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Collection Development Policy


The library is intended to meet the civic, educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of its users through collections that include a wide variety of print and non-print materials for all levels of educational achievement. The Office of Collection Development identifies the special interests of our diverse community populations and entities and builds collections that mirror the interests of its customers.

The Board places priority on building customer centered collections that respond to current needs and interests of our community, rather than building historical and rare material collections -except for the acquisition of materials of both past and current significance to the Miami Valley area.

Collection Evaluation

The evaluation of the collection is a fundamental responsibility. The staff continuously evaluates materials, replacing or repairing those that are worn or damaged and withdrawing items no longer current or in demand. As the library continues to collect newly published items, our space needs will continue to be challenged. The most cost effective way to stretch shelf-space is through the removal of used and outdated materials. Leaving rarely used materials on the shelves decreases rather than increases patron satisfaction. Removing obsolete titles and materials in poor physical condition makes it easier for patrons to choose from the titles that remain. The Office of Collection Development actively searches for replacement items for dated materials.

Collection evaluation is not to be employed as a convenient means to remove materials presumed to be controversial or disapproved of by segments of the community. Such abuse would be a violation of the principles of intellectual freedom as expressed in the Library Bill of Rights.

Depending upon condition, materials withdrawn from the collections as part of the evaluation process may be offered for sale in the Friends of the Library's book sale. The Dayton Metro Library has an agreement with the Friends of the Library for the sale of withdrawn materials. Gifts and other items not added to the library's collection are also included or are recycled. Withdrawn materials are not offered at any time other than the book sale. Exceptions may be made and the materials may be given to a school or other non-profit agency for use in a recognized program.

Guidelines for Materials Selection

These guidelines are applicable to most selection decisions. Other factors may be taken into consideration, and the importance or weight of a particular guideline will vary from one acquisition to another.

  • Reputation and qualifications of the creator(s), publisher(s) or producer(s)
  • Community needs, interests, and demands
  • Literary, artistic, and technical values
  • Significance of the author's work to the Miami Valley
  • Relationship to the collection
  • Availability for purchase
  • Availability in other areas and urban libraries
  • Format
  • Recommendations of reviews
  • Durability of format
  • Price
  • Suitability for intended user
  • Judgment of work as a whole


The Dayton Metro Library is interested in donations of materials that will broaden and enrich the Library's collections. Much depends on the condition of the items donated and the needs of the library's collection. New titles acquired in this manner are subject to the basic standards of selection. Replacements and duplicate copies are added to the collection if needed. The Dayton Metro Library recognizes the addition of donations to the collection is a costly enterprise and thus the library must carefully consider whether the donation is worth the price of cataloging and processing it. If it is not on a subject of interest to the users of the library, no matter how fine the book may be, the library may decide not to add it to the collection.

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