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Call 937.463.2665 or see branch staff to reserve a space. Fees may apply.

Click here to see a detailed chart of the rooms available at each of our library locations.

Reserving Spaces at YOUR Library

Your Dayton Metro Library is the place to meet! There are performance spaces, gathering places, conference rooms and study areas. Whether you need a small, quiet space for study, a larger room for collaboration, or a venue to host an important event – the right size space is available at your Dayton Metro Library.

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TUTOR ROOMS, QUADS, GROUP STUDY ROOMS, CONFERENCE ROOMS, AND TECHNOLOGY SPACES typically offer monitors and white boards, though amenities vary by location. AV recording/editing equipment is also available at many locations with a prior reservation. Anyone age 13 and older (Tech Spaces age 16 and older) may reserve one of these spaces up to 90 days in advance by calling the AskMe Line at 937.463.2665, or in person at the AskMe Desk. Walk-ins are welcome if rooms are not already in use or reserved. See Our Spaces

Read the Policy: Tutor Rooms, Quads, Group Study Rooms & Conference Rooms - Main and Branch Libraries

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COMMUNITY ROOMS are available for anyone over the age of 18, and offer a variety of amenities such as overhead projectors, integrated sound systems and white boards, which vary by location. Many Community Rooms are available for before-and-after Library hours use, if reserved at least three weeks (up to one year) in advance (must be 21). Community Room reservations are made by completing a COMMUNITY ROOM LICENSE AGREEMENT at the preferred facility/location, up to 90 days in advance. Fees apply for Community Room use; however, during designated hours, IRS verified 501(c)3-11 organizations and Ohio school systems serving youth PreK-Grade 12 may qualify for free Community Room use. Walk-ins are welcome if the Community Room is not in use for a Library program or a confirmed reservation. See Our Spaces

Read the Policy: Community Rooms - Branch Libraries

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The MAIN LIBRARY offers unique spaces in addition to Group Study Rooms, Quads, Conference Rooms and Technology Spaces. Two versatile performance spaces (The Eichelberger Forum and the Bassani Theater Off Third) are available for concerts, forums, film screenings, author readings, theatrical performances and other cultural events. These venues, as well as the Main Library’s three-story Atrium, Community Rooms and the Board Room, may be rented for private events. For more information about Main Library rental venues, contact Events Manager Kim Dellinger at 937.496.8519 or email at .

Read the Policy: Tutor Rooms, Quads, Group Study Rooms & Conference Rooms - Main and Branch Libraries

Read the Policy: Community Rooms - Branch Libraries

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OPPORTUNITY SPACES are available for residents of varying length (generally three weeks to three months) for collaborations, participatory activities and educational/interactive exhibits.

For more information about the Opportunity Spaces, contact Community Engagement Manager Jayne Klose at 937.496.8508 or email at

Quick Policy & Fee Links

Community Room Policy, Branch Community Room Fees and Main Library Specialty Rental Spaces Fees

Tutor Rooms, Quads, Group Study Rooms & Conf. Rooms Policy (Main & Branch Libraries)


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