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Are they “just playing”?

pizzaWith our society’s concern about the achievement gap between children, and Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee, we have become very focused on the skills children need to be successful readers and achieve in school.  Hopefully, this will lead to improved outcomes for children but we cannot lose sight of the whole child as we drill down on academic skills. Children need lots of time for unstructured play. It gives them an opportunity to be creative, practice social skills, learn critical thinking and act on their own curiosity.  Indeed, many academic skills are learned and practiced when children play house, dig in the sand and build with blocks.  To help you encourage, facilitate and join in on your child’s free play, the Library offers story bag kits with books, toys and playful activity suggestions.  Search the catalog for “story bag” or “early childhood” to see all the different themes that are offered.

6 9 2016

Thanks to Children’s Services Librarian, Allison Knight, for assistance on this blog post.


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