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Event: Movie Palaces and Department Stores of Downtown Dayton in Days Gone By

Date: Aug 20, 2013  Time: 06:30 pm - 08:00 pm
About this Event:

This slideshow features photos and histories of the old movie theaters including Mayfair Burlesk (accounts of appearances by Sally Rand, Tempest Storm, Southern Comfort, etc.), Colonial (with great stories about Gypsy Rose Lee and Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard), Strand, Keith's, State (stories about Houdini, Will Rogers and the famous ghost), Loew's, Victoria (the only theater to be saved and stories abut Helen Hayes, Ann Corio and the ghosts of the theater), etc. and department stores including Adler and Childs, Home Store, Elder-Johnston, Rike's (all three locations).  Great stories and memories of going to the movies and shopping in downtown Dayton.  Featuring first-person account of a young Chaminade High School student working at Elder's and playing the piano at the Loew's Theater.  Come back in time to a different era.

Locating East Branch:

Location: East Branch
Address: 2008 Wyoming St.
Dayton , OH 45410
Phone: 937.496.8930
Mon9:30 - 8:30
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