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The Genealogy Center CLOSES permanently on Friday, April 28 at 6 p.m. Visit our expanded location in the new Main Library, 215 E. Third St. beginning Saturday, June 17 at Noon.

Rules of Conduct

    Dayton Metro Library strives to provide a clean, comfortable and safe environment for patrons and staff, and to protect facilities, equipment and materials. Conduct that violates the safety of others, threatens to damage property, or disturbs the comfortable atmosphere of the facility are prohibited. Failure to comply with a reasonable request from staff or guards may result in an individual being required to leave Library premises. Repeated and blatant disregard of the Library’s Rules of Conduct may result in banishment from Library facilities or arrest and prosecution.

    1. If a patron complains about the behavior, belongings or personal hygiene of another patron, staff or guards will approach the offending patron and request that the behavior end, belongings be removed, or the hygiene situation be rectified.

    2. If a staff member or guard becomes aware that the behavior, belongings or personal hygiene of a patron is inappropriate, staff or guards will approach the offending patron and request that the behavior end, belongings be removed, or the hygiene situation be rectified.

    3. The following behaviors and actions are examples of conduct not allowed on Library property:

      Conduct which disturbs others or interferes with any person’s comfort or safety
        •  Be disruptive, disorderly, use profanity, verbally or physically threaten or harass patrons or staff
        •  Use cell phones or play audio equipment in a loud or disturbing manner
        •  Run or walk in a manner that disturbs others
        •  View sexually explicit images on the Internet or violate the Library’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy
        •  Sleep
        •  Panhandle or solicit for sales or charity
        •  Petition or distribute non-Library approved materials
        •  Congregate on Library premises in a manner which obstructs access or interferes with use of Library facilities or services or where such activity may result in an unsafe or intimidating environment.

      Conduct towards Library property and facilities
        •  Steal, destroy, deface or abuse Library facilities or property
        •  Eat or drink in restricted areas
        •  Fail to dispose of trash in proper receptacles

      Conduct relating to personal property
        •  Leave packages, backpacks, luggage, or any other personal item unattended
        •  Enter Library buildings with backpacks or luggage which measure more than 18”W x 18”H x 24”D

      Conduct which violates local, state, and federal statutes
        •  Possess anything that is unsafe, including firearms or other weapons
        •  Use tobacco or smoke on Library premises. Smoking within twenty-five (25) feet of any Library building entrance or exit, operable windows and/or air vents.
        •  Be under the influence, consume, or possess alcohol or illegal substances
        •  Violate any local ordinance or state or federal statute

      Conduct relating to health and hygiene
        •  Show signs of offensive hygiene issues, including body odor and infestation
        •  E-cigarettes and spit tobacco, also known as smokeless, dip, chew, and snuff, in any form
        •  Bathe or clean personal items
        •  Enter Library premises without shirt or shoes
        •  Bring into the Library pets or animals other than certified service animals necessary for those with disabilities

      Conduct relating to children
        •  Leave children eight years and under unattended
        •  Attempt to solicit interaction with any minor by adults

    4. The Library reserves the right to restrict the use of its facilities and premises to persons who do not abide by the Library’s Rules of Conduct. Library personnel or guards may ask persons who are exhibiting inappropriate behavior to modify their behavior. Library staff or guards may ask adults using spaces intended for youth to vacate as needed

PS 310 Rules of Conduct - Last Reviewed/Revised:  March 24, 2017 - Download a PDF of this Document

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