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Job Seeking for Those Over the Age of #? - Part 2

As I mentioned last week, I’m sharing some tips for the “seasoned” job seeker as a follow-up to Rosalie Catalano’s presentation at Job Seekers on October 6. Here are a few more suggestions and links to a couple more information articles.

  • Beware of social media- Talent acquisition professionals will most likely look you up on social media.  Don’t share anything online that they can use against you in making a hiring decision. A Facebook page full of pictures of grandbabies, a trip to celebrate your retirement, music you listened to in the 70s and 80s, will date you.

  • Have a robust LinkedIn presence- We talk about this at every Job Seekers meeting! You must have a professional profile on LinkedIn. And you need to participate in discussions related to your field of interest. This is the kind of social media presence that works in your favor when you are job seeking.  For more information on designing your profile and networking on LinkedIn, check out this article called What to Say on LinkedIn When You’re 50+

  • Less is more- This is true no matter the age of the job seeker.  Your resume should be NO MORE than 2 pages.  Deborah Jacobs from Forbes states, “Applying for jobs is no longer about reciting our life history on page after page of an application.” Read more tips by Jacobs here. A lot of job search techniques have changed. Make sure you are aware and following the new “rules.”

(Special thanks to Rosalie Catalano of Sinclair Workforce Development and Cindi Green at the Small Business Development Center at TEC for their input and inspiration for these articles.)

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