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Surviving Behavioral Interviews

interviewMany thanks to Melanie Blau McDonald from SWON Libraries for sharing a presentation on behavioral interviews for Job Seekers last Thursday.  Highlights from the presentation:

  • Employers use this type of interview/ interview question because there is a strong correlation between your past behavior and your future behavior if presented with a similar situation. For example, if you can explain how you resolved a customer complaint with patience, attention to detail and consideration for their feelings, you are more likely to resolve customer complaints for a new employer in the same manner.

  • Each answer to a behavioral interview question should contain the following elements:
    • E- Example
    • A-Action
    • O- Outcome
  • You can use the competencies described in a job description to reverse engineer and craft practice questions and answers that demonstrate your skill with the desired competencies.
    For more information and suggestions, take a look at the slide deck from Melanie’s presentation here.
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