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Library Services & Borrowing Materials

The Dayton Metro Library is proud to offer a wide variety of services to the residents of Montgomery County and the state of Ohio. From traditional library services, such as library card applications and interlibrary loans, to some of the more unique services such as voter registration and meeting room reservations, the library strives to offer services that support our mission to "...inform, inspire and enrich our community by linking individuals to information needed for personal success..."

We also recognize the need to grow and adjust as technology and economic pressures create new challenges for library patrons. We are constantly striving to meet those needs while keeping the cost at the same low price it has been for decades...FREE! The library's new open computer lab at Main and our early literacy programs are just two of the ways we are working to meet your needs.

If you don't find a service you are interested in listed, please call 937.463.2665 and speak with one of our library staff members. We may offer something that can fit your needs or you may provide us with a valuable insight into an underserved need in our area.


Borrowing Materials and schedule of charges

Library Cards & Privileges

    • How to get a card at the library
      All applicants for a library card must apply in person and show proper identification, such as a current driver's license, a state-issued identification card, a current student identification card, or an armed forces identification card. New library cards will be mailed to the address provided by the patron.
    • Lost or Stolen Cards
      If your card is lost or stolen, call the Circulation Department immediately at 937.463.2665.
    • Inter-Library Loan
      Interlibrary Loan allows you to obtain items not owned by DML from other libraries around the country. You are allowed 10 requests in process at one time. The service takes 2 - 3 weeks, and with the exception of microfilm, most items can be sent to the branch of your choice for pick-up. Read the complete Inter-Library Loan Policy.
    • Homebound Service
      Is it hard for you or someone you know to get to the library? We can deliver books, movies and music to your home free of charge! Dayton Metro Library provides this service to adults who have difficulty getting out. Tell us what you would like, and we'll bring it to you. Whether you need us for a few weeks or indefinitely, Homebound Delivery will be there.

    • Online Accounts
      Using the My Account feature, you are able to view what items you have checked out, what titles you have reserved and what fines you owe the library. To access your account, you need your library card number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Library cards and PINs are available at any library location. Card numbers and PINs cannot be issued online.

Common Questions

    • Returning Materials

      Can I return items that I borrowed from one library to a different library?

      Sure! Be sure that both libraries are part of the Dayton Metro Library System. If you're not sure, call 937.463.2665 for assistance.

I returned something that belongs to a different library system. Who do I call?

The items are sent to the Main Library; from there, are then shipped or mailed back to the owning library. Feel free to call 937.463.2665 for more information.

    • Library Booksales

      I heard that the library has huge booksales. When? Where?

      The library normally has two booksales per year (and are definitely huge!). For dates and times, call 937.463.2665 or visit the Friends of the Library page here.


  ILL Policy

Interlibrary Loan Policy

  • Interlibrary Loan Service
    Interlibrary Loan (ILL) allows patrons to obtain items not owned by the Dayton Metro Library (DML) from other libraries around the country. Patrons are limited to 10 requests at a time (including active, received, on hold, checked out, etc.) Delivery time varies from a few days up to 2 weeks or more, depending upon availability. Most items can be sent to a local library branch for pick up.

  • Patron Eligibility
    Patrons with an active DML card, $10.00 or less in fees and no overdue ILL items are eligible for ILL services. However, teacher's classroom cards, homebound cards, Miami County library cards and juvenile cards cannot be used for ILL requests.

  • Items that can be Requested
    You may request books (print only), audio-visual items, electronic documents, photocopies of magazine or newspaper articles and microfilms.

  • Cost
    Most ILL items are free. DML interlibrary loan staff will attempt to borrow items from libraries that do not charge us fees. Some items may require a fee. If you are willing to pay a fee, we ask the maximum amount you wish to pay and charge you for the material. You are responsible for all charges levied by the lending library. You pay for your items when you pick them up.

  • Placing a Request
    You may place an ILL request on our website with our Interlibrary Loan Form, you may also call us at 937.463.2665, or you may place an ILL request in person at any DML location.

  • Check Out Time
    All ILL items will be checked out for 21 days and might be eligible for one 2 week renewal subject to the approval of the lending library. Items may be returned to any DML branch. Photocopies and electronic documents can be kept by the patron. All microfilm and items that the lending library designates as "in library use only" will be kept at the Library for 3 weeks for the patron to view on site.

  • Renewing
    Call one week before the ILL item is due at 937.463.2665 and ask for an interlibrary loan renewal. We will contact the lending library for their approval and notify you if your renewal is approved.

  • Items that are Late, Lost, or Stolen
    ILL late fines are $.10 per day per item with a maximum of $5.00. Contact us immediately if your material is lost or stolen. You are financially responsible for lost or stolen items. If you return an item to us through the mail and the item is lost, you are responsible for the item. We will contact the lending library, and they will notify us of the cost of replacing the item.



Public Resources

  • Copy Machines
    All libraries have copy machines available. Copies are 10 cents per page.
  • Computers
    There are computers with Internet access and Microsoft Office Products (including Word, Publisher, PowerPoint and Excel) available at all Dayton Metro Libraries. You may print from any computer for 10 cents per page for b&w prints and 30 cents per page for color prints. Documents on an external flash drive may also be printed from library computers.
  • Lost and Found
    I lost/left something at the library. Did anyone find it?
    For items at branch locations, please call 937.463.2665.
  • Mailing Lists

    I saw a flyer at a friend's house that came through the mail? How do I join?

    The library would be happy to add you to our mailing list. Either contact the External Relations Dept. or mail us your address (215 E. Third St., Dayton, 45402).

    I need to change my address or remove myself from the list.

    The library would be happy to add you to our mailing list. Either contact the External Relations Dept. at 937.463.2665 or mail us your address (215 E. Third St., Dayton, 45402).



  Additional Services

  • Voter Registration
    You can register to vote at any of our library locations. If you need more information about the requirements or deadlines, contact the Montgomery County Board of Elections, at 937.225.5656.
  • Golden Buckeye Cards
    Golden Buckeye Applications are available at all Dayton Metro Library locations. Cards are free and available to Seniors age 60 and over or those with administration approved disabilities.
  • Income Tax Forms
    Income Tax Forms are available in season (normally January through April) at all Dayton Metro Libraries. The library carries Federal and State Tax Forms. City of Dayton tax forms will need to be copied in the library. Copies are 10 cents each. We suggest you call ahead to make sure that the library carries the form that you need.
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