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Community Meeting Rooms and Events Policy

Community Meeting Room Policy

    The Dayton Metro Library has small meeting and conference rooms available at no charge for public gatherings of civic, informational, cultural or educational character such as study groups, local non-profit board meetings, and other functions when the room is not being used for library related activities.
  2. REGULATIONS The following regulations apply to library patrons and organizations.
    1. Personal items left in a room will be kept in Lost and Found cabinets for no more than 30 days.
    2. Smoking (tobacco and electronic) is prohibited on Library property.
    3. Use of the rooms must be done in a responsible manner, with the Library Rules of Conduct adhered to at all times. The Library reserves the right to withdraw permission for room use when conditions so warrant and to stop meetings which interfere with the normal operations of the Library.
    4. The Library reserves the right to review any application for room use and request additional time and information in the approval process.
    5. Requests may be accepted up to ninety (90) days in advance.
    6. Reservations may be made by library card holders 13 years or older. Those under 13 may reserve a room at the discretion of the manager/staff person in charge. 
  3. PROCEDURES The following procedures apply to library patrons and organizations.
    1. A valid Dayton Metro Library card generally is required for all room reservations.
    2. Requests will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.
    3. The card holder submitting the application accepts the Library’s terms and conditions for the use of the room and takes responsibility to see that all conditions of use are followed. The acceptance of Library terms and conditions (electronically or in person) assigns responsibility for loss or damages to the room and its contents to the card holder submitting the request.
    4. Applicants will receive confirmation by phone or email, verifying date, time and acceptance or denial of the requests.
    5. A pre-determined number of rooms will typically be available daily on a walk-in basis, and are not reservable in advance.
    6. Any room not reserved will be available on a walk-in basis.
    7. Call Center staff should be notified as soon as possible if a room reservation has been cancelled.
    8. The Library reserves the right to cancel prior room reservations without notice in the event of an emergency, such as weather closings or unsafe building conditions. All efforts will be made to notify groups scheduled to use a room in the event of an emergency. Patrons affected by closures should connect to or for library closing information.
    1. The room must be left free of crumbs, waste, etc. Library audio-visual equipment may be available at no charge and availability varies by location and room.

Events Policy

    Dayton Metro Library welcomes use of designated Library spaces by the public within these Guidelines.  

    Event space available under this policy includes the Eichelberger Forum, Theater on Third, Main Library Atrium, and all Library Community Rooms.  Requests for use of other Library space for events will be considered on a case by case bases.

    Event spaces are generally available free of charge for nonprofit groups. Other community and neighborhood organizations without tax exempt status may qualify as a nonprofit group at the Library’s discretion. However, Dayton Metro Library may choose to charge a fee for nonprofit groups hosting revenue charging/generating events.  Fees are typically charged for private individuals or events such as business functions, performances, political campaigns, religious services, birthday parties, and weddings.
    Nonprofit Group: For purposes of this policy, a “non-profit group” is defined as a group that is eligible for tax-exempt status under sections 501(c)(3)-(11) of the Internal Revenue Code.  In cases where a group’s eligibility for tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3)-(11) is not readily apparent, proof of tax-exempt status may be required to establish eligibility for fee waiver.
    1. Use of Library event space in no way constitutes endorsement by the Library staff or by the Board of Library Trustees, of the viewpoints presented or of the policies or beliefs of those using Library event space.
    2. The Library does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual preference, age, or physical limitation in making it event space available for use.
    3. This policy supplements and/or supersedes the Community Room policy and procedures to address the unique nature of event spaces of their potential uses.
    4. First priority in the use of Library event space will be given to Library sponsored and co-sponsored programs, and to programs held in cooperation with the Library.  
    1. Reservation Procedures
      1. Requests to use Library event space may be made by Dayton Metro Library card holders 18 years or older, and who submit in advance for approval a Community Room Use Agreement/After Hours Community use Agreement.
      2. There is no time restriction for how far in advance space reservations may be made for events outside of Library hours. Space reservations for events to be held during Library hours can be reserved up to one year in advance. 
      3. An “end time” must be designated for all events; open-ended events are not permitted.  Library event space must be vacated promptly at the end of the reserved time.
      4. Events ending after Library hours require designation of a contact person to be responsible for ensuring completion of required closing procedures (i.e. turning off lights, unplugging electronic equipment, securing exits etc.).
      5. The Library reserves the right to review any reservation submittal, and to request additional time and information needed during the event approval process.
      6. The Library will approve and schedule only those events which will not disturb other Library activities or patrons.
      7. A walk-through of the meeting space during regular Library hours is required prior to first-time use.
      8. Permission to use Library spaces for a meeting or event is not transferable.
    2. Responsibilities
      1. All meetings and events held in the Library must be conducted in an orderly manner and in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and Library rules.
      2. The Library reserves the right to withdraw permission for use when conditions so warrant and to stop meetings or events which interfere with or are disruptive to normal operation.  
      3. Event space may be denied to anyone giving false information or failing to comply with this policy.
      4. The Library reserves the right to limit selling or marketing activities.  Fund raising or sales activities must be contained within the designated event space.
      5. Individuals using event space are required to leave the facilities clean and clutter free.
      6. Publicity materials used to promote non-Library sponsored events must be clear that the Library is not a sponsor of the event.
      7. The Library address, phone number, logo, or website may not be used as a point of contact for an organization using event space.
      8. Children’s and teen groups must have adult supervision at all times.
    3. Property
      1. The Library is not responsible for loss of or damage to non-Library property before, during, or after the meeting or event.  Personal items left behind will be retained in accordance with Dayton Metro Library Lost and Found Policy.  Storage is limited, but with prior arrangements, items may be left until the next business day.
      2. Any group using Library event space must pay for any and all damage to Library property resulting from the group’s use.  Damage to Library property may result in the group being prohibited from using Library facilities in the future.
      3. The Library cannot supervise exhibits or group displays.  If the organization engages a speaker, the organization is responsible for all arrangements regarding the speaker.
      4. Audiovisual operation and renting equipment beyond what is standard in the room is the sole responsibility of the renter.
      5. All fire code regulations including no open flames or blocking exits shall be fully complied with.
      6. Smoking (tobacco and electronic) is prohibited on Library property.
      7. Security and/or facilities maintenance, as defined by the Library, may be required for after-hours events and will be provided by the Library at the group’s expense.
    4. Food and Beverage
      1. Food is permissible in most event spaces.  No onsite food preparation is permitted per the Health Department.  Sinks are available in all event spaces.  A catering kitchen for warming only is available in limited spaces.
      2. The Library will consider requests to allow alcohol at events that occur only when the Library is closed to the general public, provided that the necessary permits and insurance have been secured by the event organizer.  
      3. Any organization or individual approved by the Library to serve alcohol at an event is required to have security present during the hours alcohol is being served and must fully abide by all city and state laws with regards to serving alcohol.
    5. Payment/Deposits
      1. All event reservations (even those with a waived fee) will require a booking deposit.  Excess cleaning and/or repair of damage will be deducted from the deposit or charged directly to the renter if greater than the deposit.
      2. All monies are refunded if the event is cancelled by the applicant more than ninety (90) days prior the day of the event.  Repeated cancellations may result in future requests being denied
      3. When a fee is required for use of an event space or for security services, full payment is due thirty (30) days prior to the meeting or event.
    6. Fees
      1. Branch Community Rooms with a maximum capacity less than 75:
        $25 for the first two hours plus $25 per hour for each additional hour
      2. Branch Community Rooms with a maximum capacity of 75 or more):
        $50 for the first two hours plus $50 per hour for each additional hour
      3. Main Library Community Room:
        $75 for the first two hours plus $50 per hour for each additional hour

