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Improving Vocabulary

Did you ever wonder how many times a child must hear a word before he or she learns it?  According to research, only 20% of the children who heard a new word three times remembered it.  It wasn't until after 24 repetitions that the majority of the children (80%) remembered the word. (Neuman &Wright, 2014)

You can support your child's vocabulary development by:

  1. Taking time each day to listen and talk with your child.  The best way to learn language is by talking!
  2. Asking questions that get your child to express their ideas, feelings and opinions.  Ask them to explain their reasoning.  This experience of making themselves understood is so important for school success.
  3. Engaging your child in interesting and new activities.  Words represent underlying concepts and interconnections that children get from their experiences.

10 28 2016

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