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Who are the Friends of the Library?

 We are people who love our Library! We provide support to the Dayton Metro Library system through fundraising and programming assistance. We believe that Libraries are a key part of our community, enabling people of all ages and from all walks of life to engage with information, education, and creativity!

What do the Friends of the Library do?

Financial Support

Our fundraising helps the Library continue to offer a wide range of activities in these tough economic times. The programs we support touch the lives of a broad range of age groups across all the communities served by the Dayton Metro Library system. A few examples of those programs are:

Some of the things financed by the Friends of the Library include:

  • The Summer Challenge: 10 weeks of activities, literature, art, hands-on learning and fun for everyone in the family
  • First Club: A program aiming to put a Library card in the hands of every first grader in the Dayton Metro Library service area
  • Lego Programs: Programs that reach youth from elementary school age through teens, bolstering STEM learning efforts
  • Poetry Contest: A truly intergenerational program that brings authors together to share their work and inspire others

More questions?

Feel free to contact our Volunteer Services Manager at 937.496.8638 or by email at, if you need more information about the Friends of the Library.


Book Sale FAQs

How much do items cost?

All books $1 each (we’re not doing special collections for this sale)
AV materials are buy one, get one free.

Where do the book sale items come from?

Most of the materials sold at the booksale are "weeded" from throughout the Dayton Metro Library system. Weeding is a vital part of maintaining a useful Collection, as older and duplicate items are regulary removed in order to make room for new items. Weeded items are placed in off-site storage for the next book sale; donations that cannot be used in our Collection make up the rest of our book sale items.

What will I find at the book sale?

Old and new books for all ages, Music CDs movies on DVD, books on tape and CD, and more. There's something for everyone!

Will I be able to find a specific book I'm looking for?

For the first time, the books will be sorted into several subjects such as Sports, Military, Poetry, Mystery, Science Fiction, Local/Ohio interest, Arts/Antiques, Cookbooks, Cars, Adult Fiction, Paperbacks, Biographies, Children’s Picture books, Juvenile, Teens plus more

Who benefits from the sale?

All proceeds benefit the Friends of the Library organization. With these funds, the Friends provide incentives for Summer Challenge, sponsor speakers and help support branch programs that fall outside the general operating budget of the Dayton Metro Library. Information about the Friends and what they do with the proceeds can be found here.

Do you accept donations for the sale?

Due to Covid-19 and limited services we are not taking book sale donations at this time.

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