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booksaleYou'll always find great bargains at the Dayton Metro Library's Big Booksale! The sale takes place April 10, 11 & 12  at Hara Arena, 1001 Shiloh Springs Road. Sale hours on Friday are 4:00 - 8:00 p.m.; Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. and Sunday 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. while supplies last. Admission and parking are free.

There are lots of books for children and adults, plus CDs, DVDs, audiocassettes, videos and more, all at bargain basement prices. If you need more information about the booksale, contact the library's Community Relations office at 496-8901.

Forms of Acceptable Payment

We are able to accept cash or check with proper ID only. We can also accept credit card payment. The Friends of the Library will invoice schools who present Purchase Orders at the sale.

Booksale FAQs

 How much do items cost?

  •  Books $1 each, except for items in the Special Collection area, which are individually priced.
  • DVDs $3 each
  • Music CDs $2 each
  • Books on CD $5 (per book)
  • Books on Tape $1 each (per book)
  • Video Tapes 50¢ each
  • Audio Tapes 25¢ each

 Sunday Only: $1 for all you can carry (while supplies last)

 Is there a preview night?

There are no special preview days or hours. All booksale hours are open to the public.

In which Hara Arena building is the booksale held?

Booksale is held in the East Exhibit Hall, close to the parking lot entrance at Wolf Rd. and Shiloh Springs Rd.

 Where do the booksale items come from?

Most of the materials sold at the booksale are weeded from throughout the Dayton Metro Library system. Weeding is a vital part of maintaining a useful collection. Older items and duplicate items are continually weeded out of the collection in order to make room for new items. These weeded items are boxed up and placed in off-site storage for the next booksale. Donations that cannot be used in our collection make up the rest of our booksale items.

 What will I find at the booksale?

Old & new books for all ages, along with audio visual materials including VHS tapes, books on tape & CD and more. We start with more than 40,000 items covering 240 tables. There's something for everyone!

Will I be able to find a specific book I'm looking for?

Possibly, but the books at booksale are only categorized into tables of children's and adult Fiction and Nonfiction and paperbacks. They are not grouped by subject, author, etc.

 Who benefits from the sale?

All proceeds benefit the Friends of the Library organization. With these funds, the Friends run a volunteer program, provide incentives for Summer Reading Clubs, support literacy, sponsor speakers and more. Information about the Friends and what they do with the proceeds can be found here.

Do you accept donations for the sale?

We accept donations of books and audio-visual items for our booksales. Donations are accepted at most library locations and at the Main Library. We encourage you to take any bulk donations (more than a small box) to the Main Library for drop off in the garage area off Patterson St. Please box and label for "Donation."

We can write you a receipt for tax purposes if you like. Call 496-8901 if you need more information on donating booksale materials. Unfortunately we are not able to pick up your donations.

Donations we cannot accept include:

  • Magazines
  • Any "dated" books, i.e. "Tax Guide 2003", "Visitors Guide to Boston 2001", "Encyclopedia Britanica 2004"
  • Books that are damaged, missing pages, have a musty smell or are otherwise noticably flawed
  • Text books
  • Audio visual items that are missing tapes/CDs, scratched, damaged or may not play properly

These items do not sell and we have to pay to store them before they go to booksale. Please help us keep our costs down by excluding these items from your donation boxes. If you have something on this list that we can't accept, please call Goodwill, St. Vincent DePaul or other thrift shops. They may be able to use some of these items.


We can also accept credit card payment.


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