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The Friends of the Dayton Metro Library is a nonprofit organization made up of our most enthusiastic supporters. They are people who visit their library frequently to check out books, read magazines or look for movies or music. They may have children who use the library for school projects and homework. Maybe they benefit from the library's resources for businesses or job hunters, enjoy free classes and programs or take advantage of our outreach services for seniors. They all have one thing in common - they believe in the importance of the Dayton Metro Library.

What do the Friends of the Library do?


The Friends of the Library sponsor an active volunteer program. At several libraries, teen volunteers help to coordinate activities and suggest book and movie purchases. Volunteers at the Main Library enter genealogical information into a database used by researchers throughout the area. Booksale volunteers set up and run two large booksales each year. Other volunteer opportunities are available as well. Learn more information on volunteering at the library. You will need to fill out and return out volunteer application form.

Financial Support

Membership dues, along with money raised by the Friends of the Library booksales, provide valuable support to the Dayton Metro Library throughout the year. Thanks to financial support from the Friends, the library is able to host activities and make purchases that donate generally fit within the library's budget. In tough financial times, the library depends on the support of the Friends more than ever.

Some of the things financed by the Friends of the Library include:

    • Supporting the annual Summer Reading Clubs with prizes and parties
    • Hosting authors and guest speakers
    • Purchasing items like beanbag chairs for teen areas at the library
    • Providing cash awards for the library's annual Poetry Contest and more!

More questions?

Feel free to call the Dayton Metro Library's External Relations Department at (937) 496-8901 if you need more information about the Friends of the Library.

How do I become a member?

It's easy! Choose the membership level you prefer, complete the registration form, then mail it or drop it off at your nearest library. Membership brochures are available at your library, or you can click on a printable registration form here.

What are the membership dues?


Level Benefit
$5 Student or Senior Friend Friend cling decal
$20 Friend  Friend cling decal and $5 Booksale Bucks
$35 Good Friend 2 Friend cling decals and $10 Booksale Bucks
$50 Close Friend 2 Friend cling decals and $15 Booksale Bucks
$100 Best Friend 2 Friend cling decals and $20 Booksale Bucks ($80 tax deductible)
$250 Business Friend Company name/logo included in semi-annual Friends newsletter and booksale


Your membership is valid for one year.  Membership dues may be tax deductible!  Check with your financial advisor.

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