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Adolescence is the transitional age from childhood to maturity and an experimental stage during which young people investigate a wide variety of interests. Teens may use a wider range of library materials than any other age group. While the entire collection is available to the teens, the library recognizes that certain materials have a special appeal or message for this group. Some items are purchased specifically for the teen collection. However, many items found here are duplicated in the children's collection, in the adult collection, or in both.

The teen collection includes recreational reading, including fiction and non-fiction, paperbacks, magazines, and graphic novels particularly appropriate to adolescents age thirteen to seventeen. It is not intended to be a comprehensive collection serving all the needs and interests of teens, nor is it the library's intention that teens should be confined to the use of this material.

Materials are selected for this collection to educate, empower, and broaden the horizons of teens to help them to cope with the problems of adolescence. To fulfill these needs, the collection will inevitably include materials on controversial topics which some may find offensive.

The teen reference collection is for adults to increase their appreciation of teen literature and enhance library work with teens.

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