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Your Time and Attention is the Best Gift!

The joy of sharing books with your toddler is a gift you can give all year round. When you spend time talking about and reading books, your child learns the language skills necessary for later school success.  Here are some tips for success with toddlers:

  • Let your toddler choose some of the books you borrow from the library.  You can avoid material that isn’t age appropriate by choosing a group of books to choose from.
  • Don’t worry if your toddler doesn’t sit down and listen to you read.  Despite the moving around, they are probably still listening.  And if you ask him or her questions about the pictures, they may come in for a landing.
  • Read active books with motions and silly voices for playtime. Quieter books will work better before bed.
  • Ask your children’s librarian for some book suggestions that they know toddlers love. 

12 23 2016

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