author. Book on CD
The Way It Hurts (17 Apr 2019) Blount, Patty, author. Youth CD
Trouble Never Sleeps (17 Apr 2019) Tromly, Stephanie, author. Youth CD
Come Find Me (17 Apr 2019) Miranda, Megan, author. Youth CD
Mara, Daughter Of The Nile (17 Apr 2019) McGraw, Eloise Jarvis, autho... Youth CD
Little White Lies (17 Apr 2019) Barnes, Jennifer (Jennifer L... Youth CD
Folded Notes From High... (17 Apr 2019) Boren, Matt, author. Youth CD
Blood Of A Thousand Stars (17 Apr 2019) Belleza, Rhoda, author. Youth CD
Miracle At St. Andrews : A... (17 Apr 2019) Patterson, James, 1947- auth... Book on CD
The Editor (17 Apr 2019) Rowley, Steven, 1971- author... Book on CD
The Irishman's Daughter (16 Apr 2019) Alexander, V. S., author. Book on CD
The 30-day Money Cleanse :... (16 Apr 2019) Feinstein Gerstley, Ashley, ... Book on CD
The Art Of Dying Well : A... (16 Apr 2019) Butler, Katy, 1949- author, ... Book on CD
Brain Body Diet : 40 Days To... (16 Apr 2019) Gottfried, Sara, author. Book on CD
Mostly Sunny : How I Learned... (16 Apr 2019) Dean, Janice, 1970- author, ... Book on CD
The Right Side Of History :... (16 Apr 2019) Shapiro, Ben, author, narrat... Book on CD
The Patient One (16 Apr 2019) Gray, Shelley Shepard, autho... Book on CD
Redemption (15 Apr 2019) Baldacci, David, author. Book on CD


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