        Specialty Space Weekdays up to four hours Weekdays over four hours Wednesday or Sunday Night Saturday and Sunday Daytime Friday and Saturday Night
        Atrium Not Available Not Available $750 Not Available $1500
        Eichelberger Forum $350 $500 $400 $500 $750
        Theater Off Third $250 $400 $350 $400 $500

  5. Guidelines:
    Specific procedures and rules related to the use of meeting rooms vary from location to location.  These include but are not limited to the nature of refreshments allowed and the availability of event spaces during normal Library operating hours.

Belmont, 937.463.BOOK, 1041 Watervliet Ave.

  • Occupancy 30 max.

Burkhardt, 937.463.BOOK, 4680 Burkhardt Ave.,

  • Occupancy 35 max.

Brookville, 937.463.BOOK, 425 Rona Pkwy Dr.

  • Occupancy 50 max.
  • One Group Study Room 6 max.
  • Two Study Quads 4 max.

East, 937.463.BOOK, 2008 Wyoming St.

  • Occupancy 75 max.

Electra C Doren, 937.463.BOOK, 701 Troy St.

  • Occupancy 20 max.

Huber Heights, 937.463.BOOK, 6160 Chambersburg Rd.

  • Occupancy 60 max.

Kettering-Moraine, 937.463.BOOK, 3496 Far Hills Ave.

  • Occupancy 60 max.
  • One Group Study Room 6 max.
  • Two Study Quads 4 max.

Madden Hills, 937.463.BOOK, 2542 Germantown St.

  • Occupancy 75 max.

Miami Township., 937.463.BOOK, 2718 Lyons Rd.

  • Community Room: Occupancy 60 max.
  • One Group Study Room: up to 6 people
  • Three Study Quads: up to 4 people each

Miamisburg, 937.463.BOOK, 35 S. Fifth St.

  • Community Room: Occupancy 50 max.
  • Conference Room: up to 10 people max.
  • Two Group Study Room: up to 6 people
  • Two Study Quads: up to 4 people each

New Lebanon, 937.463.BOOK, 715 W. Main St.

  • Community Room: Occupancy 45 max.
  • One Study Quad: up to 4 people
  • One Group Study Room: up to 6 people

Northwest, 937.463.BOOK, 2410 Philadelphia Dr.,

  • Tech Studio: 2 max.
  • Tutor Room: 2 max.
  • Community Room A: 40 max.
  • Community Room B: 125 max.
  • Quad A: 4 max.
  • Quad B: 4 max.
  • Conference Room: 10 max.

Trotwood, 937.463.BOOK, 651 E. Main St.

  • Occupancy 80 max.

Vandalia, 937.463.BOOK, 330 S. Dixie Dr.

  • Occupancy 70 max.
  • One Group Study Room 8 max.
  • Three Study Quads 4 max.
  • Technology Lab: 12 max.
  • Conference Room: 10 max.

Westwood, 937.463.BOOK, 3207 Hoover Ave.

  • Occupancy 25 max.

Wilmington-Stroop, 937.463.BOOK, 3980 Wilmington Pk.

  • Occupancy 50 max.

Room Capacity:

Please note that room capacities listed are for auditorium-style chairs only. For set up that includes tables, room capacity is reduced.

Effective 12/01/15

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