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Early Risers - a Boost of Entrepreneurial Energy

daytontechguideIf you need an injection of creative energy and motivation to think innovatively about your business, you might enjoy Early Risers. Organized by Dayton Tech Guide, Early Risers is a morning event series intended to bring together big companies and startups in a mutually beneficial forum, allowing executives the opportunity to find innovative solutions to their industry problems and increasing the entrepreneurs' odds of finding the resources they need to launch their businesses to the next level.

Once a month 3 entrepreneurs will pitch their concept or product to an audience of business leaders, angel investors, and game-changers. The catch is that these entrepreneurs are asking for more than just funding--they are pitching for things like:

  • Connections to business that might be their first customers.
  • Access to a mentor to help build their weaknesses.
  • A key employee to round out their team.
  • A supplier that can scale their manufacturing
  • A technical co-founder

The audience will then be given 5 minutes to ask questions of the entrepreneurs. Opportunities to ask additional questions or connect with the entrepreneur will be available after the event.

If you are interested in attending Early Risers, you can register here for the February 24 meeting which begins at 7:30 a.m. at The Entrepreneurs Center. If you’re an entrepreneur who would like to share your business you can sign up here to share your pitch. Visit Dayton Tech Guide for more information about Early Risers and other business programs and events.

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