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Check Out The Collider Project

The Small Business Hub (a growing resource of the Wright Brothers Institute and the Air Force Research Lab) recently created a new meetup group called the Collider Project.


This group was created to engage government, academia, and businesses by fostering random collisions on topics of interest. All Colliders have a networking and social component and there are four general types of Colliders that include:

  • Information Series - educational or learning sessions
  • Partnership Series - networking, partnership opportunities, matchmaking, Q&A panels, and problem solving
  • Innovative Technology Series- targets specific leading-edge research areas
  • Regional Ecosystem Series- cross-promote events happening throughout the region

To learn more about The Collider Project, visit their website via

The Dayton Metro Library regularly shares free library services and resources at Collider events-  An Intro to the ReferenceUSA Database will be held on Monday, May 18. Click here for more information.

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